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Nordic Phnom Penh tableware, simple design, Phnom Penh with more texture, outlines the modern beauty of fashion, beautiful and practical.High temperature firing, healthy glaze, no fading, suitable for oven and disinfector.Made of pure titanium, elegant art. Unique bowl shape, a variety of sizes to choose from, all the food on the table.

Oval shallow plate can bring a small amount of soup, food, desserts can match, meet the daily needs.Simple style, the pursuit of practical, comfortable, abandon complex save simple, with a simple form, only for the reason of pure experience, electroplating Phnom Penh, noble and generous, full of a sense of ceremony, light luxury life, is a kind of attitude of respecting the quality of life.

Simple letter underglaze ceramic dinnerware household dishes soup bowls crockery porcelain set
High temperature firing, underglaze color technology, soft white transparent porcelain, delicate and smooth, with a simple color. Hand drawn black lines paired with playful English, clean and bright. The thickened bottom of the bowl provides good insulation. Rich vessel types, freely combined and matched. The delicate border highlights the atmosphere, and the classic black and white combination looks great no matter how it is paired. The capacity is suitable, suitable for both Chinese and Western cuisine. The bottom is not glazed, providing anti slip effect. Can be steamed, baked, or microwaved, without worrying about hot or cold, convenient for heating, and can be used in various household appliances. Whether serving hot soup or chilled drinks, it can effectively prevent damage to the tabletop while maintaining the optimal temperature of food.
Best 24 PCS embossed porcelain dinner bowls and plates vintage ceramic dinnerware sets white luxury wedding Supplier
24 PCS embossed porcelain dinner bowls and plates vintage ceramic dinnerware sets,made of high-quality porcelain clay and fired at high temperature, the porcelain is thick and delicate in texture, with a warm and glossy glaze, healthy and environmentally friendly, not easy to fade, and durable. The white relief design, underglaze color craftsmanship, and the interlaced textures on the plates and bowls make it more artistic and introverted. The plate provides a suitable depth and can accommodate various stir fried dishes, small sauces, steaks, Western cuisine, etc. Suitable for disinfection cabinets, dishwashers, ovens, microwaves, etc. The food is paired with exquisite utensils, satisfying the sense of ritual in daily life. Both Chinese and Western cuisine are suitable, interpreting the modern Nordic minimalist style. Whether it's family gatherings, business banquets, or wedding celebrations, you can showcase your taste and temperament.
Nordic creative rock pattern Western steak plate dinnerware set with unique design Products | SANBO
Creative stone pattern Western style steak plate tableware set, with a simple and elegant color tone, showcasing a grand atmosphere in the dining room. The porcelain surface is delicate and warm, bringing a comfortable dining experience. Stone patterns serve as textures, sanding different layers to create the flow of light and shadow. Made by firing at high temperatures, it is healthy, safe, and resistant to high temperatures without fading. Eating healthy and reassuring. No clean dead corners or gaps, easy to clean and care for with just one flush. The edge sealing protects both hands, making the edges easy to handle and not too hot. The lines are smooth and dry, and the touch is comfortable. Paired with delicious food, it has a beautiful feeling. The bottom edge is not glazed and polished smoothly without damaging the tabletop. Suitable for Western cuisine and Japanese cuisine, elegant and light to enjoy life.
Simple and pure white ceramic plates tableware embossed pattern porcelain dinnerware set Products | SANBO
Simple and pure white ceramic plates tableware embossed pattern porcelain dinnerware set,made of ceramic material, it is sturdy, durable, comfortable to touch, and easy to clean. With its simple and pure white appearance, it attracts attention and displays an elegant temperament. Each plate and bowl features meticulously designed relief patterns, enhancing the artistic and detailed beauty of the product. The pure white appearance gives people a feeling of simplicity, cleanliness, and elegance. These patterns not only look beautiful, but also add a unique atmosphere to dining. Includes plates, bowls, and utensils of different sizes and uses to meet your daily dining and banquet needs. Whether it's a family gathering, friend gathering, or formal occasion, it can showcase your taste and style.
Best Underglaze color household relief ceramic pure white dinnerware set Supplier
Underglaze color household relief ceramic pure white dinnerware set,gentle and pure white, with a golden marigold texture and outstanding patterns, accompanying three meals during a solar eclipse. The glaze is smooth, and the self-cleaning glaze is washed clean. The color is bright and textured, delicate like jade, beautiful and practical. Pattern texture, three-dimensional beauty, enhances the appearance of tableware. High foot anti scalding, suitable size, comfortable to hold. You can put it into a microwave, oven, etc. to taste a warm and hot food, and take good care of your stomach. A variety of different types of dishes, including steak, salad, pasta, and home specialties, can be easily switched, with a set of fancy dishes to handle. Whether it's for daily personal use or entertaining family and friends, it can showcase your taste.
Hand painted gray glazed ceramic porcelain dinnerware set stoneware with plate bowl Products | SANBO
