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ceramic dinnerware

You’re in the right place for ceramic dinnerware.By now you already know that, whatever you are looking for, you’re sure to find it on SANBO.we guarantee that it’s here on SANBO.
We aim to provide the highest quality ceramic dinnerware.for our long-term customers and we will actively cooperate with our customers to offer effective solutions and cost benefits.
Nordic Phnom Penh emerald green ceramic rice bowl
Nordic Phnom Penh emerald green ceramic rice bowl, the simple and plump bowl mouth is painted with Phnom Penh, shining with gold, light luxury, and texture. It has a beautiful and detailed outline, and the porcelain is warm and delicate. Selected high-quality porcelain clay, smooth glaze, high-temperature firing, health, and environmental protection, easy to clean. Soup bowls, salad bowls,s and rice bowls are suitable for serving rice, fruit, salad, and other dishes. The bottom is anti-skid, placed stably, and used safely. The dining table is decorated with northern European emerald, with its aura. The beauty of collision with porcelain gives the furniture a harmonious atmosphere. Use a set of excellent tableware to make the meal full of ceremony.
Creative Western-style double printing tableware
Creative Western-style double printing tableware.Western-style printed tableware set, Nordic style creative texture. Food makes people want to stop, and good tableware can be the icing on the cake. The small plate is suitable for cakes, desserts and home cooking, and the large plate is suitable for pasta steak or decoration plate. The salad bowl is beautiful in shape and has a wide range of uses. The whole set can be used together, with a variety of Chinese and Western dishes.Life needs a sense of ritual, a variety of styles of tableware are available, and a variety of utensils are available for worry-free matching. The high appearance is suitable for various decoration styles, so that life has diversity, combining practicality and artistry.
Gold rimmed pattern white porcelain dinnerware
Gold rimmed pattern white porcelain dinnerware.White porcelain gold-rimmed dinner sets, preferably kaolin, high-temperature firing porcelain is thick. Traditional circular design, printing process, glaze creative labyrinth texture, smooth surface and easy to clean, suitable for placing a variety of dishes, fruits, etc. The bottom is high, the heat insulation is good, and the smooth and smooth workmanship is excellent. The high-edge fruit plate is good for holding pasta and salads. Live life more romantic than poetry, and heal your mood with warmth.
9 Pieces of Creative Ceramic Bowls and Plates
Orange pony series tableware, a variety of utensils to meet the needs of the whole family. The plates are suitable for serving steaks and soup dishes. Different types of utensils can be used together to meet the daily needs of life. Using underglaze technology, it is free of heavy metals such as lead and cadmium, does not fade, does not react with food, is healthy and environmentally friendly, and can be used with confidence. High-temperature firing ceramics can be heated as you like, can be used for microwave ovens or ovens, heating is convenient and more practical, and you can enjoy food quickly. Nano-glazed surface, the surface has a silky feel, and it is very convenient to clean. It can be cleaned with one rinse and one wipe. The gospel of lazy people. The INS style is stylish and elegant, and the food is very beautiful when you match it, and it is full of happiness.
Solid color binaural multi capacity ceramic casserole
Solid color binaural multi capacity ceramic casserole.Binaural ceramic casserole, the spodumene material is rich in minerals, heat conduction is fast and heat resistant, retains the original flavor of the ingredients, and locks in the nutrition and deliciousness. Stewed, boiled, stewed, boiled, boiled, all proficient, different cooking methods, easy to get delicious in one pot. The visual glass cover can be seen every step of the way, and the ears are anti-scald design, which is convenient and labor-saving to handle. Increase the rim of the pot so that the large capacity is not easy to overflow the pot. The bottom of the pot is not glazed, which effectively prevents slippage. Two colors, you can choose as you like, from one person to family meals, one-pot can meet your needs.
Nordic white Phnom Penh ceramic seasoning  can set
Nordic white Phnom Penh ceramic seasoning can set, the glaze is bright and moist, feels good, beautiful, practical, easy to clean, low-key, and elegant, with a different Nordic charm. High-quality wood tray, exquisite technology, convenient storage, comfortable grasp, firm and durable. The plastic cover is transparent and bright, which can effectively prevent dust and moisture. High-temperature firing, high quality, and durable. The exquisite Phnom Penh embellishment is not monotonous. The edge of the cover is round, warm, and exquisite. It can store salt, monosodium glutamate, pepper, and other condiments so that the storage can also be very stylish. The art of life is everywhere.
