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Nordic Phnom Penh tableware, simple design, Phnom Penh with more texture, outlines the modern beauty of fashion, beautiful and practical.High temperature firing, healthy glaze, no fading, suitable for oven and disinfector.Made of pure titanium, elegant art. Unique bowl shape, a variety of sizes to choose from, all the food on the table.

Oval shallow plate can bring a small amount of soup, food, desserts can match, meet the daily needs.Simple style, the pursuit of practical, comfortable, abandon complex save simple, with a simple form, only for the reason of pure experience, electroplating Phnom Penh, noble and generous, full of a sense of ceremony, light luxury life, is a kind of attitude of respecting the quality of life.

Creative ceramic christmas tree living room coffee table divided cake plate fruit plate dried fruit plate
Christmas tree is divided into trays, with the shape of the Christmas tree as the design elements, suitable for fruits, snacks, dried fruit, etc. Creative Christmas tree shaped plaid, unique design, bamboo and ceramic combination, entertaining guests with snacks to make them feel more happy. Christmas tree and bamboo tray can be combined with dessert tray, fruit tray, bamboo base with rotating tray, easy to take out. One plate multi-purpose, bamboo base can be used as tray or fruit plate, multi-purpose design, beautiful and practical. Three-color mixed color Christmas tree partition plate, food can be matched separately, can also be split, easy to clean. Bamboo and wood base, thick and stable. The porcelain is warm and delicate with rich colors.
Best ceramic dinnerware collections supplier
General application: Ceramic tableware refers to all artificial industrial products with clay and other inorganic non-metallic minerals as raw materials. It includes various products made of clay or mixture containing clay by mixing, forming and calcining.Parameter: Shell porcelain is made of high white mud, high white glaze and shell powder. It is scientifically formulated and fired at a high temperature of more than 1200 degrees Celsius. Then it is painted, glazed and fired at a high temperature for the second time. It is non-toxic, lead-free, harmless and never fade. It is not easy to break. It is suitable for dishwasher washing.Suitable for microwave oven, oven, disinfector, dishwasher, refrigerator.
White Phnom Penh simple ceramic tableware set
Light luxury Nordic styleWhite gold edge tableware set, metal stroke, simple Nordic, exquisite glaze.Brand new collocation, free choice. Deliver a kind of life experience and enhance the happiness of eating goods.Simple European style tableware, fashionable and characteristic, beautiful and comfortable, can make the food more delicious and attractive. People's appetite is greatly increased and life is like a poem.
Japanese retro seasoning pot ceramic kitchen salt monosodium glutamate seasoning box set acacia wood tray with spoon
The Japanese bamboo and wood pottery pot is made of clay, which is fired layer by layer and polished by craftsmen. The touch is warm and delicate, and the surface is natural and original. It is in harmony with the wood colored bamboo and wood covers. Every pottery pot contains a kind of mood, and there will always be a kind of sour, sweet, bitter and spicy taste. A considerate wooden spoon can be tasted without flavor. Each ceramic pot is equipped with a considerate spoon, which can be used alone without flavor. Clay is fired at high temperature and polished carefully. It will not react with food and is safer to use. Bamboo cover, fresh and natural, dustproof and moisture-proof. Ancient sesame glaze design, random distribution, simple and warm. The groove of the tank body can well contain the seasoning spoon to prevent it from sliding, which is clean and sanitary.
Dishware Set With Frosted Surface and Underglaze Color
Japanese style and wind tableware, food can enjoy delicious. Japanese simple style, add color to life, keep every sweet time. Frosted glaze use simple patterns to increase the humanistic atmosphere, not monotonous. Food and color are all available. Many kinds of utensils meet the needs of life. There are also colorful moments in plain life. You can choose from many kinds of utensils, such as daily eating, dish setting or baking.Dishware set with frosted surface and underglaze color, high temperature firing, suitable for microwave oven, oven, disinfection cabinet, dishwasher. The food and temperature of three meals a day are defined by you.
Creative ceramic cake tray rack dessert table cushion tray multi-layer afternoon tea fruit tray storage display rack
The iron fruit rack is luxurious and beautiful. It is firmly welded and fired at high temperature. The ceramic fruit tray has perfect texture and is more comfortable to use. Smooth edge, elegant and generous, double-layer design, convenient storage. It is easy to disassemble and clean. The porcelain plate can also be used as a dining plate alone. The simple European style snack tray is fashionable and featured, beautiful and comfortable. The luxurious deer shape is exquisite and durable. High gloss, beautiful and practical, healthy material. Easy to move and carry. The surface is fine, smooth and clear, the color is warm, low-key and luxurious, and shows exquisite quality. Luxurious and elegant color matching, online appearance, various choices, and irresistible fashion charm.