Hand painted gray glazed ceramic porcelain dinnerware set stoneware with plate bowl,selected high-quality materials, sturdy and durable, with delicate porcelain. The hand-painted craftsmanship and the application of gray glaze are meticulously polished through multiple processes, presenting profound and subtle changes. Each interweaving of light and shadow reveals a different sense of beauty. The stable color tone of gray glaze perfectly blends with the warm texture of ceramics, not only enhancing the dining experience, but also becoming a work of art in home life. The bottom is unglazed for enhanced friction and easy placement on the desktop. A versatile plate that can be paired with various stir fried dishes, as well as served with desserts, breakfast, fruits, and more. It is suitable for daily meals, family gatherings or small banquets to meet different catering needs. Whether it is used to hold chinese dishes, western dim sum or as a tea break appliance, it can be decent and elegant.
High quality ceramic white dinnerware set with embossed design dinner plates Products | SANBO
High quality ceramic white dinnerware set with embossed design dinner plates,the surface is lightweight, smooth, easy to clean, and sturdy and durable. Its craftsmanship is delicate, with a milky white color as pure and moving as new snow, emitting a noble and elegant atmosphere. The tableware is decorated with unique relief textures, with a strong sense of design, showcasing both elegant beauty and retro sentiment, adding a unique artistic atmosphere to dining occasions. The meticulously polished bottom is fine and smooth, and the anti slip design not only protects the desktop from scratches, but also increases stability, making dining more reassuring and comfortable. Whether it's daily family dining, grand wedding banquets, or important special occasions, this set of tableware can create an unforgettable and exquisite dining experience for you.
Ceramic snack gold rim divided plate porcelain wavy edge gold-plated dinnerware set Products | SANBO
Gold rim divided plate porcelain wavy edge gold-plated dinnerware set,made of high-quality porcelain, with delicate and delicate gold edges, showcasing a sense of luxury. The plate is designed as a partition type, which can separate various snacks and snacks, not only beautiful but also practical. The wavy lace design adds a touch of playfulness and liveliness, with smooth edges polished and gold accents, giving it a lively texture. One plate can be used for many purposes, such as delicious food, Dim sum, fruits, desserts, etc. Multiple beautiful and clever tool types to meet your needs. Whether it's daily family dining or hosting parties and gatherings, the gold-plated bowl and plate set will undoubtedly become a highlight on your dining table, adding a touch of luxury and ceremony to the dining experience.
Best Gold-plated high foot ceramic cake stand display fruit plate for dessert table Supplier
Gold-plated high foot ceramic cake stand display fruit plate for dessert table,made of high-quality ceramic material, durable and not easily damaged. The surface is smooth and delicate, with a warm touch. The unique high foot design, gold edge relief craftsmanship, and dazzling luster showcase luxurious taste. The smooth lines of gold border and the relief patterns complement each other, blooming charming light and shadow, showcasing the owner's extraordinary taste. The gilded craftsmanship surrounds the edges, showcasing a sense of elegance and agility, adding a touch of layering to the vessels. The edges are polished smooth, with a delicate texture that does not harm the hands. Suitable for placing fruits, snacks, desserts, and other foods, creating an elegant dining atmosphere easily on the table. Not only suitable for daily household use, but also suitable for restaurants, cafes and other occasions, perfectly showcasing your cooking skills.
White Phnom Penh simple ceramic tableware set
Light luxury Nordic styleWhite gold edge tableware set, metal stroke, simple Nordic, exquisite glaze.Brand new collocation, free choice. Deliver a kind of life experience and enhance the happiness of eating goods.Simple European style tableware, fashionable and characteristic, beautiful and comfortable, can make the food more delicious and attractive. People's appetite is greatly increased and life is like a poem.
Exquisite relief gold-edged ceramic bowl and plate dinnerware set with cake stand
Exquisite relief gold-edged ceramic bowl and plate dinnerware set with cake stand,high temperature firing process, delicate porcelain, hand drawn edges, beautiful luster, not easy to fade. Unique relief design, stable and elegant. The texture is clear and the touch is delicate, without shedding or fading, and it is wear-resistant and scratch resistant. Electroplating process, uniform and full color. The golden edge is dazzling yet elegant, adding a touch of aristocratic temperament to the tableware, suitable for various high-end occasions, and also suitable as a delicate decoration for daily home use. The unique design of the cake rack makes your desserts more attractive and perfectly displayed at banquets or family gatherings. Not only does it meet the solemn needs of high-end occasions, but it can also easily integrate into every exquisite moment of daily life, bringing a rare touch of luxury and romance to your life. 
Customized ceramic dessert dishes plates wedding gold rimmed dinner plates decorative bowl for home Products | SANBO
Customized ceramic dessert dishes plates wedding gold rimmed dinner plates are made of high-quality ceramic material and fired at high temperatures to ensure product durability and food safety. The surface is smooth and delicate, with a warm touch, showcasing a noble temperament. The handcrafted golden lines on the wave edges shine brightly, adding a sense of luxury and festive atmosphere, making each piece a highlight on the dining table, suitable for various occasions, etc. There are various types and shapes to meet daily life needs. Not only the dinner plate, each plate and decorative bowl in this set of tableware has a unique design, which can be used as a container for desserts, salads, appetizers or small dim sum, but also as a home decoration to add artistic flavor to the living space.

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