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It is made of high-quality ceramic materials, which can be customized according to the customer's requirements. The appearance shape can be designed freely, and the surface can be measured and put in various ways to realize personalized design. The exquisite structure and seemingly simple style contain the true meaning of comfort. Unique appearance modeling and ingenious process design are only to meet the needs of customers.

As a work of art with soul, the designer takes the spirit of environmental protection and modern simple style. The overall effect is simple and atmospheric, the details are exquisite and durable, and the artistic value and humanistic atmosphere are gushed out.

Creative ceramic vase living room flower arrangement home model room decoration decoration bag flower wholesale
The flower utensils of creative bags, coupled with bright flowers, make the home no longer monotonous and reflect the atmosphere of romantic life. The vase design of the bag inherits the romantic and dreamy concept. Anywhere in the home, practicality and beauty coexist. Even if it is just placed, it is a good decoration. I am used to traditional vases. This bag shaped vase is particularly unique, combining high-quality ceramics with exquisite craftsmanship. The overall effect is simple and elegant, and the details are exquisite and durable. Portable design, suitable for various home styles. The combination of bag and vase is very unique. The bottom is smooth and polished. Environmentally friendly and durable. Place in different places, living room, bedroom, study, etc. To display different functions.
Simple modern ceramic vase Supplier & manufacturers | SANBO
The fresh ceramic vase, with flowers, is elegant and chic, which adds a bit of natural flavor to your home. The bottle body is polished and round, and feels comfortable. High temperature firing, plain firing process. The edge of the mouth is smooth and convenient for placement of flower arrangement. The bottom is smooth, stable and does not hurt the table. There are different types of vases to choose from to meet personal needs. The exquisite patterns on the vase body are elegant and beautiful, adding another charm to the vase. The fresh and simple vase, coupled with the favorite bouquet, brings another fresh feeling to the space. Every day is a happy life in the space created by yourself. It is an art to put flowers in vases and quietly place the porch, table and living room.
Ceramic vase three piece set new chinese new year gifts living room wedding decorations customized crafts
High quality ceramic materials, hand-painted, natural, direct, functional and close to nature. With seemingly casual collocation, everything is as dazzling as nature. Luxurious golden brush strokes, metallic tones and more primitive background. It integrates European customs, is flexible and beautiful, and blooms poetic flavor to create an elegant and tasteful home. Creative style, beautiful, warm porcelain, big luxury. Beautiful shape, no matter what kind of home style, it must be the finishing touch. It conveys an incomparably fresh and soft feeling, which is unforgettable. The visual sense of dichotomy can be used alone, and has a unique aesthetic feeling as a flower or decoration.
Creative jewelry bottle ceramic vase three piece set decorative vase ornaments european style living room ornaments
The beautiful design of gold painted bottle mouth is like a magic pen. Full bottle body, full figure, beautiful curves, clear layers, different aesthetic feeling. The texture is clear and smooth, the color is bright and smooth, simple but fashionable, pure and elegant, representing the noble face of oriental art, simple, delicate, restrained and powerful, simple and meticulous. Warm porcelain, luxurious, elegant and beautiful. Delicate texture, fashionable personality and noble quality. The bright and steady colors add a touch of sultry beauty and gorgeous arc to the home, giving a comfortable and soft impression. The decoration is rich in texture. It is magical and powerful to warm your perception. Although the life is simple and luxurious.
Ceramic vase 2 piece set small vase for country home decoration modern farmhouse decoration
It is made of high-quality porcelain clay, which shows the atmospheric texture and has a stronger sense of decoration. Put some flowers or green plants in the bedroom to add natural vitality and bring more artistic flavor to the home life. Vintage ice crack bottle body, unique shape, clear crack, improve the overall style, light and luxurious atmosphere. Smooth lines reveal the beauty of softness. The surface of the utensil is open, the caliber is moderate, and the flower arrangement is optional. Close fitting design, suitable for flower arrangement, green plants or simulation, with strong modeling. The bottom rubber pad, foam round rubber protection, do not wear the table. Suitable for living room, bedroom, dining table, porch, tea table, etc. The combination of home and art always gives people a warm feeling. Carefully decorate every corner of life, make the space not monotonous, improve the style of the space, and make it full of artistic charm.
Nordic irregular ceramic vase decoration living room flower arrangement household table decoration
