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Stainless steel water pot

You’re in the right place for Stainless steel water pot.By now you already know that, whatever you are looking for, you’re sure to find it on SANBO.we guarantee that it’s here on SANBO.
We aim to provide the highest quality Stainless steel water pot.for our long-term customers and we will actively cooperate with our customers to offer effective solutions and cost benefits.
Stainless steel handheld cold water pot
Stainless steel handheld cold water pot.Stainless steel handheld cold water pot, it is made of stainless steel, with a single-layer wall, no peculiar smell and corrosion resistance. The outer layer of the kettle body is mirror-polished and the inner surface is frosted. The single edge of the lid fits the curvature of the spout, which is easy to clean, simple and hygienic. The inclined upward spout design makes it easy to pour water. The spout is raised at a small angle, and the center of gravity of the water is vertically downward, so that it is not easy to splash. The humanized handle design conforms to the principles of mechanics. The spout and the body are tightly welded to fit and leak-proof. The spout filter is designed to prevent the tea leaves from flowing out, allowing you to enjoy your leisure tea time.
Vertical lines embossed Bohemian tableware
Vertical lines embossed Bohemian tableware.Vertical lines embossed Bohemian tableware, elegant pattern, simple fashion, underglaze color, carrying food more healthy. A leisurely mood, a comfortable life, inadvertently spreading~ The high-foot bowl bottom design, heat insulation and anti-scalding, and the vertical striped road shape gives people a bright feeling. The deliciousness of three meals a day is defined by you, easy to handle. The lattice pattern has clear layers, the three-dimensional beauty does not fade, and it will not react with food. It is healthy and environmentally friendly, and can be used with confidence. Pasta, sushi, pancakes, fruits, etc. can be in full bloom to meet your various needs.
Gray diamond-shaped glass water set
Gray diamond-shaped glass water set.Gray diamond-shaped glass water set, one set meets daily needs. The large-capacity kettle body is not only suitable for daily household use, but also suitable for restaurants, hotels and other places. The original wooden ball cork, with a novel design, shows a sense of grade and design, and can prevent dust from falling into the bottle. Large spout design, 360-degree arc is just right, the water flow is smooth and natural, and the water breaks smoothly and retracts freely. One jug is multi-purpose, it can be used as a cool kettle, juice pot, decanter, or as a table decoration. It is simple and stylish. The high light transmission glass material enhances the mood of your life.
Irregular Gold Inlay Edge Glass Salad Bowl Fruit Bowl
Irregular Gold Inlay Edge Glass Salad Bowl Fruit Bowl, transparent glass texture, irregular ice melting edge, rock falling and undulating, uneven outer wall, comfortable hand feeling, not only beautiful but also anti-skid. Hammer anti-skid three-dimensional, hand-drawn Phnom Penh, luxurious atmosphere. The wavy bowl mouth is simple and magnificent. A multi-purpose bowl can hold fruits, desserts, snacks, salads, cold noodles, etc. Three colors are optional. Say goodbye to entanglement. Transparent, purple, and elegant gray is natural and fresh, low-key and calm. There is always a kind of beauty that pokes your heart. Light up the ritual sense in life, enjoy the afternoon tea and bring the double feelings of vision and taste.
Autumn Fairy Tale Series Ceramic Tableware Fruit Salad Bowl
Autumn Fairy Tale series ceramic tableware, in ordinary life to find their own small really lucky, underglaze color technology, a variety of arbitrary collocation.The feast for the eyes is the musical notes jumping on the table, which makes a simple meal and even a cup of porridge have melody to follow.It can be used as a baking plate, making baked rice, dessert bowl, etc. it can be directly put into the oven for heating. It has two ear handle design, and can be held well.It is made of high quality clay and underglaze color. It is durable and suitable for microwave oven.
Creative Cartoon Dumpling Ceramic Dinner Plate With Dipping Dish
Creative cartoon dumpling plate, comes with sauce plate, easy to use. Cute, cute, childlike element patterns of pink pigs, dinosaurs, cows, bees, and lions, fresh and colorful, cute and full of vitality. Selected porcelain clay is fired at high temperature, the surface is smooth and delicate, safe and healthy to eat, beautiful and practical. The dumpling plate comes with a dipping sauce dish, put your favorite food, pour your favorite sauce, and enjoy this beautiful moment of your own. Five styles are available to choose from, fresh and childlike, adding vitality to life.Creative compartment design, integrated design of flavor plate and dinner plate, you can dip in condiments at any time, easy to use.
