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Exquisite porcelain plate / exquisite tableware / best pottery set / kitchen plate, selected materials, durable, smooth surface and easy to clean. High quality ceramics, high color and exquisite, enjoy a better life, healthy raw materials, underglaze color, bright color. It can be directly put into the microwave oven and oven for use. It is more convenient to heat, easy to clean and meet your needs. We welcome OEM shape design, color, printing and packaging. Strict quality control system and strong design team to ensure that all our products are of good quality before shipment.

Nordic casserole soup domestic large capacity high temperature resistant open fire gas fired ceramic casserole stew
Linglong ceramic casserole adopts Australian spodumene to release minerals during cooking, effectively store nutrition, delicious and healthy. High temperature firing process, alternating cold and heat without cracking. The design of heightening the pot edge can prevent the pot from overflowing and keep the pot clean. Two ear design for comfortable holding. Cook slowly and love the changing taste. Close pores, prevent roof fall and better retain nutrition. There is no glaze at the bottom, which plays the role of anti-skid. Drip proof silicone rubber ring is safe and breathable to avoid ventilation in the pot, resulting in the vibration of the pot cover. Large capacity pot can hold more delicious ingredients, and delicious recipes can be tried at will to enjoy a little fun.
Retro high-rise ceramic cake stand with lid
Retro high-rise ceramic cake stand with lid,the surface of the plate is smooth and delicate, with texture, and can be in direct contact with food. Under high temperature firing, it does not fade, absorb water, deform, easy to clean, dustproof and moisture-proof, exquisite and beautiful. It can be used not only as a fruit plate, cake plate, etc., but also as a storage plate. Simple life, monotonous but not boring, enjoying life in a natural way is a comfortable and beautiful experience, which adds color to life.
Professional ceramic bakeware  casseroles manufacturers
The ceramic cooker comprises a side wall and a bottom. The main feature is that a bonding layer is arranged at the bottom of the cooker, and metal powder is sandwiched in the bonding layer.Baking tray, as the name suggests, is to paint on the porcelain plate through the firing process. Chinese baking tray art has a long history, is peerless, and is well-known in the world. After thousands of years of development, the art of baking tray has been handed down from generation to generation. It has become the quintessence of Chinese culture.Baking plate is no longer a proper term of traditional baking plate, it is also a baking plate for meat, bread and so on. Here, let's talk about the barbecue plate. Among them, Korean barbecue plate is especially popular and accepted by everyone. It makes people eat delicious barbecue and healthy at the same timeShenzhen Xiangbo Industrial Co., Ltd. is located in Chaozhou, Guangdong Province, one of the famous ceramic production cities in China. Xiangbo company integrates design, R & D, production and sales, with a history of more than ten years. The main production of daily ceramics, including high temperature ceramics, medium temperature color glaze ceramics. Xiangbo company has mature product design and development capabilities, providing OEM, ODM services, products exported to countries around the world.
Relief ceramic chopsticks cylinder chopsticks drain rack knife spoon household creative double-layer non moldy storage c
Embossed ceramic chopsticks barrel is a good thing to improve the happiness of the kitchen. If you want a simple and clean Nordic kitchen, you should have a supporting Nordic style chopsticks rack, simple shape and high-quality touch. Each kind of food should have its own elegant life. It should be baked at high temperature and choose environmentally friendly porcelain clay, which meets the hygienic standards of food containers.
Ceramic Condiment Spice Jar Seasoning Box Set
Let the taste of the visual and experience are satisfiedWe are looking for natural beauty with tableware, simplicity is a kind of performance of beauty!Bottom vent,Some ceramics need air holes at the bottom to be fired. At high temperature, water in the embryo can evaporate from the air holes to ensure that the embryo does not break, the glaze is more uniform, and the color is more beautiful, which is not a matter of quality.
Household glass seasoning jar set
The high-quality glass seasoning jar is pleasing to the eye, seasoning, and the capacity is clear at a glance. All kinds of seasonings can be stored in an orderly manner. It is easy to cook without burden, adding beautiful colors to life. One can, one spoon and one cover, reconcile the exquisite taste of life. The beautiful embellishment in the kitchen, the taste display of artistic cooking and light luxury style, with dignity and value, is an artifact of shooting, with a certain sense of ceremony.