Nordic Light luxury Phnom Penh double-layer ceramic string plate dessert table afternoon tea fruit plate
Luxury Phnom Penh double-layer dessert table, ceramic layered ceramic disc, the artistic collision between ceramic and iron art, and the matching design of two different materials have a unique style. Layered design, neat and interesting. Layered to prevent cross odors. European gold plated handle, high-grade and elegant. Rounded corners, good feel. Layered, multiple combinations, multiple compartments, no mixing, no odor. The iron art is durable, the ceramics are fine and thick, and the gold painting process is light and luxurious, with a sense of hierarchy, independence and prevention of cross smell. Luxurious Phnom Penh embellishment, a peerless beauty online. Elegant dark green with Phnom Penh, creative modeling, versatile styles and home decoration make the home more artistic and timeless.
Gold rimmed pattern white porcelain dinnerware
Gold rimmed pattern white porcelain dinnerware.White porcelain gold-rimmed dinner sets, preferably kaolin, high-temperature firing porcelain is thick. Traditional circular design, printing process, glaze creative labyrinth texture, smooth surface and easy to clean, suitable for placing a variety of dishes, fruits, etc. The bottom is high, the heat insulation is good, and the smooth and smooth workmanship is excellent. The high-edge fruit plate is good for holding pasta and salads. Live life more romantic than poetry, and heal your mood with warmth.
Nordic creative modern living room afternoon tea double layer dessert rack cake dessert table fruit plate snack plate
Luxury double-layer basket and fruit plate, gold-plated process, ceramic with metal and iron show the quality of life. Good utensils can bring beauty to life and enjoy leisure time calmly. The double-layer storage design makes cakes, fruits, etc. neat and orderly. With the heightening design, the high shape can also be placed. Square structure, stable and stable. Gold plating process, comfortable to hold, with higher grade surface, natural manual polishing, easy to take, beautiful and practical. Selected high-quality porcelain clay, high-temperature firing, safe and hygienic. The texture is smooth, warm and easy to clean. With hand-painted Phnom Penh, it is simple, generous and luxurious.
European multi-layer fruit tray sitting room creative cake rack household candy dry fruit tray set
European style luxurious cake rack, luxurious and elegant, fresh and simple. The combination of golden handle design and fresh color is enough to impress people and facilitate installation. The surface of the board is smooth and comfortable, and the color is fresh and elegant. Non slip bottom, safe to place, light luxury and simple. The creative wave cake rack, with its delicacy, interprets various temperament. There are many choices, each one is good-looking, and good-looking devices can meet your different needs. The luxurious style and elegant temperament, the deep and elegant dark green, reveal a touch of retro style. Portable design, durable. The painting is gilt edged, and the lines are smooth, round and smooth. Three layers are stacked firmly to store more delicious food.
European ceramic cake dessert display rack dessert table decoration birthday afternoon tea table decoration
The simple Nordic petal cake display tray rack is beautiful, practical and beautiful, showing the romantic atmosphere of life. Suitable for placing all kinds of desserts, cakes, fruits, snacks, etc., Suitable for display and dessert shop, etc. Luxurious gold plating, healthy formaldehyde free, firm welding, careful painting, iron fruit plate texture is more comfortable to use. The warm glaze feels fine and smooth. It is fired at high temperature with meticulous technology and can be in direct contact with food. The tray is firm, removable, easy to take, easy to clean and more hygienic. Luxurious and elegant, fresh and simple, with colorful chassis, it is a scenery wherever it is placed. The combination of gold handle design and fresh color is enough to move people's hearts, facilitate installation, and make life no longer monotonous.
Bone china bowl plate set hotel best rated dinnerware set
The glaze is smooth, the pattern is exquisite, the porcelain content is high, easy to clean, and can be cleaned at high temperature. Carefully selected materials, porcelain is hard, brittle and transparent like jade. Good porcelain can be distinguished at a glance. It is not like jade and can't be put down. Fired at high temperature, with glaze protective layer, it is durable and not easy to scratch. Thickened bowl, convenient for end placement, heat insulation, anti scalding and beautiful. This 12 piece set is handmade by craftsmen, with various shapes and beautiful appearance, which can meet daily needs. The hand-made Phnom Penh configuration shows texture, elegance and softness. The shape and simplicity of this set of tableware create a modern and beautiful lifestyle. Luxury is not your appearance, but your life attitude and self orientation.

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