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Our company sincerely welcome customers at home and abroad to come to guide and seek common development!In order to meet the different needs of customers, sanbo Industrial Co., Ltd., as a subsidiary of sanbo, was formally established in January 2008. Sanbo Industrial Co., Ltd. is an enterprise integrating development, production and marketing. The main products are stainless steel plate, stainless steel heat preservation cup, stainless steel pot, stainless steel frying pan, stainless steel lunch box, stainless steel seasoning can and so on.

Customers visiting the company
We have welcomed a group of customers who have expressed high appreciation and recognition for the company's products and services. This customer visit is an important measure for the company to strengthen communication and contact with customers, and it is also an effective way for the company to improve customer satisfaction. In order to provide proactive customer service, further understand the needs of major customers for car use, and create a sincere and dedicated service concept of "customer-centric, providing ultimate experience and service", we aim to provide customers with better product and service experiences, and create greater value and benefits for them.
Daily container loading
At the container loading work site, we saw many familiar faces and busy figures, namely the crane operator and container loading operator. Whether it is every lifting and lowering of the crane, or the safety and stability during the loading process, they demonstrate their exquisite skills and skilled operations. The lifting during container loading is a test of the forklift operator's skills and practical experience. They are well aware that they are not only lifting ceramics, but also the trust and recognition of our work from customers. We must put this trust intact in the container and deliver it safely and timely to customers.
Sanbo Happy Labour's Day!
May Day has arrived. In order to make everyone feel the festive atmosphere, thank you for your hard work, further enrich the entertainment life of enterprise members, promote communication between members of different departments, enhance the cohesion of company employees, and create a healthy and upward team culture atmosphere, Sanbo has launched a special event for the Labor Day dinner, inviting all colleagues to spend a warm holiday together.During the banquet, the family members of Sanbo sat together eating and chatting, and the entire dining scene was lively, with laughter and joy. As everyone here enjoyed the delicious food to their heart's content, the atmosphere on site entered an exceptionally lively stage. Come and join us, grab a glass of wine, toast this happy gathering, toast the hard work, and toast the mutual help and cooperation between departments.Exciting program performances, happy game interactions, lucky prize delivery, cheers, celebrations, and blessings wave by wave, making the dinner venue a joyful ocean.
Customers make purchases from the company
Recently, the company has welcomed numerous customers to purchase products. The general manager and business team warmly received customers from afar and had detailed communication. The customer visited the factory's production workshop, office environment, sample room, etc., and listened to our professional introduction and answered questions.At the same time, we also introduced our company's product quality control system and production process to customers, allowing them to have a deeper understanding of our product quality and production capacity.During business negotiations, our sales team had in-depth communication and exchange with customers, fully understanding their needs and requirements.Through our high-quality products and professional services, customers have highly praised our services and expressed that our professional services and high-quality products have provided strong support for their enterprise development.
Sanbo ceramic loading eveyday
The main concern for general enterprises exporting is that during the container loading process, there may be errors in cargo data, damage to the cargo, or discrepancies between the data and customs declaration data, which may result in customs not being able to release the goods. So before loading the container, the shipper, warehouse, and freight forwarder must coordinate well to avoid this situation. There are usually three methods for on-site loading of container goods: manual loading of all containers, forklift transfer into the container, manual stacking, and mechanical loading of all containers. For example, pallets of goods are stacked inside the container using forklifts.
Welcome to our booth at the Canton Fair is 5.2C34-37
The offline exhibition of the 133rd Canton Fair has fully resumed, and Sanbo Ceramics participated in this exhibition, with booth 5.2C34-37. Reunion after a long separation, we will welcome the Canton Fair with a brand new attitude, bringing you updated, more, and better products. Sanbo Ceramics welcomes customers from all over the world with first-class quality and service, using the Canton Fair as a platform, to make friends with the world and benefit the world, and to create a better future together. After three years of testing due to the epidemic, Sanbo Ceramics has accumulated strength in the difficult situation.
The company holds employee product training sessions
In order to build a high-level sales team, Sanbo Ceramics organized this internal training session, which covered multiple aspects and helped sales personnel solve problems encountered in the end market one by one.The main purpose is to guide business personnel to familiarize themselves with product attributes. Only by understanding the product and improving service quality can we better help terminals promote products and enhance market competitiveness.In order to quickly respond to the current market demand for product consumption, the company adheres to independent innovation and research and development of high-value products, and continues to enhance the core competitiveness of Sanbo's products.Only by continuously developing valuable and profitable products, launching new products, and iteratively upgrading can we drive terminal sales.
Customers personally visit the company
Before the customer visits, we need to confirm the time, itinerary, and other information with the customer, such as whether the customer needs to visit the factory. If so, we need to arrange corresponding personnel for reception; So the most important thing is to understand the main purpose of the customer's visit, so that we can make targeted preparations. We need to understand the relevant information of our customers in advance, whether it is their personality traits or hobbies, and which products are suitable for their country of origin. We need to establish an emotional foundation with our customers, make them agree with our company's products, and leave an impression on them. Only then can our business proceed smoothly in the future.
Panamanian customers inspect goods at the company
Packaging inspection shall be carried out in accordance with the specific agreement signed by both parties. The outer packaging should be firm, and the inner lining should be made of shockproof materials; Several parts of a product, such as a teapot and lid, should be separated with soft paper. The packaging box (basket) should have signs of "fragile" and "moisture-proof" on the outside. After unpacking, check for any damage or missing parts, and whether the product name, model, and specifications match the agreement. Fine porcelain also needs to be checked for completeness, such as whether the total number of sets (commonly known as how many heads) of fine porcelain tableware is correct.
Daily loading time
When loading containers, we will pay attention to carrying out on-site inventory with the customer's packing list, and verify that the product quantity, batch number, and accessories are consistent with the customer's packing list. Product packaging inspection meets customer requirements and can provide product maintenance during transportation. Also, check the information on the container bill of lading to ensure that the container number, product batch, and packing material are consistent, which is the planned shipment batch. The purpose of this is to ensure that the goods arrive safely in the hands of the customer.
Sanbo ceramics meets you at the canton fair
The canton fair is one of the largest planned, oldest and most influential comprehensive trade exhibitions in china. The canton fair is an important window for china to open up and an important way for foreign business, as well as an important way for enterprises to open up the world market. The holding of previous canton fair has received extensive attention from the global business and social circles. Due to the epidemic, it has finally opened this year, and the 133th canton fair has initially fully recovered from offline exhibitions.
Showroom keeps updating new products,welcome to visit!
The exhibition hall is a place to showcase the strength of enterprises, making their presentations more authentic, clear, and dignified, giving visitors a sense of trust. At this time, the impression of the enterprise will become more three-dimensional. The magnificent exhibition halls and high-tech exhibits will give a very shocking feeling, and the strength will be established at this moment. The exhibition hall is a reception place for product negotiation, and we can present it to customers in various ways such as physical objects, pictures, and so on. When visiting, customers can fully understand the company's products and corporate image, and deepen the impression of the brand in people's minds.

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