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Chaozhou sanbo Ceramic Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful Chaozhou ceramic production base in Guangdong Province. It is a daily-use porcelain manufacturing enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales. It mainly produces high temperature white porcelain, medium temperature color glaze porcelain and all kinds of glass products. It also occupies a huge market in the inventory field. In addition to the products sold to neighboring countries, but also exported to Europe, Africa, America and many other countries. Since the establishment of our factory, we have been adhering to the development concept of "quality first" and taking "honesty first" as our business policy, so we have been highly praised by our overseas customers.

Western Food Plate With Wooden Handle Baking Plate Flat Plate
Creative ceramic plate with wooden handle, large size Western food plate, dish plate, baking plate, flat plate, meat plate, dish plate, breakfast plate, simple Nordic round ceramic plate, multi-color, versatile color, high temperature ceramic, healthy and environmental protection, easy to clean.Creative ceramic plate with wooden handle, large size Western food plate, dish plate, baking plate, flat plate, meat plate, dish plate, breakfast plate, simple Nordic round ceramic plate, multi-color, versatile color, high temperature ceramic, healthy and environmental protection, easy to clean. High quality ceramic firing, the temperature of three meals a day is defined by you, delicious without waiting. Smooth and easy to clean, smooth glaze, delicate touch, silky hand feel, cleaning more convenient, clean water a wash a wipe, oil to no trace. Bright texture glaze, feel better, anti slip design. It fits the curve of fingers and is comfortable to hold. Stack storage, clean and tidy kitchen. Anti slip design at the bottom makes it easier to handle. Let the small things in life also add beauty. Good products make a better life easier.
Nordic Tableware With Wooden Handle Ceramic Plate Steak Plate Western Food Plate Pasta Plate
Nordic tableware with wooden ceramic plate, steak plate, Western food plate, pasta plate, beautiful utensils on the table, is the style of taste, food with beautiful utensils, life is full of fun. Simple and pure, pure and elegant. Wooden handle, solid wood handle, feel comfortable, heat insulation durable, stacked without chuck. You can choose four colors to create your own color. Pure glaze color, pure color atmosphere, no loss of grade. High quality ceramics, simple shape, the whole round and smooth, solid wood hole, hanging hole intimate, convenient storage. Shallow mouth design, suitable for small food, dessert.
Saucer pure white ceramic saucer saucer
Creative saucer, pure white ceramic saucer, sauce saucer, hot pot Hotel, vinegar saucer, irregular snack, soy sauce saucer, snack saucer, white porcelain, simple but not simple, eternal theme, clean and transparent, beautiful porcelain and delicious food. All of a sudden, the color and fragrance are complete. Let you appetite, simple design, for your life to add a warm and color. Beautiful objects will become meaningful through sharing. Share them with an art like device.Mellow and pure white, simple and elegant. Many fashionable designs, white porcelain, clean and thorough, decorate the dining table, simple appearance shows extraordinary posture.
Phnom Penh Feather Plate Ceramic Snack Dessert Leaf Plate
European style Phnom Penh feather plate ceramic jewelry leaf storage plate creative plate, electroplating process, simple but not simple, electroplating process full color does not fall off, smooth line texture, subtle also do not make do with, give you a better feeling. It can be used as a multi-purpose dish or jewelry dish with moderate size, which can enhance the mood of life. High value life needs a sense of ceremony, the overall shape is carefully designed, and it is a scenic line where it is placed.Just tableware, but also works of art, exquisite porcelain, so that three meals a day are artistic enjoyment, every detail is carefully considered. The design of leaf gold edge, thick gold plating line and colored glaze are elegant and retro. It has rich functions, one object is multi-purpose, can be used as decoration storage, beautiful and practical.
Crockeri Floral Serving Platter With Wooden Handle
Irregular shape, delicate and natural, easy to use at home, light yellow flat background, retro charm, add warmth to the restaurant. The handle is made of high quality solid wood, with smooth surface, comfortable, convenient operation, anti-skid, anti-skid and humanization.The porcelain is hard, wear-resistant, non fading, can be fired at high temperature, free of heavy metals such as lead and chromium, healthy and environmentally friendly, and exquisite. There will be a gap of 1 mm between the wooden handle and the porcelain. The wooden handle has holes for easy storage. The bottom of the plate adopts high anti scalding design, which is smooth and flat, and will not scratch the table, so it is very stable.
