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Best European decal tea cup set home ceramic coffee cup saucer set with gold rim luxury gift set Supplier
     Made by high-temperature firing, electroplated with gold edge, sturdy and durable. The design of the tea cup and plate is exquisite, using sticker technology, with delicate patterns and bright colors. The tea cup is decorated with gold trim, adding a sense of luxury and making your dining experience more luxurious. Moderate capacity, suitable for holding hot drinks such as tea or coffee. The handle design is reasonable, comfortable to grip, and not easy to burn hands. The bottom has anti slip design to prevent accidental sliding or tipping. Equipped with exquisite packaging boxes, it can be used as a high-end gift set, suitable for various occasions such as birthdays, weddings, holidays, etc. Making your family dining fashionable and tasteful is also a unique gift choice.
Hot selling ceramic electroplated decal tea coffee set porcelain 6 cup 6 saucer with gift box packing Products | SANBO
      The use of high-quality ceramic materials ensures its high durability and service life. The surface is finely electroplated to emit a charming luster and metallic feel. Each porcelain cup is adorned with delicate and exquisite floral or textured patterns, showcasing a combination of art and taste. It is also equipped with six exquisite tea trays, providing stable and anti slip support for the porcelain cups. Whether enjoying the comfort of hot tea or savoring fragrant coffee, it can make your tea time more enjoyable and pleasant. The exquisite gift box packaging is perfect for both personal use and gift giving. Whether as a home accessory or a decoration for special occasions, this set will become a striking and exquisite item.
Transparent glass water pitcher with wooden lid and handle cold hot water kettle Supplier & manufacturers | SANBO
Made of high-quality glass material, the water in the pot can be clearly seen. It has high strength and heat resistance, and can safely accommodate hot and cold water. Equipped with a wooden lid and handle, providing sturdy grip and anti scald protection. Easy to clean, you can easily separate the shell and lid for cleaning. It has a wide diameter, making it easy to pour water and clean, and can also directly place ice cubes and fruits to enhance the taste of the drink. The lid has a silicone sealing ring, which has good sealing performance to ensure the purity of water and prevent external pollutants from entering. Whether it's cold water or hot water, this kettle can perfectly accommodate and maintain temperature. 
High quality glass water pitcher cold water kettle with wooden lid  large-capacity teapots Factory
      High quality glass water pitcher cold water kettle with wooden lid large-capacity teapots,made of high-quality glass material, it can clearly display water quality and color, resist bacterial growth, and ensure the purity and health of water quality. Equipped with a wooden lid and comes with a large capacity design. The wooden lid adds a natural beauty to the product and has a good insulation effect. Eagle beak design, smooth water flow, and sharp water cutoff. Widened and thickened anti scalding handle for a comfortable grip. The bottom is smooth and transparent, stable and wear-resistant. Not only suitable for household use, but also for offices, meeting rooms, and other occasions. Whether it's cold water, hot water, or brewing tea, it can meet your different needs.
Best High quality Arabia golden rim Turkish ceramic coffee cup and saucer 12pcs tea set for gift box Supplier
It is made of high-quality ceramics, with exquisite hand-painted technology, showing the traditional exquisite design style of Türkiye. Each cup and tray is elaborately decorated, giving off a unique Türkiye style. The surface is delicate and smooth, with a comfortable touch. It has good thermal insulation performance and can effectively maintain the temperature of coffee, allowing you to enjoy hot and steaming coffee. It has good durability and can be used for a long time without being easily damaged. The capacity is moderate and can accommodate an appropriate amount of coffee, making it convenient to use. The size of the plate is also suitable for placing coffee cups and accompanying snacks. Whether buying for oneself or giving as a gift to family and friends, the beautifully packaged gift box makes it more attractive and suitable for various occasions such as birthdays, holidays, weddings, etc.
Large capacity heat resistant glass water pitcher with bamboo lid cold hot kettle tea pitcher Products | SANBO
Large capacity heat resistant glass water pitcher with bamboo lid cold hot kettle tea pitcher,made of heat-resistant glass and equipped with a bamboo lid, it can effectively seal and maintain the freshness and purity of the drink. The texture is delicate and transparent, full of texture. The streamlined design showcases high quality and fashion sense. Large capacity design, beautiful and fashionable appearance, can resist high temperatures, safe and reliable, can be injected with hot or cold water with confidence. The spacious and comfortable handle allows you to easily pour water or drinks. Not only can it be used to decorate homes, but it can also be used for cold and hot drinks. You can easily enjoy cool cold drinks or brew a pot of hot tea to enjoy peaceful moments.
