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Bathroom Products

Nordic style simple English printing washing four piece set ceramic sanitary ware set bathroom supplies set
Fine porcelain, clay firing, fine carcass, clean and smooth. The glaze is smooth and flat, not easy to stain. After use, just rinse with clean water. Press nozzle, humanized design, outlet downward, easy to use. Electroplating material, convenient and practical, will not rust in case of water, and is durable. Warm texture, high fever, a good helper for cleaning the bathroom, elegant and atmospheric. The ceramic mouthwash cup is shaped to fit the size of the palm, with moderate weight and comfortable grip. The bottom is not glazed, safe and anti-skid, and does not hurt the desktop. The sense of ceremony in ordinary life and the charm of modern luxury.
Creative bath four piece suit resin bathroom kit hotel home bathroom products wholesale
Resin bathroom suit, made of high-quality resin, is solid, light and delicate. Elaborate production technology, elaborate design, simple creativity, clear lines, simple and simple, enrich your life. The surface treatment is smooth and delicate, comfortable and natural. Nordic simple design, low-key style, easy to clean, resin material, beautiful decoration. Large capacity lotion bottle, pressed by pump head, not easy to fade and deform. Round mouth, carefully polished, comfortable grip, smooth and burr free, protecting lips. Thick texture, simple color, and warm as jade, this is a kind of thick practical feeling, which will give you a sense of life ceremony and bring you different washing time.
Nordic ceramic wash set bathroom four piece set mouthwash cup soap dish bathroom set wholesale
Creative Nordic ceramic bathroom four piece set, environmental protection ceramics, safe and non-toxic, high-temperature firing, durable, simple and watertight inner wall, elegant bottle body design, suitable for bathroom use or home placement. Slender pressure pump, scientific quantity control, easy liquid taking with one hand, no rust and deformation, showing elegant style. Elaborate production and high-temperature firing in multiple processes. The edges are carefully polished, smooth and delicate, and will not hurt the lips when used. It adopts Nordic style, gentle and advanced texture, and pursues a quiet and gentle feeling, which is very peaceful and comfortable. The overall aesthetic feeling is fresh and free from vulgarity.
European relief ceramic bathroom toiletries four piece set ceramic mouthwash cup toothbrush holder
Simple style, warm and thick, bid farewell to the monotonous, tasteless and dirty space, give you the beauty of fashion and high-quality life. Hand drawn, simple and generous patterns, describing the functions of each bathroom accessory, with clear patterns. Electroplating nozzle, electroplating process, has the characteristics of wear resistance, corrosion resistance and discoloration resistance. The plate bottom is polished smooth to effectively prevent furniture from being scratched. Ceramic glaze feels smooth, fashionable and beautiful, easy to take care of. The overall design is small and does not occupy too much space. You can place a washstand and shower stand. Unique and interesting shape, suitable for all kinds of home styles.
Simple branch and leaf bathroom set ceramic washing set household products bathroom accessories
Simple branch and leaf bathroom suit, electroplating pump head, smooth and pressure resistant liquid. Round mouth, steady and generous, deep and restrained tone. The mouthwash cup is smooth, plain and clean, handmade, rich and full in color, and the mouth of the pot is round and delicate. The dishes are made of high-quality kaolin with fine and smooth carcass. Dental bracket, wide mouth design, easy to use. The cup body has the same patterns as branches and leaves. The lines are casual but elegant. The ceramic surface feels beautiful, durable and easy to take care of. Simple design, beautiful cup, thick porcelain, clear pattern and delicate hand feel. From now on, bid farewell to the monotonous, tasteless and dirty bathroom and give you fashionable and aesthetic bathroom space.
Pure color leaf pattern ceramic toiletries Nordic style bathroom sanitary ware four piece set mouthwash cup set
The four piece set of pure color leaf pattern ceramics is made of natural high-quality porcelain ore and fired at high temperature. It is small and easy to clean. The pure color leaf pattern can decorate the bathroom. Electroplated lotion bottle pump head is elegant, corrosion-resistant and does not change color. Modeling, plain porcelain solid leaf texture, modern and simple style. You can put it in the bathroom and install hand sanitizer, shower gel, etc. Put it in the kitchen, you can put detergent and so on. Recyclable, energy-saving and environment-friendly, suitable for various scenarios. A better life starts with washing and gargling. From then on, we bid farewell to the monotonous, tasteless and dirty room and give you fashionable and aesthetic bathroom space.