Happy Planet Series Dinnerware Sets Tableware set wholesale
Happy Planet Series Dinnerware Sets.This product is an excellent choice for creating economic efficiency. High quality ceramics, focusing on ceramic production and wholesale sales.Sanbo ceramics focuses on the production of ceramics and the guarantee of quality and price,We have our own factory,The company has a history of more than ten years, integrating design, R & D,production and sales,Wholesale sales of high-quality ceramics,It has many years of mature production technology of daily-use ceramics. Its products mainly include white ceramics, colored glaze ceramics, medium temperature ceramics, high-temperature ceramics and low-temperature ceramics,Welcome to consult.
Household ceramic soup casserole stockpot with lid
Household ceramic soup casserole stockpot with lid, selected imported green, environment-friendly, and heat-resistant ceramic raw materials, Australian spodumene, no harmful substances, no radioactivity, environmental protection, safety and health, nonstick pot, easy to clean. It has strong stability and safety. Release nutrition in an all-around way, three-dimensional heating, stimulates food nutrition, and the soup is delicious. High color value, multi-grade, suitable for open fire, oven, etc. Heat resistant handle, easy to handle and end, strong grip, can carry heavy support. The air hole of the pot cover releases excess steam to maintain the pressure balance in the pot. Raise the cap to prevent scalding. One-pot can be used for many purposes to make delicious dishes.
Smoky gray diamond glass cold kettle cup
Smoky gray diamond glass cold kettle cup.Smoky gray diamond glass cold kettle cup set, high borosilicate glass, diamond design, transparent texture, real objects are more beautiful than photos. The jug body is resistant to high temperature and explosion-proof, and is suitable for heating in various ways. Upgraded lid design, double outlet design. The water comes out with a big mouth, and the small holes can filter the juice and tea leaves. Equipped with a tray, the water cups can be neatly stored and placed on the tabletop, which is neat and clean, comfortable and comfortable. Large-diameter and wide-mouth design, clean without dead ends, can be reached in and cleaned by hand, as clean as new. Multifunctional life purpose, home decoration accessories.
Ceramic Mug Lovely Pillow-shaped Dish Travel Coffee Mugs
Ceramic Mug Lovely Pillow-shaped Dish Travel Coffee Mugs.Pillow bag coffee cup dish set afternoon tea cup dessert breakfast oatmeal cup, a very ceremonial cup, lovely macaroni, gentle and pure, soft color, delicate touch. You can drink coffee, afternoon tea, milk, etc.. Classic and durable colors make drinks more prominent and romantic. The base is also ceramic. In order not to make the cup and dish too heavy, the design of hollow inside is adopted.A coffee cup dish inspired by the pillow is very interesting. The cup is small and exquisite. The dish adopts the lovely pillow shape, which has a sense of design. The porcelain is exquisite, and the glaze is beautiful. In the morning and afternoon, a cup of coffee is accompanied by it.
Vertical lines embossed Bohemian tableware
Vertical lines embossed Bohemian tableware.Vertical lines embossed Bohemian tableware, elegant pattern, simple fashion, underglaze color, carrying food more healthy. A leisurely mood, a comfortable life, inadvertently spreading~ The high-foot bowl bottom design, heat insulation and anti-scalding, and the vertical striped road shape gives people a bright feeling. The deliciousness of three meals a day is defined by you, easy to handle. The lattice pattern has clear layers, the three-dimensional beauty does not fade, and it will not react with food. It is healthy and environmentally friendly, and can be used with confidence. Pasta, sushi, pancakes, fruits, etc. can be in full bloom to meet your various needs.
Yellow Korean ceramic casserole
Yellow Korean ceramic casserole, the medium and high-end health pot is made of environmentally friendly spodumene material, alternating cold, and heat without breaking. It is made by secondary firing at high temperatures. The glaze is smooth, easy to clean, does not smell, and is natural and healthy. Heat storage and insulation, high efficiency, energy-saving, safety, and environmental protection. Anti scalding silicone cover, anti-skid, and anti-scalding, easy to take. Double ear handle, not hot to use, stable to hold. Anti overflow high pot edge and ventilated pot bottom. It has a variety of sizes to meet daily needs. It can be used as a soup pot, stew pot, porridge, etc. Fancy food, one-pot multi-purpose, convenient and fast, enjoy a variety of food and make life full of fun and ceremony.

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