Lovely Cartoon Ceramic Tableware Set Ceramic Wholesale
Creative and lovely cartoon ceramic tableware, rice bowl, hand-painted underglaze color, star moon girl Japanese cartoon, a variety of tools available. Lazy afternoon time, starry moon girl, surrounded by small stars embellishment, to childlike you bring fun. Hand painted underglaze color pays equal attention to appearance and safety. Have you got its beauty? Hand painted with ingenuity and underglaze color technology, it can isolate food and coating layer. It does not contain harmful substances. The color is bright and lasts for a long time. The baby can rest assured to use it.A complete set of tableware can be put into the oven, microwave oven, etc. No need to find a special tool for microwave oven. It's a cost-effective choice. There are also fairy tale moments in ordinary life. There are many kinds of utensils to choose from. Daily meals, dishes or baking are all available.
Glass Flower Teapot and Tea Cup Set
A high-value water set, crystal clear, giving life a light texture, classic Nordic style, low-key but not out of style, making drinking water a pleasure. High borosilicate heat-resistant glass can be used for heating in electric ceramic furnaces, it is not afraid of cold and heat, safe and firm, and it is not explosive when it is added to boiling water. The glass material is transparent and bright, and the edges are polished smoothly, which can better protect the lips and drink water freely. Cup pot with round handle, high-temperature applique technology, health and environmental protection and safer. The food-grade stainless steel pot cover is equipped with a sealing ring, which is sealed and leak-proof, safe and non-toxic. Heat-resistant and scald-resistant tray, ready to use. One set is complete, no need to match it yourself. Simple and elegant, you can fall in love with the arrangement of various drinks at first sight, adding an elegant and natural feeling to the space.
Solid color binaural multi capacity ceramic casserole
Solid color binaural multi capacity ceramic casserole.Binaural ceramic casserole, the spodumene material is rich in minerals, heat conduction is fast and heat resistant, retains the original flavor of the ingredients, and locks in the nutrition and deliciousness. Stewed, boiled, stewed, boiled, boiled, all proficient, different cooking methods, easy to get delicious in one pot. The visual glass cover can be seen every step of the way, and the ears are anti-scald design, which is convenient and labor-saving to handle. Increase the rim of the pot so that the large capacity is not easy to overflow the pot. The bottom of the pot is not glazed, which effectively prevents slippage. Two colors, you can choose as you like, from one person to family meals, one-pot can meet your needs.
Pink smile pig ceramic tableware set
Pink smile pig ceramic tableware set. has advanced production technology and mechanical equipment. Sanbo ceramics focuses on the production of ceramics and the guarantee of quality and price,We have our own factory,The company has a history of more than ten years, integrating design, R & D,production and sales,Wholesale sales of high-quality ceramics,It has many years of mature production technology of daily-use ceramics. Its products mainly include white ceramics, colored glaze ceramics, medium temperature ceramics, high-temperature ceramics and low-temperature ceramics,Welcome to consult.
Phnom penh ceramic bowl set
The new phnom penh ceramic bowl tableware series, the northern European ceramic bowl tableware series is elegant, fresh and artistic. It is exciting at a glance. The naturally flowing hand-painted golden edge is light, luxurious and textured, and is full of delicious food in four seasons. It is made of high-quality reinforced porcelain and fired at high temperature. The glaze is smooth and easy to clean. There are all kinds of noodle bowls, soup bowls, salad bowls, etc. for Western food, it has a different taste. Through the display of artifacts, integrate art into people's daily life and feel the beauty and tranquility of life.
Tableware Wholesale Supplier Serving Dishes
Hand painted underglaze color extreme spring pattern tableware plate, elegant atmosphere of spring series tableware, feel warm and delicate. A variety of types can be selected, with lively and moving patterns, unique texture, used to hold fruits, snacks are very tonal.Hand painted underglaze color technology is delicate, warm, not easy to wear, decolorization, easy to clean.Flowers in full bloom, elegant quiet blue, unique charm. Single ear handle design, easy to handle, prevent hot hands, unique and pleasing shape, how to swing are good-looking. The lace bowl is unique in shape, practical and beautiful. It can be used to hold salads, fruits and baking bowls. A variety of free choice, decorate the dining table, add color to the plain life.

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