Ceramic hand sanitizer bottle ceramic mouthwash cup soap dish four piece wash set
Simple and novel shape, different geometric bottle body and monotonous ordinary bathroom show more fashion and beauty. Smooth texture, strong appreciation, farewell to clutter, new marriage and new house, good gift. Press the pump head, simple but without losing the sense of design, atmospheric and geometric texture, the landscape of the washing table, and a better life experience. The soap dish is concave in the middle and high around to prevent the soap body from sliding out. Bath shampoo bottle, press design, more convenient to use. Gargle with smooth edges and no burrs. The water-based electroplating indenter is colorfast, rust proof, waterproof, moisture-proof and antioxidant. After long-time immersion, it is still as bright and clean as new. Small figure, big function, easy to solve the problem of bathroom cleaning.
Ceramic bathroom four piece set leaf texture Bathroom Set
Ceramic bathroom four piece set, toothbrush holder design, no seal, porous position, easy to use, not easy to breed bacteria. The electroplating process has the characteristics of wear resistance, corrosion resistance and discoloration resistance. The hand-made mouthwash cup is round and full, and the spout is round and delicate. Soap porcelain is fine, high-quality kaolin is fired, and the matrix is fine and smooth. The high-quality pressing head will not fade or blacken, and will only bring you a clean and comfortable bathroom experience. With smooth glaze and smooth lines, we pursue high-quality life and bid farewell to the clutter of bottles and cans. The elegant porcelain matches with the leaves of nature. The glaze feels bright and the color is bright and pleasant.
Simple electroplating washing and bathing ceramic suit bathroom group hotel bathroom supplies
Modern simple style, round design of cup body, more natural and comfortable feel. The bottle body is simple and generous, and the height is increased. It can hold more shower gel, shampoo, hand sanitizer, etc. The vertical design of the mouthwash cup saves space for your bathroom and adds a lot of elegance to make your bathroom clean and tidy. The elegant and generous design of soap box shows your fashion taste. The vertical design of the toilet, dense bristles and 360 degree cleaning make the bathroom more space-saving and more convenient to use. The modern Nordic style is both beautiful and comfortable in the bathroom space.
Nordic letter ceramic bathroom set bathroom toiletries wedding housewarming bathroom ornaments
Nordic style four piece bathroom set, toothbrush cartridge, lotion bottle, soap dish and mouthwash cup are available to meet various needs. Multi purpose, unique shape, high value and small volume. The indenter adopts plastic electroplating, which will not rust in case of water. Durable, user-friendly design, easy to use. The mouthwash looks like a palm, with moderate weight and good grip. Soap box, classic oval thickened shape, simple and practical, no smell, good anti-skid performance. Put it neatly and take it easily. Choose what you like and create a clean environment. Bathroom storage is a good partner, and your clean bathroom space is also a beautiful scenery.
Nordic bathroom ceramic vertical pattern bathroom set toiletries storage kit
The porcelain cup is smooth, smooth and practical. The overall line is smooth, the color is mild and delicate, the connection is natural, and the sense of hierarchy is strong. Ingenious production, suitable for various occasions, high-grade, clean and beautiful. Intimate design, press the pump head, uniform output, smooth and labor-saving use. Ceramic toothbrush holder, compartment design, used to store more things and keep your life in order. Wire grid, don't worry about soap bubbles in stagnant water. Choose a set of beautiful and high-quality bathroom products to accompany you every day. When you use them every morning, you will feel comfortable and comfortable and give you a good mood for the day. Vertical texture, luxurious and simple, beautiful and practical, and can be matched with various home styles.
Nordic simple ceramic hotel bathroom wash set
Simple Nordic ceramic little fat bathroom set, warm porcelain, delicate texture, bid farewell to messy, elegant and do not lose the atmosphere of senior sense. Good clay can be recycled. Thickened ceramic material, thick texture, bright interior design, easy to clean. Wide face press head, fadeless, rust-proof, waterproof, moisture-proof, oxidation-proof, wide design, easy for children to press. Cut off the outlet, reduce the embarrassment of hanging latex, keep the table dry and clean. Simple mouthwash cup, can be used as a toothbrush holder and mouthwash cup, more convenient. The bottom is not glazed to prevent slip. Creativity is versatile and suitable for various home styles. 

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