Lovely Fruit Bowl Dish Spoon Three-Piece Suit
The lovely three piece set of fruit bowl, dish and spoon, with in glaze color technology, is exquisitely made, with simulated peel design and hand-painted bowl wall, which makes the fruit dish more vivid. The high-quality ceramic material has even and delicate secondary quality and thick hand feeling. There are four kinds of lovely and vivid fruit shapes, and there are fruit relief patterns in the bowl, which makes the bowl look more vivid and lovely, and makes people have a great appetite. Unique technology, surface and internal relief texture design, feel thick, just like touching the real fruit. It can be put into the sterilized cupboard without worrying about hygiene. The fruit plate is easy to clean, not easy to leave stains. Glaze in color technology, bright and beautiful, 250ml capacity, with fruit as a bowl, even the rice is sweet.
Gold Handle Coffee Cup and Saucer  Creative Mug Golden Edge Milk Cup
Golden handle coffee cup, creative mug, golden edge milk cup, fashionable, simple, light and luxurious, four colors available. A variety of designs, deep and elegant dark green, reveal a touch of retro style, exude charming elegant temperament, the pursuit of quality, we pay more attention to life, every piece is a work of art. Beautiful simple yellow, charming and elegant temperament, porcelain smooth, solid and heavy. Shangqi good thing, can't put it down, smooth and soft modeling, comfortable and fashionable grip, simple people can't put it down. The mysterious and noble navy blue symbolizes tolerance and wisdom, and the color symbolizes distant and dreamy sky blue. Gold handle, love cup, lovers specification, outline gold, low luxury and exquisite. Luxurious and elegant Retro Black, light luxury Retro Black charm, with fashionable Phnom Penh. The beauty of utensils is made with ingenuity. Drinking tea and tasting coffee can nourish the eyes.
Pure White Ceramic Tableware Restaurant Large Rice Bowl
Pure white ceramic tableware restaurant large rice bowl, pure white bone china, lead-free and cadmium free, safe and healthy, the taste of home is as warm as ever. High temperature furnace continuous calcination, refining impurities, so that the porcelain is more compact, warm as jade, transparent without impurities, wear-resistant and durable. Busy life, limited meal time, time with family. These are things that we should slow down and enjoy. Pure white simple fashion, white tableware, suitable for microwave oven, oven, dishwasher. Fashionable tableware, fashionable life, make your home colorful, exquisite and unique, clear and elegant picture! It's not easy to think about one porridge and one meal. A happy life is now! Simple light luxury, fresh and elegant, delicious, beautiful mood! There is a kind of simplicity, that is to carry on the simplicity to the end!
Pure White Tableware Set Light Luxury Relief White Ceramic Household Bowl Dish Combination
Pure white tableware set is a combination of light luxury relief white ceramic household bowls, plates and dishes. It adopts 1300 ℃ high temperature refining process to refine bone porcelain. It is exquisite and high quality, with smooth glaze, texture like jade, light and translucent, thin as paper, transparent as mirror, sound like fragrance and white as jade.The design inspiration of this relief tableware comes from the Middle East aristocracy. We made the relief effect. It feels very heavy and has a touch. This tableware style follows the main elements of classical European style, and integrates modern life elements, which is fashionable and fresh. The soft and smooth lines, the temptation of delicious food and exquisite tableware will be full of vitality every day.
Western Food Plate Beef Steaks Tableware and Wooden Handle Plate
Nordic steak plate family net red plate creative ceramic Western plate steak tableware personality wooden plate, bright glaze, know that only food popular, but I still want to set off its light. The warm glaze is fired at 1280 ℃, the porcelain is fine, the hand is warm and smooth, and the glaze is more high-grade. At the bottom, we insist on the idea of taking the porcelain as the base. The bottom of the porcelain has been finely polished to effectively prevent slipping and scratching.
A Set of 3 Ceramic Snack Bowls for Tableware Wholesalers
There are three snack bowls in Japanese style. The shape of the bowl is different. It is multi-functional. It is a good choice for breakfast, fruit, salad and afternoon tea. The bright candy color is also very lovely and photogenic. With wooden handle design, can be hung on the wall, does not take up space Oh. The new addition of matte tone, there are some small changes on the type, a bit more Nordic style.Bamboo and wood ceramic fruit bowl is made of natural raw bamboo and wood, which can effectively prevent mildew through turning, cooking, hot pressing, disinfection and other manufacturing processes. With the color of fruit ceramic type, novel shape, intimate design.
Tableware Wholesale Supplier Serving Dishes
Hand painted underglaze color extreme spring pattern tableware plate, elegant atmosphere of spring series tableware, feel warm and delicate. A variety of types can be selected, with lively and moving patterns, unique texture, used to hold fruits, snacks are very tonal.Hand painted underglaze color technology is delicate, warm, not easy to wear, decolorization, easy to clean.Flowers in full bloom, elegant quiet blue, unique charm. Single ear handle design, easy to handle, prevent hot hands, unique and pleasing shape, how to swing are good-looking. The lace bowl is unique in shape, practical and beautiful. It can be used to hold salads, fruits and baking bowls. A variety of free choice, decorate the dining table, add color to the plain life.
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