New decal design Turkish style ceramic coffee cup set porcelain tea cups saucers factory wholesale Products | SANBO
        Decal design Turkish style ceramic coffee cup set porcelain tea cups saucers factory wholesale,using sticker technology, the outer surface of the cup is decorated with exquisite patterns and textures. Patterns typically include traditional Turkish flowers, geometric patterns, and smooth curved lines, showcasing a strong Turkish cultural atmosphere. These patterns use wear-resistant pigments and stable firing techniques to ensure their long-lasting color brightness and fine detail expression. Comes with matching tea plates, making the entire set more complete and practical. Tea plates are usually circular in shape, with a moderate diameter that matches the size of the coffee cup. It can be used to place coffee cups, pastries, snacks, or other small drinks, making it more convenient to use. It can be chosen for both individuals and businesses, such as coffee shops, restaurants, hotels, or gift shops.
European ceramic cup and saucer 6pcs cups and saucers unique Turkish tea cup with gift box & manufacturers | SANBO
     European ceramic cup and saucer 6pcs cups and saucers unique Turkish tea cup with gift box ,adopting exquisite craftsmanship, delicate and gorgeous, showcasing the exquisite craftsmanship and unique design style of ceramics. Each cup has a moderate capacity, which is very suitable for enjoying Turkish tea or other hot drinks. The design of the dishes is exquisite, enough to place dim sum and snacks, adding to the fun of the tea party. The surface is smooth and delicate, durable and easy to clean. It can be easily rinsed with water. Comes with a beautiful gift box packaging, making it an ideal choice for gift giving. You can give it as a birthday gift, holiday gift, or wedding gift to family, friends, and more.
Wholesale Graceful ceramic tea cup and saucer set simple small ceramic coffee cup set with good price - SANBO
Graceful ceramic tea cup and saucer set simple small ceramic coffee cup set,made by hand from high-quality ceramic materials, ensuring the durability and precision of the product. The cup has a moderate capacity and can hold an appropriate amount of coffee or tea, allowing you to enjoy a rich taste. The design of the cup is simple, with smooth lines and a smooth and elegant appearance, giving people a sense of texture and beauty. The silver handle adopts a branch like shape design, wrapping around the cup, creating a unique and artistic atmosphere. The tray is exquisitely designed, providing stable support for the tea cups while also facilitating handling and display. This tea cup and tray set can be used not only for daily use, but also as an exquisite gift.
Set of 6 vintage Turkish style ceramic tea cup set high quality coffee cup and saucer set
       Set of 6 vintage Turkish style ceramic tea cup set high quality coffee cup and saucer set,made of high-quality ceramic materials, it has the characteristics of being sturdy and durable. The design of the teacup is inspired by the traditional culture and art of Türkiye, presenting a retro style and lasting appeal. The cup and plate complement each other, complementing the style of the cup. They can be used not only to place cups, but also to place small Dim sum or biscuits, adding an elegant atmosphere for tea parties or afternoon tea. Comfortable grip and moderate capacity. There are multiple sticker patterns to choose from to meet personal daily needs. Not only can it be used to taste tea, but it is also suitable for other beverages such as coffee. Whether used for daily use or as decoration, it can create a strong Türkiye cultural atmosphere.
Best Hot selling Turkish style ceramic coffee cup saucer gift box set decal tea cups saucers Supplier
       Turkish style ceramic coffee cup with gift box set, made of high-quality ceramics, has good heat resistance and durability. Turkish style design is full of rich traditional cultural elements, including unique patterns and decorations. The hand-painted patterns and decorations make each coffee cup and tea cup a unique artwork. Each coffee cup and tea cup has a moderate capacity to meet your beverage needs. In addition to serving as coffee and tea cups, they can also be used to hold other hot or cold drinks, such as lattes, cappuccinos, fruit juices, etc. Not only used in coffee shops or tea houses, this set is also the highlight of interior decoration, adding a unique style and charm to your home.
Elegant Arabia Turkish ceramic coffee cup and saucer set of 6 customized design porcelain tea set manufacturers | SANBO
Elegant Arabia Turkish ceramic coffee cup and saucer set of 6 customized design porcelain tea set,it is made of selected porcelain materials, inspired by traditional Arabia and Turkish arts, and combines unique geometric patterns and bright colors, adding a charming charm to your coffee time. The inner wall is smooth and can perfectly preserve the flavor and temperature of coffee. It has good insulation performance, which can keep your coffee or tea hot for a longer time, allowing you to enjoy the delicious taste of hot drinks. The size and shape of the tray perfectly match the coffee cup, making it easy to carry and providing you with stable support to avoid accidental spillage. Whether for personal use or as a gift, this tea set can bring you a pleasant user experience and wonderful enjoyment.

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