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Cartoon christmas mug creative christmas shape ceramic mug office gift set with cover
Happy Christmas bubble cup, cartoon christmas element pattern, full of festive atmosphere, adds a touch of fun to the plain life. In a sweet afternoon, you can enjoy tea while watching the drama, full of fresh fragrance, and share a good time. Cute cartoon met you, accompanied by daily food, warm the plain life. High temperature burning, lead-free and cadmium free precipitation, protect the fairy to drink water every day. The bubble cap is cute and natural, which is very convenient to take. Humanized handle design ensures that comfortable hot drinks are not hot. Wide cup mouth design makes drinking water comfortable and cleaning more convenient. The printing is clear, fired at high temperature, and the color is full without fading.
Simple soap box household ceramic dripping soap box storage rack soap rack tray
Lattice soap box, made of high-quality materials and fired at high temperature, is round and smooth, and feels comfortable. The porcelain is fine, made of high-quality clay, and the carcass is fine, clean and smooth. Original ceramic earth color bottom contact, unique unglazed surface, non slip design. Ceramic soap dish, multi-purpose, solid and thick, moisture-proof, mildew proof, wear-resistant and scratch proof. Thick and durable, easy to clean, delicate feel, healthy colored glaze, more beautiful. The texture is clear, showing different exquisite beauty. Large capacity tray, suitable for all kinds of soap. Lattice design, put soap to drain excess water, not stick to the bottom, easy to use. The egg shaped appearance has convex edges, concave middle and high four sides to prevent soap body from overflowing.
Nordic ceramic relief fruit tray household decorative tray table top coffee table storage plate jewelry plate
Excellent material, delicate touch, elegant lines, can also store napkins, towels, snacks, vegetables and so on. The combination of art and life will bring you a different visual experience. Made of kaolin and fired at high temperature, it is delicate and elegant. The appearance of the relief is soft in color, giving people a sense of stability and elegance. It is suitable for placing in the porch, living room and office, lighting up life with art storage, saving more storage space and making life orderly. Whether it is used as an ornament tray or a single product decoration, it is an indoor scenery.
Ceramic iron candlestick decorative art craft accessories factory porch decoration crafts
Ceramic candlesticks, looking for peace in the bustling city, fill every inch, and make the home full of life power. Light a candle, your flickering figure under the candle light, and the corner of your mouth. Simple Nordic Candlestick, leaf shape, romantic candlelight props, very texture and stress. The shape is round and heavy, steady and dignified, creating the beauty of living standards. The glass cover can not only prevent wind, but also play a certain role in heat insulation. The high transparent glass table is casual, colorful, unique and more artistic. Ceramic material, exquisite workmanship, simple lines, suitable for various styles. Simple appearance, unique texture, fine workmanship, crystal clear, highlighting nobility and quality.
Creative petal type ceramic decoration fruit tray tea table storage tray decoration ornaments
The texture is mild, the luster is soft, the porcelain is delicate, and the glaze is smooth. The bottom is carefully polished, smooth and flat, placed properly and firmly, and is not easy to dump. The petals look like blooming flowers, and the undulating disk is full of vitality. Petals, beautiful and flexible, simple solid color, suitable for matching, simple and comfortable home decoration, Nordic retro or modern. Interesting creative modeling, humorous, diverse styles, with a girl's heart, now the home has a soft taste, live with your heart, and decorate a different home. It is a thoughtful and practical jewelry plate, and it is also a fresh and beautiful home decoration.
Household stool creative clover glass fiber reinforced plastic resin mall petal shaped  leisure chair
It is made of glass fiber reinforced plastics, which is wear-resistant and scratch resistant, with strong bearing capacity, light and hard weight, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and long service life. The one-piece molding process design has been carefully polished for many times. The design is reasonable and does not deform, and the sitting feeling is comfortable. It is deeply loved by men, women and children. It has clean surface, fine workmanship, excellent texture, easy cleaning, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance. S-shaped chair body, suitable for various spaces, fashionable and beautiful. No matter where it is placed, it is the finishing touch, releasing the pressure of the body and relieving the human body. Restore the art in life, be a practitioner of art life, outline a different sense of fashion with simple and smooth lines, and put it away as a comfortable and warm sofa chair.
