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Chaozhou sanbo Ceramic Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful Chaozhou ceramic production base in Guangdong Province. It is a daily-use porcelain manufacturing enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales. It mainly produces high temperature white porcelain, medium temperature color glaze porcelain and all kinds of glass products. It also occupies a huge market in the inventory field. In addition to the products sold to neighboring countries, but also exported to Europe, Africa, America and many other countries. Since the establishment of our factory, we have been adhering to the development concept of "quality first" and taking "honesty first" as our business policy, so we have been highly praised by our overseas customers.

Japanese blue and white underglaze color ceramic tableware set
Japanese blue and white underglaze color ceramic tableware set, water drop blue line texture, Japanese retro style, blue line outline, like water drop ripples, Chinese and Japanese home styles can be matched. The glaze is smooth, scratch-resistant, and wear-resistant. It is durable and does not fade. It is more reassuring to hold delicious food. The bottom of the bowl is not glazed, with an anti-skid function, and the shape lines are more beautiful and coordinated. The plate is designed with two ears to prevent hot hands. The exquisite blue and white patterns show a strong retro style and a fresh breath. It has a variety of types to meet a variety of needs and can be matched freely. The simple instrument type integrates the Japanese retro charm into it and decorates the home life.
Light luxury phnom penh household ceramic casserole
Light luxury Phnom Penh household ceramic casserole, high-density glaze, fine and smooth. The light and extravagant stroke design make people shine. Imported spodumene is adopted, which has good thermal stability, alternating cold and heat, no cracking, safety, and environmental protection. Visual glass cover, delicious panoramic view. Exquisite metal bead design enhances the kitchen style. Anti scalding ear design, comfortable grip, and easy to hold. The height of the pot edge is designed to prevent the overflow of soup. A good pot can save time and effort to meet daily needs. Candy color is used to decorate the warm kitchen.
Creative hand-painted noodle bowl bamboo hat bowl tableware set
Creative hand-painted noodle bowl bamboo hat bowl tableware set, plain and simple hand-painted underglaze color process, the surface is bright and soft, smooth and not convex, long use does not fade, Japanese style and style of literature and art. High-temperature firing, high thermal stability, can be put into a microwave oven, oven, etc., in line with modern eating habits. Thick and multi-section lines, hand protection and texture, heat insulation, and hot. At home, you can feel the ritual sense of Rimaoku House, the elegant and profound streak pattern, the simple beauty, warm every corner.
Cartoon whale ceramic casserole pot
Cartoon whale ceramic casserole pot.The cartoon whale ceramic casserole is made of imported Australian ore and high-quality clay. It is calcined at a high temperature of 1300°C, and the hot and cold alternately does not crack at 20°C to 650°C. Heat balance, energy saving and environmental protection, restore the original taste of the ingredients. The cute whale image design awakens the hidden innocence and the warmth that flows into the heart, which is the embellishment of life. High appearance, function and beauty are combined into one.
Pastoral style ceramic cooking casserole
Pastoral style ceramic cooking casserole.The idyllic ceramic casserole is lovely and fresh, and it is sweet and delicious. The refreshing and simple underglaze pattern is popular among young people. It is resistant to cold, heat, and dry burning without cracking, and its quality can withstand the test of time, opening a good life and eating light. Innovative micro-curved bladder, heat circulation is more balanced, far infrared rays are released during heating and cooking to activate the nutrition of the food and lock the original flavor of the food. The heightened design of the pot rim prevents the soup from overflowing, making it safer to use. Use a good-looking casserole to boil delicious food full of love to warm your heart and stomach.
Household wooden handle ceramic baking plate
Wooden handle ceramic baking plate, simple appearance design, using high-quality color glaze, smooth and delicate, practical and beautiful, environmental protection and health, to meet more collocations on tableware. The wooden handle is easy to take, not hot fits the palm, smooth and thick, comfortable to hold, convenient for storage and sorting, durable and firm, and easier to bake. It can be used for boiling, stewing, roasting, and stir-frying, and it has good thermal conductivity. The simple design injects more warmth and comfort into life and makes people feel happier when eating.