Transparent glass stockpot with lid glass soup pot
Simple Nordic double ear glass soup pot, made of high borosilicate glass, crystal clear, not easy to absorb taste and stains. Double ear solid wood handle, metal fixed firmly, strong and durable without rust. Comfortable grip, heat insulation and anti scalding, healthy and environmental protection, no burr and no hand injury. Solid wood top bead, effective heat insulation and anti scalding, durable and easy to hold. The visual pot cover makes it easier to master the heat, the cooking process is clear at a glance, an all-round perspective, and the vent hole balances the pressure in the pot. Cooking, stewing and frying, competent for all roles in the kitchen. Life is half fireworks and half poetry. Hold fireworks and be poetic.
Household light luxury seasoning tank combination set seasoning storage box
Scandinavian luxury seasoning pot and beauty kitchen combination light up the cooking time. One can is blind. The formal kitchen is messy and comprehensive, which meets the needs of use. With a small spoon of leaves, a pot of a spoon does not taste. It can be used as a seasoning pot, as well as candy, coffee beans, rock sugar, etc.
Casserole stew pot soup domestic open fire gas high temperature resistant green leaf ceramic pot
Tropical rain forest health ceramic casserole, made of spodumene, contains a variety of substances to improve nutrition and taste. High quality ore and kaolin are fired at high temperature in proportion, with smooth glaze, easy cleaning and no peculiar smell. Innovative micro arc cookers, more balanced heat circulation, lock the original flavor of ingredients. The circulating heat flow can effectively lock the temperature. Heating evenly, no loss of nutrition, complete ingredients, balanced release of nutrition. The cover is provided with ventilation holes and has the function of exhaust. Double ear design, easy to hold, inner arc, effective anti-skid. The thick bottom of the pot can effectively store heat. It can be used even when the fire is turned off, and the waste heat will continue to rise. Anti scalding silicone cover, non slip, easy to take. Boil stew and boil noodles. You can have three meals a day.
Household ceramic cheese baking plate creative simple double ear silicone disc baking oven
Double ear silica gel ceramic bowl, fired at high temperature, healthy, beautiful and practical, living up to the heart of food hot life. The glaze is smooth, easy to clean, simple, practical and versatile, creating a sense of fashionable color. Simple and generous, feel comfortable. Double ear silicone design, easy to operate and effectively prevent scalding. The bottom is not glazed, polished smooth, and the desktop is not damaged. Various sizes, simple and refreshing feeling, various practicability, convenient for family use. It can be heated in the microwave and oven, and you can get delicious food every second. Tableware can set off the delicacy of ingredients and make you love the kitchen and enjoy life more.
Household baking double ear silica gel ceramic square baking plate silica gel handle baked rice bowl
Ceramic baking square plate, made of food grade silica gel, with silica gel handle, non-toxic, tasteless and not easy to turn yellow. Soft, elastic, anti kink, no deformation. No cracking, long service life, cold and high temperature resistance. Streamlined, deepened and widened design, wide plate, full of delicious food, suitable for family use. The texture is fine, the inner wall is smooth and delicate, and it is as bright as new when light washing. Simple binaural design, firm grip and intimate design. Silicone handle, effective heat insulation, avoid scalding, humanized design. Multifunctional, can be used as baking tray, baking tray, sub packaging tray, etc., to meet your various needs.
Light luxury household diamond casserole stew pot high temperature resistant ceramic pot
Diamond ceramic casserole, made of spodumene, is rich in minerals, keeps the original flavor and locks nutrition. The double ear design can prevent scald, which is convenient to take and care of hands. Visual glass cover, cooking ingredients in the pot are clear at a glance, the food has a panoramic view, and can quickly respond to the heat. Strong heat storage capacity, continuous cycle heating, uniform heating in the pot, long heat preservation time, and more delicious ingredients. The outer ring is not glazed, stable and anti-skid. Raise the edge of the pan to prevent overflow. Diamond appearance, three-dimensional pot body, 360 ° annular flow rate heating. Resistant to sudden change of temperature difference, alternating cold and heat without cracking. Anti scalding button, heightening anti scalding design. Safety silicone cover, leak proof and overflow proof. Multi purpose, enjoy different delicacies.

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