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Exquisite porcelain plate / exquisite tableware / best pottery set / kitchen plate, selected materials, durable, smooth surface and easy to clean. High quality ceramics, high color and exquisite, enjoy a better life, healthy raw materials, underglaze color, bright color. It can be directly put into the microwave oven and oven for use. It is more convenient to heat, easy to clean and meet your needs. We welcome OEM shape design, color, printing and packaging. Strict quality control system and strong design team to ensure that all our products are of good quality before shipment.

Wholesale Glass seasoning bottle household kitchen four-piece set with good price - SANBO
The glass seasoning pot set is convenient for storage. Say goodbye to messy and humanized design, so that the commonly used seasoning ingredients in cooking can be summarized and placed, which is a good helper for convenient storage. Convenient storage design frees up desktop space. Use less space to store more cans, keep the table clean and tidy, and make it easier to manage. The integrated design of spoon cover is beautiful and convenient to use. Beautiful visible glass seasoning can, you can see the seasoning. The screw cover is tightly fitted, and it is not easy to leak when dumping. Decorate the iron frame with hollow patterns to store the seasoning cans. Luxurious and high-end glass seasoning pot set, made of warm porcelain, is smooth and skin-friendly, with gold ornaments, creating a luxurious and elegant kitchen environment.
Household wooden handle ceramic baking plate
Wooden handle ceramic baking plate, simple appearance design, using high-quality color glaze, smooth and delicate, practical and beautiful, environmental protection and health, to meet more collocations on tableware. The wooden handle is easy to take, not hot fits the palm, smooth and thick, comfortable to hold, convenient for storage and sorting, durable and firm, and easier to bake. It can be used for boiling, stewing, roasting, and stir-frying, and it has good thermal conductivity. The simple design injects more warmth and comfort into life and makes people feel happier when eating.
Personalized customized rectangular ceramic casserole baking dish set with golden rack Supplier & manufacturers | SANBO
Customized rectangular ceramic casserole baking tray set with gold frame, double ear design, comfortable to handle, thoughtful and not hot to the hand. The exhaust hole effectively maintains the balance of air pressure inside the pot, preventing the overflow of soup. The candle holder is designed to place candles for heating, which has a delicious taste and is convenient and worry free. Adopting a rectangular design, providing greater cooking space, suitable for making various dishes and baked goods. The excellent thermal conductivity of ceramic materials can evenly distribute heat, ensuring the uniformity of food cooking or roasting. The design of the metal frame not only provides additional support, but also increases the aesthetics of the product, making your kitchen more fashionable and exquisite. This set can be customized, and you can choose the colors, patterns, and sizes of casseroles and baking pans according to your preferences and styles.
Retro high-rise ceramic cake stand with lid
Retro high-rise ceramic cake stand with lid,the surface of the plate is smooth and delicate, with texture, and can be in direct contact with food. Under high temperature firing, it does not fade, absorb water, deform, easy to clean, dustproof and moisture-proof, exquisite and beautiful. It can be used not only as a fruit plate, cake plate, etc., but also as a storage plate. Simple life, monotonous but not boring, enjoying life in a natural way is a comfortable and beautiful experience, which adds color to life.
Wholesale customizable ceramic baking tray set with glass cover rectangular casserole set dish with stand| SANBO
Customized ceramic baking tray set with glass cover rectangular casserole set with bracket, made of high-quality ceramic, capable of uniform heat transfer and ensuring the uniformity of food cooking. The rectangular design of the baking tray provides greater capacity and is suitable for various purposes such as baking, oven cooking, and stewing. Equipped with a glass cover, it can effectively preserve the humidity and taste of food, and can clearly observe the cooking process of the food. Elegant and easy to handle with both ears, and anti scalding, the hollowed out iron frame and tray are sturdy and sturdy. There is a candle hole placement design to provide candle fire insulation and heating for dishes. It can also be used as a casserole for stewing and slow cooking of food, maintaining its freshness and nutrition. There are multiple patterns to choose from to meet daily needs. There are specific customization requirements, such as personalized sizes, shapes, colors, or textures, which we can customize according to your needs.
Best Quality Cute cake pattern 3 set ceramic sealed storage tanks with bamboo lid Factory
Cute cake pattern 3 set of bamboo covered ceramic sealed storage tanks, selected high-quality ceramics, with clean and bright porcelain, smooth and moist, delicate and transparent, easy to clean. The lid of the sealed jar is made of natural bamboo and wood, and the food grade silicone ring is safe and reliable. The combination of the two ensures good sealing performance. Exquisite cake patterns with bright colors and personalized fashion. Suitable for storing various dry goods, seasonings, tea, coffee beans, candies, and other foods, as well as small items, jewelry, and other valuable items. It not only provides a good storage environment, but also adds a delicate and warm decoration to your home. Provide multiple size options to meet different usage needs.