Sesame glaze vase, high-quality ceramic material, multiple textures, can be selected according to different needs. Manual polishing is smooth and comfortable, with clear lines and clear and natural textures. Irregular design, release charm, round mouth shape, regular and smooth. Cushion design, home anti-skid wear-resistant, dual function. The unique design of the bottle body is novel and unique, and the frosted touch of handmade utensils is becoming more and more precious. As decoration, seemingly simple and random lines can add artistic and personalized practical decorative works to the space. Discard the complicated and colorful design, drive away the natural artistic wisdom and inspiration, and use smooth lines to shape, simple, delicate, soft, etc. to highlight the unique taste.
European ceramic vase three-piece set creative ceramic crafts home decoration ornaments
It is made of high-quality ceramics. The bottle mouth has a unique wavy shape and golden lines. The overall shape is beautiful, pure and elegant, simple and meticulous. The scratch resistant flannelette design at the bottom can decorate your home and take care of your furniture. You can also put your favorite flowers or artificial flowers in the decorative vase, such as roses, tulips, orchids or branches. Exquisite shape, golden binding is more simple and elegant. At the same time, it has elegant romantic feelings. The classic three piece vase set can be used for any home. European style home decorations bring peace and happiness to people, and give you a warm and comfortable home environment when you are tired.
Nordic style marble texture frosted gold painted ceramic vase vase decoration
Fired at high temperature, the bottle mouth is smooth and round, and the porcelain is delicate and natural. Deep or shallow texture, scattered and interwoven, feels a quiet, just right beauty. Smooth and clean ceramics, a casual sense of high-end, fine workmanship. Thickened base, even thickness, more balanced placement. The tea table, porch or office placed at home add a little color to the works. The bottle mouth is designed with round and smooth lines. The gold-plated flower bouquet is beautiful and atmospheric. The gold-plated bottle body has smooth lines and smooth glaze. The overall beautiful, simple and fresh style brings a little warmth to the living room. The right home color matching can make the space unique and bring different comfort.
Home ceramics porch wedding gift TV cabinet vase table decoration vase living room decoration
Ceramic vase table decoration, warm household decoration, enhance household happiness. Elephants represent good luck. They can bring good luck to the world and indicate peace, beauty and happiness. Holding a bottle like an elephant for "peace and auspiciousness" can give you a sense of peace and happiness. Elephants represent auspiciousness, thoughtfulness, diligence, intelligence and spirituality. They are beautiful and generous at home. Giving gifts is a kind of good blessing. Round mouth, easy to insert bouquet. The golden edge shows the luxury atmosphere. Anti slip design at the bottom to prevent displacement and fracture. The overall appearance is beautiful, pure and elegant, simple but not meticulous. Ceramic firing, delicate feel, fashion sense and artistic sense coexist, and even coloring.
Nordic creative ROC wings ceramic decoration light luxury home office wine cabinet decoration
Dapeng spread its wings for decoration, which means good luck, fly high and soar in the blue sky. It is a good choice for home decoration gifts. Golden beak, flying high, fashionable personality. Square base at the bottom, stable and safe, soaring posture, beautiful lines. Carefully carved, clearly visible. Focus on creation, exquisite and beautiful. Smooth lines, showing novel creativity, ceramic materials, smooth and delicate, hand-painted evenly. Gold adds a bit of refinement to the whole. Beautiful shape, golden ratio carving, smooth lines, rich texture. The overall pattern of the porch no longer looks monotonous, but brings you a sensory and visual enjoyment. Dapeng wings is suitable for all kinds of home styles. While pursuing fashion, it brings a little low-key luxury.
Nordic Light luxury ceramics pineapple gold home living room porch model room soft decoration
Pineapple electroplated ornaments have good surface gloss, feel like satin, bright and transparent. Realistic shape, bright color, simple and generous, beautiful atmosphere, practical and beautiful. The bottom is finely polished, and the workmanship is exquisite and smooth, which is not easy to damage the desk, and people can't put it down. Ceramic gold plating technology, simple style, with a little luxury, reflects the beauty of life. Now popular pineapple tropical elements, single or multiple, are highly decorative. The combination of ceramic texture and pineapple shape determines its simplicity and texture. It is strong without losing softness, and its gentle cultural atmosphere ripples among them.
American living room porch wine cabinet decoration ceramic vase ornaments
Vase ornaments can add different colors to the home, beautify the environment and make yourself physically and mentally happy. Simple colors, simple and generous, make life simple and beautiful. Luxury, modern and new Chinese style are suitable for most home decoration. They can be placed in the porch, TV cabinet, bedroom, study, etc.

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