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Nordic creative plate bamboo thread deep plate ceramic plate fruit plate snack dessert plate
Nordic creative plate bamboo thread deep plate ceramic plate fruit plate snack dessert plate
Bamboo handle thread deep plate, simple design, stone pattern into the porcelain, light waves, let you feel natural and warm in the meal. Selected high-quality porcelain clay, fired at high temperature, with pure glaze color, can be washed white, making the delicacy even better. Under glaze color technology, handmade, natural glaze color, safe, healthy and environment-friendly, exquisite porcelain. Delicate bamboo handle, round and thick, comfortable to hold, heat insulation and anti scalding. The hand woven bamboo handle is firm and tight. The stone grain is undulating and wavy under the illumination of the light source. The base is raised to avoid dirt. It is not glazed and is not easy to slip off. Candy, fruit and other food are also presented, and the party starts instantly. The combination of high-quality porcelain clay and natural bamboo and wood is thick, durable, beautiful and generous.
Professional ceramic bakeware  casseroles manufacturers
Professional ceramic bakeware casseroles manufacturers
The ceramic cooker comprises a side wall and a bottom. The main feature is that a bonding layer is arranged at the bottom of the cooker, and metal powder is sandwiched in the bonding layer.Baking tray, as the name suggests, is to paint on the porcelain plate through the firing process. Chinese baking tray art has a long history, is peerless, and is well-known in the world. After thousands of years of development, the art of baking tray has been handed down from generation to generation. It has become the quintessence of Chinese culture.Baking plate is no longer a proper term of traditional baking plate, it is also a baking plate for meat, bread and so on. Here, let's talk about the barbecue plate. Among them, Korean barbecue plate is especially popular and accepted by everyone. It makes people eat delicious barbecue and healthy at the same timeShenzhen Xiangbo Industrial Co., Ltd. is located in Chaozhou, Guangdong Province, one of the famous ceramic production cities in China. Xiangbo company integrates design, R & D, production and sales, with a history of more than ten years. The main production of daily ceramics, including high temperature ceramics, medium temperature color glaze ceramics. Xiangbo company has mature product design and development capabilities, providing OEM, ODM services, products exported to countries around the world.
Nordic storage tank ceramic sealed tank tea can Food storage tank Kitchen storage box
Nordic storage tank ceramic sealed tank tea can Food storage tank Kitchen storage box
Ceramic material, smooth and delicate. The gold-plated crown and bamboo cover are matched with a wooden tray, and the pot body is ceramic. They collide with each other and have their own characteristics. It is fired at high temperature, with smooth and thick texture, firm color glaze, no lead and cadmium, safe and healthy. Simple and beautiful lines outline the round mouth of the jar, showing exquisite workmanship. Large caliber tank mouth, convenient for access and cleaning. Wooden pallet storage, saving space, storing all kinds of dry goods, more neat. The bottom treatment makes the tank flat and stable. The table placed in the kitchen can be a landscape, which can make your mood more pleasant. In leisure time, pick up exciting objects to give your family a warmer sense of belonging and show your way of life.
Ceramic dessert tray ladder shaped wooden ladder fruit inventory heart bowl set porcelain cake plate kitchenware
Ceramic dessert tray ladder shaped wooden ladder fruit inventory heart bowl set porcelain cake plate kitchenware
Selected high-quality materials, fired at high temperature, durable and comfortable. Delicate and moist, full texture, casual texture, fashionable and beautiful. The ceramic wooden tray is exquisite and fashionable, which can be used as both a dinner plate and a decorative plate. Durable, healthy and environment-friendly, easy to use, with smooth glaze, it is very popular at first sight. Dessert bowl, sushi plate, salad bowl, double ear baking plate with wooden tray, etc., all styles can meet individual needs. Simple and durable smooth lines and exquisite hand painting highlight the uniqueness of food. If you want to experience geometric light at home, add a touch of life interest to your life, and put it on the table, you can enjoy it. There are many types of tools to choose from.