Ceramic storage jar marble grain kitchen sealed tank with cover Supplier & manufacturers | SANBO
Ceramic marble seal tank storage tank,made of high-quality ceramic materials, the texture is smooth and comfortable to touch. Adopting marble pattern design, it perfectly integrates aesthetics and practicality. The porcelain texture is delicate, with a simple and elegant design, highlighting the quality of the product everywhere. Paired with a wooden lid, it is sealed and effectively maintains moisture and dust resistance of food, preventing it from being contaminated by external factors. The lid uses a food silicone ring, which is safe and practical. It can be used to preserve ingredients such as rice, flour, sugar, coffee, or other kitchen supplies. Not only practical in terms of functionality, but also adding a high-quality aesthetic to your kitchen in terms of appearance. Whether it's a home kitchen or a commercial kitchen, this ceramic storage tank can be your right-hand man.
wholesale decal printed  ceramic tea coffee sugar canisters kitchen storage jars with wooden lid Products | SANBO
Ceramic tea coffee sugar can is a kitchen storage tank with a wooden lid, made of high-quality ceramics, which is durable and moisture-resistant, and can maintain the freshness of tea, coffee, and sugar. Equipped with a wooden lid, it has a natural beauty and can effectively seal the jar, maintaining the original taste and quality of the food. Equipped with food grade sealing silicone ring, located between the jar and lid, ensuring the sealing performance of the jar and preventing the entry of air and moisture. The design of the jar is unique, and the decal process adds a delicate artistic sense, making your kitchen more luxurious and fashionable. Not only suitable for storing tea, coffee, and sugar, but also for storing other small items such as dried fruits, nuts, or seasonings. The Nordic style design of this kitchen storage tank makes it suitable for various kitchen decoration styles, adding a modern and natural atmosphere to your kitchen.
Wholesale Luxury bow-tie design 3 pcs ceramic seasoning jar set with tray holder spoon three sets - SANBO
Nordic light luxury bow shaped ceramic seasoning jar set, made of environmentally friendly porcelain clay fired at high temperature, with a shiny surface and an electroplated bow shaped lid, has a unique appearance, looks good and is practical. The collision combination of electroplating and bright white ceramics is elegant and atmospheric, suitable for daily dining and home decoration. Three spoons and a handle chassis make up a seasoning set. The golden stainless steel handle is beautiful and easy to handle, making storage convenient. The bottom is made of placement firing, with raised anti slip features. Each seasoning jar has a moderate capacity and can store various commonly used seasonings, such as salt, pepper, sugar, spices, etc. Each seasoning can is adorned with a charming bow shaped lid, adding a fashionable touch to the set. Each seasoning jar corresponds to a spoon. The design of the spoon is simple and generous, making it convenient and practical to use. It allows for easy access to an appropriate amount of seasoning without any cross flavor. It can not only organize and place kitchen seasonings, but also add a delicate and delicate touch to your dining table, making it a good choice for personal use or as a gift.
Luxury ceramic soup tureen porcelain pot set pumpkin phnom penh double ear soup bowl set with iron frame | SANBO
The ceramic soup pot set is made of high-quality ceramics, in the shape of a pumpkin and decorated with gold edges, adding a sense of luxury. It adopts a double ear design, making it easy to carry and transport. Ceramic materials can evenly preserve heat, allowing food to remain warm for a longer time while maintaining its original flavor. It can not only be used for cooking and boiling various soups, but also for pairing with other dishes to enhance the aesthetics and comfort of the dining table. Attached is an iron frame that can securely place the soup pot for easy handling and use. Its design is exquisite, durable, and easy to clean, making it a must-have practical tool for your kitchen. Whether it's family gatherings, banquets, or holiday celebrations, this exquisite ceramic pumpkin gold edged double ear soup pot set can add a unique charm and warm atmosphere to your dining table.
wholesale seasoning condiment porcelain ceramic container set spice jars with bamboo wood lid
The appearance is modeled after a golf ball design, with a diamond can body design that is round and beautiful. Each can body is equipped with a separate small spoon for easy access, cleanliness, and health. The diagonal design allows you to easily see the remaining seasoning in the tank. The lid is made of natural bamboo, which is resistant to bacteria and mold. The glaze is smooth, non absorbent, and not easily stained with oil, making it easy to clean. The perfect combination of natural bamboo and wood trays, bamboo and wood covers, and pure white ceramics, combined with environmentally friendly and non-toxic materials and simple and rustic designs, showcases unique quality. The perfect container for storing tea, vanilla, sugar, salt, coffee, vanilla, grains, biscuits, candies, and other foods in homes and kitchens. These containers are exquisitely designed with moderate size and volume, making them easy to carry and use. They can easily be placed on the kitchen counter, seasoning rack, or dining table, making your seasoning neat and orderly.
Ceramics butterfly seasoning Jar with lid Kitchen seasoning box 3 Set Supplier & manufacturers | SANBO
Ceramics butterfly seasoning jar with lid kitchen seasoning box 3 set ,high temperature firing and ingenious polishing, the glaze is smooth and delicate, with a comfortable feel and no chemical reaction with food. High temperature decal pattern, handle design, detachable metal handle for easy storage. One color and one flavor, stored in separate cans, with a lid design, moisture-proof and no cross flavor, beautiful and long-lasting, allowing for quick discovery of seasoning when cooking ingredients. Three cans in one set and independent ceramic tray design to meet daily needs. The gilded edges have smooth lines, enhancing the style of the home. The design elements of the bow shaped lid fill your kitchen with a cute and romantic atmosphere, adding a unique style. This seasoning jar has an innovative opening method. Can accommodate various commonly used seasonings, such as salt, pepper, sugar, etc. The exquisite seasoning box can be used for any dining table, party, wedding, afternoon tea, and various festivals. It can not only be used as a sugar jar, but also as a seasoning jar. This is also a perfect new year gift and valentine's day gift for yourself or your dear wife, family, friends, colleagues, and classmates.

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