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In order to meet the different needs of customers, Xiangbo Industrial Co., Ltd., as a subsidiary of sanbo, was formally established in January 2008. Xiangbo Industrial Co., Ltd. is an enterprise integrating development, production and marketing. The main products are stainless steel plate, stainless steel heat preservation cup, stainless steel pot, stainless steel frying pan, stainless steel lunch box, stainless steel seasoning can and so on.

Which is better ceramic vase or plastic vase?
 Unlike porcelain, pottery is made of clay. Porcelain is made by grinding the stone into powder, stirring it into slurry, and pouring it into a mold. Ceramics fired at the same temperature have stronger hardness. People are no strangers to vases, but people often don't know how to choose the dazzling vases, such as ceramic vases and plastic vases. What is the difference between them? Which is better?


How to remove the tea stains on the magnesium strengthened porcelain tableware?
Magnesium intensive porcelain disinfection tableware has high strength, bright glaze, small color difference, high whiteness, and its service life is 3-5 times that of ordinary ceramics. It has the unique performance of high strength, acid and alkali resistance, lead-free toxicity and easy washing. It can withstand the bumps of kitchen operation and is not easy to be damaged. It is more suitable for modern lifestyles such as mechanical washing, high-temperature cooking disinfection, continuous high-temperature electric oven, microwave heating, etc. But tea has a very good medical effect, and its taste is also liked by many people. After drinking tea with magnesium strengthened porcelain tableware, a headache comes, that is, the tea stains on it are difficult to remove. So, how to remove the tea stains on the magnesium strengthened porcelain tableware?


How to identify a mug?
Mug is a kind of domestic mug, which is usually made of Bone China or ceramics. The mug made of this material is not only safe in material, high-temperature resistant, but also has good heat preservation effect, so it is often used to make tea and coffee. If you want to buy a suitable mug, you need to know how to buy it. What are the identification techniques for mugs?


Use and maintenance of ceramic cup
Mug is a special imported ceramic image coating (high temperature resistance, UV resistance, strong adhesion, high hardness, suspension resistance). Ceramic cup is a kind of domestic cup, which is usually used to drink milk, coffee and tea. Some western countries also have the habit of drinking soup during work and rest. The cup body is usually a standard cylinder or similar cylinder with a handle on one side. The shape of the handle is usually semi-circular.


Precautions for using ceramic mugs
The name of the mug comes from the transliteration of English "Mug", which means a lot of mugs. The design of this mug is humanized and convenient for people to use in daily life. There are many materials of mugs, especially ceramic mugs. They are beautiful and elegant, with unique charm. In daily life, many people drink water with ceramic cups. So what should we pay attention to when using them?


The difference between mugs and ordinary white porcelain cups
In daily life, water cup is an indispensable tool for people. Mug means mug. Because its English name is mug, it is translated into mug. Mug is the general name of ceramic handle cup, but it does not belong to ceramic cup, because in addition to ordinary ceramic materials, there are plastic, glazed porcelain, stainless steel, glass and so on. What's the difference between it and ordinary white porcelain cup?


The difference between a spoon and a spoon
Spoons and spoons are familiar to everyone, so what's the difference between spoons and spoons? In fact, spoon and spoon are the same thing, but they are called differently. A spoon is a small spoon used to stir or eat. It is a common tableware to stir the soup to make it uniform or delicious. Spoons are widely used in the south. They are also called spoons in many areas in the north. They are called spoons in Mandarin in the north. Use a spoon, mainly to drink soup. Sometimes you can use a spoon to hold slippery food.


How to buy ashtrays?
Ashtray is a tool for holding ash and cigarette butts, which was produced at the end of the 19th century. After the advent of cigarettes, cigarette ash and cigarette butts were thrown everywhere, which hindered hygiene, and ashtrays were also produced. At first, some people called ashtrays cigarette trays. Most of them were made of ceramics, but some were made of glass, plastic, jade or metal. Its shape and size are not fixed. How to buy ashtrays?


What's the difference between a baking bowl and an ordinary bowl? What are the types?
Baking bowls and ordinary bowls have different high temperature resistance. The baking bowl is resistant to high temperature and can be used on open fire or electrical appliances. It is made of special materials and will not burst at high temperature. An ordinary bowl is a bowl used for eating at ordinary times. It is made of ordinary materials and is not resistant to high temperature. If you don't have a baking bowl at home, you can use a ceramic or metal bowl instead. Ceramic or metal bowls can withstand high temperatures and can be used in an oven.


Correct boiling procedure of new casserole
The new casserole can't be used directly, and the best casserole is easy to crack. Casserole needs to be cooked, but many friends don't know the correct cooking method of the new casserole. After boiling, the service life of the casserole can be prolonged, and the casserole after maintenance will not crack or stick to the casserole. How can we cook the new casserole correctly when it is used? What are the steps?


What kind of casserole is good?
Casserole is a kind of cooker. Many people like to use it to make soup, stew and casserole. Strong heat preservation ability, which can release the taste of food to the greatest extent. However, if the casserole is not used properly, it is easy to be damaged. So what should we pay attention to when using it for the first time? Traditional casseroles are ceramic products made of refractory raw materials such as seasoning, feldspar and clay. High temperature firing has the characteristics of ventilation, adsorption, uniform heat transfer and slow heat dissipation.


Stainless steel or ceramic milk pot?
Milk pot is a special pot used to heat milk in recent years. The milk pot can not only cook milk, but also make soup and porridge. The milk pot is designed to heat the baby's milk. It has a handle, so that when heating the milk, the milk will suddenly come out and can be immediately picked up and left the fire source. Since so many people like to use milk pots, many people have difficulties in choosing the material of milk pots. Which is better, stainless steel or ceramic milk pot?


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