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Nordic Phnom Penh tableware, simple design, Phnom Penh with more texture, outlines the modern beauty of fashion, beautiful and practical.High temperature firing, healthy glaze, no fading, suitable for oven and disinfector.Made of pure titanium, elegant art. Unique bowl shape, a variety of sizes to choose from, all the food on the table.

Oval shallow plate can bring a small amount of soup, food, desserts can match, meet the daily needs.Simple style, the pursuit of practical, comfortable, abandon complex save simple, with a simple form, only for the reason of pure experience, electroplating Phnom Penh, noble and generous, full of a sense of ceremony, light luxury life, is a kind of attitude of respecting the quality of life.

Round glass bowl food storage container set with bamboo lid Supplier & manufacturers | SANBO
    Made of high-quality glass, transparent and bright. Equipped with an environmentally friendly bamboo lid, it can seal perfectly and ensure that food remains fresh. Smooth and round, with thickened edges, suitable for storing various foods such as fruits, vegetables, staple foods, etc. Their simple and fashionable design allows you to conveniently store and display food, while also effectively preventing food spoilage. The round wooden bead cover button is comfortable to handle, with a full texture and a balance of appearance and strength. Multiple sizes and specifications are available to meet your needs. The overall design is simple and elegant, suitable for various occasions, adding a natural and elegant touch to your kitchen or dining table.
Nordic ceramic bowl set with colored glaze matte salad rice bowl and bamboo hat design Products | SANBO
Ceramic glazed salad bowls, rice bowls, and bamboo hat bowls are made by high-temperature firing, smooth and delicate, comfortable to touch, and easy to clean. Bowl with a bamboo hat, round grain outer wall, high foot anti scald, matte glazed surface, smooth and warm. Petal salad bowl, with rounded edges and clear veins in the shape of flowers, beautiful and generous, stable and not hot to handle. A circular rice bowl with unglazed bottom increases friction and provides anti slip effect. Suitable for versatile players such as microwaves, ovens, dishwashers, etc., the delicious food is at your fingertips. Stackable storage, easy to use, neat and orderly. Multiple colors to choose from, meeting the needs of daily life.
Wholesale stoneware glazed dinner set western dinnerware set ceramic plates with brown rim Products | SANBO
Wholesale stoneware glazed dinner set western dinnerware set ceramic plates with brown rim,made of natural ceramic materials, non-toxic and harmless, it can be used with peace of mind. The surface is smooth and flat, not easy to collect dirt and dirt, and easy to clean.The glaze color is uniform, smooth and moist, without heavy metal spillage, ensuring safe use. The brown edge design makes the tableware more elegant and fashionable, allowing for easy pairing with different styles of table decorations. It has excellent wear resistance and impact resistance, is not easily damaged, and can be kept intact and undamaged during long-term use. Can be stacked for storage, saving your kitchen space and facilitating storage. Suitable for use in commercial venues such as restaurants, hotels, and cafes, as well as for personal and household use. They not only add style to your dining table, but also provide a comfortable dining experience for your customers or family members.
Phnom Penh Ceramic Western Food Plate Dessert Cake Plate Steak Plate
Elegant and white plate, with simple atmosphere of Phnom Penh,It's made of ceramic. The surface is soft, white and transparent. It's heavy and firm.Shallow dish,It's quite suitable for Chinese / Western dishes,Leave space to add points to the appearance of the plate,Many people get together for a family dinner,Deal with slightly larger dishes.Hand painted Phnom Penh,Exquisite stroke, simple at the same time without losing atmosphere.Anti skid bottom,The bottom after manual polishing has good anti-skid effect,Fine manual, safe and stable.
Professional Pure white ceramic divided fruit plate snack platter with bamboo tray manufacturers
      Creative grid ceramic fruit tray, high-quality porcelain clay, high-temperature calcination, solid wood paired with ceramics. Round acacia wooden tray, not easy to mold, with a fine and dense structure, paired with a pure white dividing plate, placed firmly and not easily knocked over. Pure white glaze, smooth glaze surface, bright luster. It has high durability and can be used for a long time. Can be used in a dishwasher or microwave. Each item does not cross flavors, making it easy to take. It can be placed in different categories, which is both beautiful and practical. It can be used for daily family table decoration, parties, dessert displays, and other occasions, adding a sense of delicacy to the placement and display of food.
Blue pottery dinner set blue pottery dishes blue ceramic plate set
Greetings from the Ocean Whale pattern series tableware, cute style, lifelike hand-painted whale patterns. The glaze is smooth and delicate, easy to clean. The texture of stone grain and the design of double ear plate handle make it easy to carry, the bottom is flat and placed firmly. Hand made texture shows the cute interest of cartoon. The delicate and round mouth of the bowl has a soft touch and does not hurt the mouth. It has a good texture as a whole. Vivid animals, lovely and characteristic, with their own emotions and artistic conception design, people can't put it down. It is made by firing at high temperature. It can be directly heated in microwave oven and oven to unlock all kinds of delicious ingredients. The craftsman's hand-painted underglaze color technology not only takes into account the appearance value, but also pays attention to health, so that children can use it safely. Various types of appliances meet the daily needs of the whole family. The "whale" pen on the table adds different colors and styles to three meals a day.