Peacock green diamond pattern Phnom Penh ceramic dinnerware set
Peacock green diamond pattern Phnom Penh ceramic dinnerware set,round and smooth glaze, fine porcelain, easy to clean, can directly contact with food, do not fall gold and fade, and ensure safety and health. Diamond pattern and hand drawn Phnom Penh are combined to show a simple atmosphere and a sense of light luxury. The bowl wall is thickened, anti scalding, textured and comfortable to touch. The bottom is unglazed for effective anti-skid. Easy stacking and storage without occupying space. Simple utensils, eye-catching colors and tableware of northern European light luxury style are elegant and calm, so that you can enjoy the ritual feeling of European restaurant at home.
Simple large glass bowl fruit bowl breakfast bowl
Large breakfast glass bowl, simple and large glass bowl, with the smooth and round inner wall, clear and bright without impurities, you can see the profusion of food and health. The three-dimensional stripes on the outer wall have texture to set off the color and shape of delicious food. It is also good to take photos. It feels comfortable, easy to take, and safe to use. The thickened bottom of the bowl is durable and hard to scratch. Can be stacked for storage without occupying space. Large capacity design, multi-purpose, can hold fruits, salads, cold mixes, etc., can meet daily needs.
Gold rim mouth irregular-shaped glass dessert bowl
Gold rim mouth irregular-shaped glass dessert bowl.Irregular-shaped glass dessert bowl, the flexible irregular edges, the transparent and clear bowl body, and the hammer pattern combine to sparkle in the sun, making it more elegant and vivid, just like a work of art, giving the glass shape a new charm. The hand-painted Phnom Penh, with soft lines, adds a light and luxurious style to the home. In the afternoon tea time, use it as a simple salad meal, bringing the double enjoyment of vision and taste. It is suitable for holding desserts, fruit dishes, etc., to meet your life needs.
Nordic green orange ceramic casserole
Nordic green orange ceramic casserole.The Nordic striped patterned ceramic casserole gives a delicious and nutritious taste. Spodumene imported from Australia, the pot is heated evenly, and the ingredients are more delicious. Release a variety of substances, the original flavor is healthy and delicious. Strong heat storage capacity, continuous heating cycle, long heat preservation time, more delicious ingredients, and more delicious soup taste. It has good thermal stability and will not crack when dry burned. You can cook casserole chicken soup, cook fresh seafood porridge, stewed dessert Sydney soup, and so on.
Solid color binaural multi capacity ceramic casserole
Solid color binaural multi capacity ceramic casserole.Binaural ceramic casserole, the spodumene material is rich in minerals, heat conduction is fast and heat resistant, retains the original flavor of the ingredients, and locks in the nutrition and deliciousness. Stewed, boiled, stewed, boiled, boiled, all proficient, different cooking methods, easy to get delicious in one pot. The visual glass cover can be seen every step of the way, and the ears are anti-scald design, which is convenient and labor-saving to handle. Increase the rim of the pot so that the large capacity is not easy to overflow the pot. The bottom of the pot is not glazed, which effectively prevents slippage. Two colors, you can choose as you like, from one person to family meals, one-pot can meet your needs.
Japanese Phnom Penh hammer glass bowl salad bowl
Japanese Phnom Penh hammer glass bowl salad bowl,Japanese style glass bowl, crystal clear and clearly visible, made of lead-free crystal glass. Hammer texture, simple and elegant, textured and exquisite. It is clear and bright, and the ingredients are more delicious. Smooth edges, electroplating and bronzing, round bowl mouth, smooth lines. It can be used in coffee shops, wineries, restaurants, home life and other scenes. A good food utensil is you who know life, holding a trace of warmth, and finally leaving your tenderness with utensils.