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Chaozhou sanbo Ceramic Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful Chaozhou ceramic production base in Guangdong Province. It is a daily-use porcelain manufacturing enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales. It mainly produces high temperature white porcelain, medium temperature color glaze porcelain and all kinds of glass products. It also occupies a huge market in the inventory field. In addition to the products sold to neighboring countries, but also exported to Europe, Africa, America and many other countries. Since the establishment of our factory, we have been adhering to the development concept of "quality first" and taking "honesty first" as our business policy, so we have been highly praised by our overseas customers.

Luxury household restaurant marble iron frame fruit plate ceramic salad bowl
The round fruit plate with golden grain is as dreamy and elegant as the marble grain gilding with iron frame. Marble gold pattern, elegant in luxury and generous in fashion. The golden pattern is inseparable from porcelain, which is not easy to break flowers and does not spill color. It is fired at high temperature, comfortable to touch and hard in texture. Large diameter, large capacity, no fear of many people. Round edges, comfortable to touch, round and not easy to hurt hands. The iron frame is made with meticulous workmanship, solid, firm and smooth. The handle is stable and comfortable, and the placement is more elegant. Interpret the unique personality of home decoration, highlight the quality of life, and decorate in a light and luxurious style. Light and luxurious iron ceramic fruit plate, with beautiful appearance, brightens the elegant life and improves the home style. One thing can be used for many purposes. Fruits, desserts and nuts can all be put in place, which can support snacks and make you feel good and meet the needs of your own guests.
European round fruit box condiment box light luxury household dried fruit plate wooden separated dessert bowl snack plat
Multi grid ceramic snack dishes are beautiful, fashionable and easy to use. High temperature firing, easy to clean, smooth glaze. The lines are smooth and soft, and the porcelain is exquisite. Diamond like glass bead lift cover, split design, various partition trays, bid farewell to odor, more ingeniously save space, and create a clean desktop. The cover plate is designed to effectively prevent dust and protect your healthy life. The lid feels light, and the creative handle design makes it easier to take. In leisure time, prepare some fruits, snacks or dried fruits in the fruit tray, which is beautiful and convenient to use. It is not only easy to arrange, but also easy to take and put. Let it accompany you to have a good time. The simple design, the collision of natural bamboo and porcelain, has become a fine art.
Ceramic fruit tray light luxury marble gold iron ceramic snack tray storage tray
Light and luxurious iron ceramic fruit tray, with humanized design and removable tray frame, is elegant and high-end, practical and beautiful. It uses high-quality ceramics and iron art, combining art with life, with a bit of retro elegance. Iron gold frame, fine workmanship, durable, not easy to rust, various styles. The fruit tray and iron fruit rack are designed separately, which is convenient to take and clean, more hygienic and suitable for more applicable scenarios. Smooth lines, easy to carry, delicate and smooth feel, high temperature cooking, direct contact with food, more hygienic. The orderly spacing design presents a flexible sense of space and meticulously creates every detail. Romantic and elegant curve shape, the surrounding Phnom Penh atmosphere is flexible, adding flexible color to the plain life.
Ceramic dessert tray ladder shaped wooden ladder fruit inventory heart bowl set porcelain cake plate kitchenware
Selected high-quality materials, fired at high temperature, durable and comfortable. Delicate and moist, full texture, casual texture, fashionable and beautiful. The ceramic wooden tray is exquisite and fashionable, which can be used as both a dinner plate and a decorative plate. Durable, healthy and environment-friendly, easy to use, with smooth glaze, it is very popular at first sight. Dessert bowl, sushi plate, salad bowl, double ear baking plate with wooden tray, etc., all styles can meet individual needs. Simple and durable smooth lines and exquisite hand painting highlight the uniqueness of food. If you want to experience geometric light at home, add a touch of life interest to your life, and put it on the table, you can enjoy it. There are many types of tools to choose from.
Non-stick cooking with a high-temperature pearl glazed ceramic casserole set Products | SANBO
High temperature resistant pearl glaze ceramic sand pot, made of high-temperature ceramic material, can withstand high temperature cooking, and is smooth and delicate, non stick to the pot, and easy to clean. The petal handle has a delicate and beautiful overall design, making it easy to handle and use, with a comfortable grip. The lid of the casserole is carved with exquisite butterfly reliefs, which have a strong three-dimensional sense and are lifelike. It can help maintain the temperature and humidity of food. The bottom is uniformly thickened, with uniform heat conduction and fast heating, saving time and energy. Suitable for various cooking methods, including boiling, stewing, grilling, etc., free from toxic substances, healthy and environmentally friendly. It is a high-quality kitchen cooking tool suitable for home and commercial kitchens.
Creative ceramic divided fruit plate with bamboo and wood handle for household snacks and nuts
Exquisite and fashionable ceramic dried fruit tray, warm and plain colored ceramics, fresh bamboo tray, heart shape and square design make life more warm and sweet. Bamboo and wood lifting beams are hard and firm, not easy to deform, with original ecological flavor, giving a fresh and natural beautiful texture. Ceramic material, smooth glaze, white and warm. Portable design, light and portable, multi grid design, clean and sanitary, no odor. Divide the plates, and no odor will be produced. Stable handling and convenient installation. Thickened overall design, warm and delicate, clear texture of bamboo and wood materials, which can hold fruits, snacks, etc. Combined with ceramic bamboo and wood, it has a light fragrance of bamboo and wood. The simple shape with a light emotional appeal makes you fall in love at first sight.