Home ceramic decorations B & B shooting props nordic retro decorative ceramic candlestick candle candlestick
It is made of high-quality porcelain clay and fired at high temperature. Durable and comfortable, it can be placed in the living room, dining room, bedroom, porch, study, office, etc. The design is simple but not simple. It is heat-resistant and thickened to increase heat resistance and texture. This candlestick has a unique shape, light and simple, fashionable and smooth texture, and integrates the lines and shapes of the product. Monochrome combination into a set, not maladjusted, with retro temperament and modern decorative beauty. It can be used as a candlestick display, or it can be decorated separately. Candlelight shines, and the delicate and romantic atmosphere pervades the space. The simple candlestick is full of beauty, and the flickering candlelight at night has a unique beauty, which evokes the mood through the atmosphere, so as to create a comfortable home environment.
Nordic ceramic vase flower arrangement dry flower decoration floor decoration household living room desktop decoration
With excellent ceramic materials and smooth lines, it is more luxurious. Selected raw materials, tough texture, smooth lines, round bottle mouth, round edges, comfortable hand feeling. The bottle mouth is of novel design and appropriate size. Insert your favorite flowers and enjoy a better life. Simple and interesting shapes and appropriate line design make the space more stylish. An inconspicuous porcelain, which brings the finishing touch to the place where it is located, will always surprise the environment. The invisible beauty is better than the touchable. The corner of the room, where you want it, contains the details of your life, simple shape, but stable, to meet your visual senses.
Nordic corrugated ceramic vase decoration living room flower arrangement TV cabinet decoration
The ceramic texture is fine and uniform. The mellow and simple collision makes the home more charming. It is made of selected high-quality materials, which makes it present a unique temperament. It can be placed in any corner of the home for decoration and exquisite life. The simple design of ripple makes the bottle mouth thick, smooth and round, making the product more textured, simple and fashionable. You can match your favorite flower art at will. With the moving curve and unique technology, it becomes the finishing touch in the home, making the home environment simple and stylish.
Nordic creative ceramic dry flower vase decoration living room flower arrangement water table decoration decoration
The ceramic vase is made of ceramic materials and fired at high temperature. It looks like a hammer. Its shape is simple, its lines are sketched, simple and fashionable, and highlights the three-dimensional feeling and appearance. Integration, unique surface design, double impact of touch and impression, highlighting quality. The bottom is non slip, non glazed, stable and not easy to overturn. Hand drawn embryo, concave convex. It is suitable for various styles of TV cabinets, foyers, study rooms, model rooms and hotel displays to enhance the home atmosphere. Novel and unique shape, suitable for different colors of home, enhance the space temperament. Use modern elements to build the charm of space, so as to break the dullness of home and increase the imagination space of home.
Simple modern ceramic stripe decorative plate with tray restaurant hotel decorations
Round edges, frosted texture, delicate porcelain, comfortable feel, round edges of the dish mouth do not scratch your hands. Simple stripes, three-dimensional comfortable feel, single use, combined use, are not disqualified. Using high-quality raw kaolin, high-temperature firing process, simple and generous stripes, simple and three-dimensional. The bottom is carefully polished, smooth and flat, properly and firmly placed, and not easy to dump. The matte porcelain surface is used to melt into different utensils for quality inspection. It is as smooth as silk. The three-dimensional ridge Roman column design is retro and anti-skid, classic and fashionable style, beautiful and rich. Simple, exquisite and beautiful, with a strong Nordic flavor.
Ceramic peanut pattern fruit plate simple western restaurant tableware setting plate household decorative plate
High temperature firing, ingenious production, exquisite materials, health and environmental protection. Simple peanut pattern design, exquisite technology, quality of visible details, beautiful and practical. Combined with the artificial mechanics design, the hand feel is just right, and the wrist is not tired. The plate is simple and delicate, beautiful and exquisite, warm and tactile, full of texture. It is carefully made to return to real life. Artistic appearance, full of texture, suitable for all kinds of scenes, not only for storing trays, but also for home decoration. A good design can catch people's attention at a glance and break the rules, but it also maintains its practicality.

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