1. Inquiry: Customers tell the desired form factor, performance specifications, life cycle, and compliance requirements.

2. Design: The design team is involved from the start of a project to ensure the best custom designed products to suit clients’ needs..

3. Quality Management: In order to supply high quality structures, we maintain an effective & efficient Quality Management System.

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Chaozhou sanbo Ceramic Co., Ltd.

Chaozhou sanbo Ceramic Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful Chaozhou ceramic production base in Guangdong Province. It is a daily-use porcelain manufacturing enterprise integrating OEM and ODM, production and sales. It mainly produces high temperature white porcelain, medium temperature color glaze porcelain and all kinds of glass products. It also occupies a huge market in the inventory field. In addition to the products sold to neighboring countries, but also exported to Europe, Africa, America and many other countries. Since the establishment of our factory, we have been adhering to the development concept of "quality first" and taking "honesty first" as our business policy, so we have been highly praised by our overseas customers.

In order to meet the different needs of customers, Xiangbo Industrial Co., Ltd., as a subsidiary of sanbo, was formally established in January 2015. Xiangbo Industrial Co., Ltd. is an enterprise integrating development, production and marketing. The main products are stainless steel plate, stainless steel heat preservation cup, stainless steel pot, stainless steel frying pan, stainless steel lunch box, stainless steel seasoning can and so on.

"Sincere cooperation, create brilliant" is Xiangbo has always been adhering to the business philosophy.

"Famous brand enterprise of stainless steel products" is our goal.

At this point, on the way forward, we will follow our heart and never leave. We hope to work hand in hand with all guests to create a great cause and achieve a win-win situation.

Our company sincerely welcome customers at home and abroad to come to guide and seek common development!


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Customers come to the company for investigation
Customers come to the company for investigation
Inspection service, also known as notarization inspection or export inspection in import and export trade, is an activity to inspect and accept the supply quality and other relevant contents in the order and purchase contract on behalf of the client or the buyer according to the requirements of the client or the buyer. The purpose is to check whether the goods provided by the Supplier meet the requirements of the order contract and other special requirements of the Demander. The function is to avoid delay in delivery and product defects in time, and take emergency and remedial measures at the first time; Reduce or avoid consumer complaints, return and exchange of goods and loss of business reputation caused by receiving inferior products.
Customers come to the company to order in person
Customers come to the company to order in person
Chaozhou Sanbo Ceramics is a household manufacturing enterprise integrating design, research and development, production and sales. It mainly produces daily ceramics, including high temperature ceramics and medium temperature colored glaze ceramics. With mature product design and development capabilities, we provide OEM and ODM services, and our products are exported to all countries in the world. We exist because we can continue to provide customers with quality services. Based on our sincere, warm, meticulous, professional and innovative service concept and sincere, dedicated and responsible working attitude, we look forward to creating a brilliant future with you.
Customers visit the company in person
Customers visit the company in person
Guangdong Shenzhen Sanbo Home Furnishing Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established in 2008 and located in Chaozhou City, Guangdong Province, covering an area of about 19800 square meters. Over the past decade, Sanbo has accumulated rich experience in foreign economic cooperation. The core content of Sanbo's corporate culture construction is people-oriented and has always adhered to the principle of "customer first". It has established an industry elite sales team and product design team, integrating R&D, production and sales. Each product of the ceramic factory is processed and polished in multiple processes here, which will bring high-quality production guarantee for each order of customers.
The factory produces a large number of ceramic bowls
The factory produces a large number of ceramic bowls
After more than ten years of practice, sanbo ceramic factory has gradually formed the enterprise spirit of "integrity-based, service-oriented, pioneering and innovative, and pursuit of excellence". It is a ceramic brand development operator with a high-quality professional team. In the increasingly fierce competition, sanbo ceramic factory adheres to the spirit of reform and innovation, forge ahead, constantly change, actively promote the improvement of modern enterprise system, enhance the comprehensive strength of the enterprise, and achieve rapid development. Creating a new concept of excellent quality life also highlights the profound connotation of brand culture. We always remember: people-oriented, quality first, create a home model; Service first, integrity-based, create a better space.

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