Nordic creative plate ceramic plate fruit plate ceramic fruit basket
Bamboo handle thread deep plate, simple design, stone pattern into the porcelain, light waves, let you feel natural and warm in the meal. Selected high-quality porcelain clay, fired at high temperature, with pure glaze color, can be washed white, making the delicacy even better. Under glaze color technology, handmade, natural glaze color, safe, healthy and environment-friendly, exquisite porcelain. Delicate bamboo handle, round and thick, comfortable to hold, heat insulation and anti scalding. The hand woven bamboo handle is firm and tight. The stone grain is undulating and wavy under the illumination of the light source. The base is raised to avoid dirt. It is not glazed and is not easy to slip off. Candy, fruit and other food are also presented, and the party starts instantly. The combination of high-quality porcelain clay and natural bamboo and wood is thick, durable, beautiful and generous.
Gold rose ceramic dinnerware set exquisite gilded edge bowls and plates wholesale
Surrounded by gold edges, the lines are smooth, the texture is delicate and glossy. Large capacity design, which can hold fruits, noodles with more soup, etc., deepen the design, and the soup does not leak. A variety of utensils are available for matching, and the plates can be placed at will. Soft corners, multi-level arcs, comfortable grip. Elegant shape, fine porcelain and fine workmanship. The exquisite and gorgeous gold adding process, simple and fashionable lines, highlight the extraordinary gorgeous temperament, and fully show the beautiful and fashionable home life. The combination of golden rose gold and ceramics shows an elegant atmosphere. In addition, the gold-plated frame shows a luxurious and elegant style. The luxurious modeling design gives people a strong visual effect and sense of ownership, giving full play to the French luxury and noble style.
China Gold edge dinnerware edging steak plate pingani plates manufacturers - SANBO
British luxury style edging ceramic tableware set, the porcelain is more compact, non absorbent, durable, delicate, hard and delicate, without lead and cadmium. Good gloss, just the right gold is full of fashion. High temperature decal, decorated with English patterns, exquisite and elegant, fired at high temperature, and long-term use. There is no glaze at the bottom, which plays an anti-skid role. The glaze is smooth and easy to clean. Clean it with water and wipe it with a rag. The luxurious tableware style is loved by many users. It has style and can also mobilize the dining atmosphere. It is not only the fashionable ornaments on the table, but also the exquisite tableware. Banquet or hotel table, with the same tableware, strong overall sense, easy to match, practical and versatile.
Best Pearl glazed ceramic high-temperature casserole with relief lid Supplier
Pearl glazed ceramic high-temperature sand pot with relief cover, treated with pearl glazed surface, has a glossy and textured surface, and is also very durable. The interior of this casserole is treated with non-toxic and lead-free glaze, which will not release harmful substances and is harmless to human health. Its design allows it to withstand the high temperature of a high-temperature oven, making it suitable for various cooking methods such as roasting, stewing, and boiling. Equipped with a relief three-dimensional butterfly lid, it can maintain the humidity and taste of food, and can also be used as an oven lid to maintain the temperature and heat of food. Easy to clean and maintain, can be cleaned using a dishwasher or manually.
Creative ceramic water cup gold hand handle twelve constellations mug with hand gift coffee cup
Twelve constellations mug, round cup mouth, mold integrated molding process, easy to clean, more comfortable to drink, healthy and environment-friendly porcelain. High temperature firing, full color, no fading in daily use. Hand painted gold and high-temperature baked flowers, pure hand-painted gold handle, beautiful and elegant, exquisite workmanship. The glaze is smooth, the porcelain is exquisite, and the gold-plated ornament is just right, which makes people love it. Drinking water, tea and coffee every day has also become interesting. The edge is smooth and durable. The handle of the cup is wide, comfortable and anti scalding. Give the romantic elements of the constellation to the ceramic beauty salon, showing a rhythmic romantic beauty.
Pearl glazed casserole set with high temperature stewed pot Products | SANBO
Pearl glazed ceramic sand pot, made of imported spodumene material, retains the original flavor of the ingredients, has strong heat resistance and insulation, and locks in layers of nutritious and delicious food. Sunflower design, high-quality ceramic, breathable hole design to prevent overflow of the pot, petal handle easy to handle, anti scalding and heat insulation. Pearl glazed butterfly relief pot lid, with a candy color scheme to set off delicious food and adorn the kitchen. A multifunctional health pot with options for cooking, stewing, stewing, and stewing is essential in the kitchen. Both induction cookers and gas stoves can be used, making them healthy and convenient. The design of pearl glaze makes this casserole set look very high-end and can be given as a gift to family and friends. It is of moderate size and can accommodate an appropriate amount of ingredients, making it very suitable for small families or single individuals to use.

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