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Coffee cup and saucer

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Vintage carved glass coffee cup and saucer
Vintage carved glass coffee cup and saucer.Vintage carved glass coffee cup and saucer, with unique shapes and various colors, and a strong sense of fashion. Whether drinking coffee or milk, it becomes more interesting. Faint amber color, like the feeling of autumn sunlight coming in, soaking a cup of cappuccino, it is really beautiful~ The handle glass is made of lead-free glass, the cup wall is thick, and the sun flower embossed pattern exudes retro elegance. Make drinking water become refined. The electroplating process is colorful under the light, high-value and practical, and it is not easy to fade after long-term use.
Pure White Ceramic Tableware Restaurant Large Rice Bowl
Pure white ceramic tableware restaurant large rice bowl, pure white bone china, lead-free and cadmium free, safe and healthy, the taste of home is as warm as ever. High temperature furnace continuous calcination, refining impurities, so that the porcelain is more compact, warm as jade, transparent without impurities, wear-resistant and durable. Busy life, limited meal time, time with family. These are things that we should slow down and enjoy. Pure white simple fashion, white tableware, suitable for microwave oven, oven, dishwasher. Fashionable tableware, fashionable life, make your home colorful, exquisite and unique, clear and elegant picture! It's not easy to think about one porridge and one meal. A happy life is now! Simple light luxury, fresh and elegant, delicious, beautiful mood! There is a kind of simplicity, that is to carry on the simplicity to the end!
Hand Drawn Ceramic Green Plant Patterns Tableware Set
Green plant patterns, bright colors, choose as you like. The use of underglaze color technology, health and peace of mind, high-temperature porcelain, thick and durable. It can be used in ovens, microwaves, dishwashers, etc., can be heated at high temperatures, unlocking all kinds of delicacy. The glaze is smooth, rinse gently with water after use, oil stains are easy to clean. A variety of utensils are used in combination. The shallow dish is suitable for steaks and other delicacies, and the soup dish is suitable for dishes with soup to meet the daily needs of life. Interesting and creative design, beautiful colors add color to food, let you enjoy cooking time.
Children Unicorn Tableware Children Hand Painted Unicorn Ceramic Tableware Gift
Cartoon Unicorn tableware set, bowl and Spoon Set, lovely bowl and children's gift, boy and girl's gift, hand-painted underglaze color process, three-dimensional relief cartoon image, witty and smart with a girlish feeling.The unicorn in the moonlight is the most dreamy scene in fairy tales. It is as mysterious as the moon that can't be captured. It is like a white horse with wings, and its horns are shining with bright stars. It is like a magic scepter, changing magic. Only pure and kind children can see it.Sweet pink, like the dream of the city of the sky, the wind blowing, unicorn step on the dream, a dream feast for you. Dream Unicorn circle you a pink fairy tale, for the table to bring good enjoyment, a variety of models to choose from, to meet your different needs. Relief texture is more visual and tactile, injecting the warmth of ingenuity.
White Phnom Penh simple ceramic tableware set
Light luxury Nordic styleWhite gold edge tableware set, metal stroke, simple Nordic, exquisite glaze.Brand new collocation, free choice. Deliver a kind of life experience and enhance the happiness of eating goods.Simple European style tableware, fashionable and characteristic, beautiful and comfortable, can make the food more delicious and attractive. People's appetite is greatly increased and life is like a poem.
Baobaolong Underglaze Color Dishware Set Cute Cartoon Lovely Plate
Smart cartoon design with fresh hand-painted, smooth glaze, delicate texture, easy to clean, good appearance and strength, dedicated to everyone who loves life.Hand painted underglaze color, bright and full color, lovely and fresh, add color to food, turn every ordinary day into a poem.The beauty of food utensils, beauty utensils with instant food more appetite.Using hand-painted and underglaze color technology, lead-free chromium and other heavy metals, not easy to fade, share environmental protection.
Yellow Honey Ceramic Cutlery Sets
Porcelain is warm and delicate, easy to clean, no matter how oily it is, it can be cleaned. Kameng elements, full of fun. Healthy colorful glaze craftsmanship creates a sense of fashionable color, and it collides with wonderful food, fresh and beautiful. If you want to live a somewhat interesting life, you need the blessing of beautiful things, and add a little kameng elements to the table, so that the food is tasteful enough. The unique shape design satisfies a variety of uses, feels comfortable, and is convenient to handle, so it can be used with confidence. The stroke design is matched with fresh cartoon patterns, the glaze is bright, fresh and refined, beautiful and not easy to fade. In consideration of anti-slip, the bottom edge is not glazed, which does not affect the appearance and use.
Cartoon Dish Set wanghong household rice bowl ceramic bowl cute cat baking plate dumpling plate tableware set
Warm porcelain and cute kitten, smart beauty and food is very match. Each one is lifelike, not only lovely, but also full of healing system. The Yellow stroke design is a simple collocation, so that the little tiger cat can accompany you in four seasons and three meals.Using hand-painted + underglaze color technology, lead-free chromium and other heavy metals, will not fade, health and environmental protection, ease of use.All kinds of machines can meet different food matching, suitable for all kinds of tableware needs of a family, and exquisite printing adds delicious taste buds.The product is made of high temperature, suitable for microwave oven, oven, dishwasher, disinfection cabinet and refrigerator.
Ceramic Mug Lovely Pillow-shaped Dish Travel Coffee Mugs
Ceramic Mug Lovely Pillow-shaped Dish Travel Coffee Mugs.Pillow bag coffee cup dish set afternoon tea cup dessert breakfast oatmeal cup, a very ceremonial cup, lovely macaroni, gentle and pure, soft color, delicate touch. You can drink coffee, afternoon tea, milk, etc.. Classic and durable colors make drinks more prominent and romantic. The base is also ceramic. In order not to make the cup and dish too heavy, the design of hollow inside is adopted.A coffee cup dish inspired by the pillow is very interesting. The cup is small and exquisite. The dish adopts the lovely pillow shape, which has a sense of design. The porcelain is exquisite, and the glaze is beautiful. In the morning and afternoon, a cup of coffee is accompanied by it.
Kitchen Seasoning Jar Set 10pcs
This kitchen seasoning suit series adopts a double-layer design. The combination of glass seasoning bottle and bamboo wood makes it pleasing to use, simple and clear. All kinds of small spices at home can be stored to add color to life. The spout of the oil bottle adopts a push-type, one-handed operation, and opens at the touch of a button, preventing leakage and no oil. Each seasoning jar comes with a spoon, which can be used separately without odor. The bottom layer is a drawer design, which saves space and is easy to take. The same space can be doubled to save the messy countertops in the kitchen, and it is easy to store.The seasoning tank combination has different specification sets, which can be selected according to your actual needs.
Bohemian tableware  set gift box
Bohemian tableware  set gift box.Smooth glaze, thick and beautiful, made of high-quality porcelain clay and fired at high temperature. Thickened material design, anti scalding and easy to hold. The bowl mouth is thick and round, the bottom is anti-skid, and is not glazed, which does not affect the use. Bohemian style tableware, with moist glaze and safe consumption, is packaged in a gift box, which is more suitable for gift giving.
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