Opal glass dinnerware set white glass curved edge bowl and plate dinner set Supplier & manufacturers | SANBO
The white opal glass dinnerware set is made of high-quality glass ceramic material, which has excellent durability and resistance to breakage. Durable and sturdy, with good heat resistance and easy cleaning. The edges of the bowls and plates add a sense of beauty to the dishes being served, and the entire set showcases a simple and modern style that can perfectly blend into various table settings and decorative styles. Non toxic and harmless, it will not release harmful substances, ensuring food safety and hygiene. The appearance is simple and elegant, and the white design is more sophisticated. It is paired with various table decorations to enhance the beauty of dining. Suitable for various foods, such as hot dishes, soups, etc., to meet different dietary needs. Suitable for various occasions, such as family gatherings, dinners, parties, etc.
China Wholesale of ceramic tableware sets manufacturers
China Wholesale of ceramic tableware sets manufacturers.It has multiple production lines and a professional workshop management system. All this effectively improves the production efficiency and provides a strong guarantee for the high quality of .The kiln becomes glazed, the glaze is rich and soft, and has a three-dimensional effect, restoring the retro era. Feel the art of life and bring home the beauty of nature. The porcelain is delicate and comfortable, and the edge of the dish is round and does not hurt your hands. The bottom ring is not glazed, which can effectively play the role of anti-slip. Good utensils always have special abilities. While enjoying food, they also relax and experience high-quality life.The color changes in each place are slightly different, full of artistic beauty, making every home-cooked dish special.
Best Simple orange cutlery tableware set Supplier
The simple orange tableware set is made with underglaze craftsmanship, and the pure orange is elegant and generous, bringing a different color vision experience. The tableware can be combined freely, and it is a good choice for Chinese and Western food. It is fired at high temperature, it is not easy to decolor and fade, and it is safe and guaranteed. The ingenious craftsmanship guarantees a healthy diet. The material of the new bone china is smooth and clear, and it is convenient and quick to clean, worry-free and labor-saving. The tableware has been carefully polished and the lines are smooth. It is very textured in the hand, bringing a new exquisite experience of life and feeling the beauty and tranquility of life.
Wholesale Hot sales ceramic pet cat dog bowl non slip ceramic pet food bowl set with good price - SANBO
Ceramic pet cat and dog bowls are made of high-quality porcelain clay fired at high temperatures to prevent bacterial growth and prevent pets from having a black chin. Smooth and free of burrs, with a rounded arc that does not cut hands. High foot sloping mouth design, deepening the curved bowl groove, naturally gathering and preventing overflow. Thick base, frosted and anti slip, stable to eat without flipping, making eating more reassuring. The design at the bottom of the maze allows pets to eat reasonably. Large capacity, large caliber, can rest assured to eat fully. Elegant shape and diverse colors. A versatile bowl that meets various needs, including drinking and feeding, making it easier for feces removal officials. Fun and creative designs, various sizes, and beautiful colors add color to your favorite food, allowing it to enjoy a delicious time.
Retro garden lace bowl and plate set dish plate Western steak plate combination rice bowl soup bowl and chopsticks set
Fresh and interesting pastoral design, bold color, quite chic.This group of lace baking bowls reminds people of the rural style home, full of vitality and vitalityHigh temperature in glaze technology makes the color pattern delicate, glaze moist and safe to eatCreative flower design edge, with the same red stroke, smooth lines, unique texture, a variety of options, to meet the table. More collocation, high appearance, good-looking swing.Can be into the microwave oven, oven, etc., cold and hot, do not worry, do not need to find tableware for the microwave oven.We apply the classic fashion element of plants and flowers to this tableware to make it fashionable and practical. Let it become the home style of life talent to enjoy delicious food. What a wonderful thing it should be!
Fruit plate glass candy dessert square snack bowls dish set with metal rack Supplier & manufacturers | SANBO
Glass square snack bowl with metal iron frame, vertical pattern design paired with clear glass, diamond lid button, convenient for daily opening and lifting, dustproof, moisture-proof, and insect proof. Double ear iron storage rack, easy to carry and comfortable to grip. Stackable storage, saving space for storage. Thicken the bottom of the bowl, deepen the bowl body, and facilitate the placement of more snacks. Independent, one item and one compartment, without cross flavors, can accommodate various snacks, dried fruits, etc. Compact and luxurious, with a super large capacity and a small and exquisite plate, paired with a light and luxurious shelf, it is more comfortable to use. The fruit plate, tray, and metal frame are designed to be detachable, making cleaning convenient. Multiple combinations are available to meet different usage needs, allowing for a variety of dining experiences.

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