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Ceramic mug

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Creative ceramic mug with mirror lid set
Creative ceramic mug with mirror lid set.The mirror ceramic mug with lid is made of healthy ceramic material, fired at high temperature, and the glaze is smooth and easy to clean. This mirror-surfaced ceramic cup with a novel shape and smooth glaze is simple and fashionable. It can be used in offices, homes and other places. The cup handle is durable and not easy to fall off, and it is comfortable to hold. Available in many colors, elegant and beautiful, it is good for drinking water and coffee. With creative design, the lid of the cup can not only be used for dust prevention, but also can be used as a mirror.
Customized drinking utensils manufacturers from China
A cup is a special vessel for holding water. Since ancient times, its main function is to drink wine or tea, generally small volume. Or in ancient times, the cup for drinking tea was called the covered bowl. Most of the basic types are straight or open, and the diameter along the opening is almost equal to the height of the cup. There are flat bottoms, ring feet or high feet. Archaeological data show that the earliest cup was found in the Neolithic age. Whether in Yangshao culture, Longshan culture or Hemudu culture sites, there are ceramic cups. In this period, the types of cups are the most peculiar and diverse: the cup with ears has one or two ears, the cup with feet is cone-shaped, three legged, Gu shaped, high handle and so on. According to the different materials, they can be divided into glass cup, plastic cup, ceramic cup, wooden cup and so on.Shenzhen Xiangbo Industrial Co., Ltd. is located in Chaozhou, Guangdong Province, one of the famous ceramic production cities in China. Xiangbo company integrates design, R & D, production and sales, with a history of more than ten years. The main production of daily ceramics, including high temperature ceramics, medium temperature color glaze ceramics. Xiangbo company has mature product design and development capabilities, providing OEM, ODM services, products exported to countries around the world.
Our Team
Xiangbo company has a dynamic and passionate sales team, each salesperson has professional product knowledge and good personality charm. and strives to make every customer can cooperate with us happily and trust us.In this special year 2020,because of the corona virus,we have to do business online.our sales have to learn how to use the phone and the microphone,have to learn how to use the app to contact with customer.Good products are widely used in dishwasher safe, microwave safe and oven safe. At the same time, we will also provide customized services, you can send us your design, our experienced staff will discuss your requirements, to ensure full satisfaction to meet the needs of customers.
Creative Western-style double printing tableware
Creative Western-style double printing tableware.Western-style printed tableware set, Nordic style creative texture. Food makes people want to stop, and good tableware can be the icing on the cake. The small plate is suitable for cakes, desserts and home cooking, and the large plate is suitable for pasta steak or decoration plate. The salad bowl is beautiful in shape and has a wide range of uses. The whole set can be used together, with a variety of Chinese and Western dishes.Life needs a sense of ritual, a variety of styles of tableware are available, and a variety of utensils are available for worry-free matching. The high appearance is suitable for various decoration styles, so that life has diversity, combining practicality and artistry.
Hand made tableware with painted fish plate and barbecue ceramic plate
Food in love with beauty,Net red food can be easily done at home,Bottom antiskid,The uncolored glaze at the bottom of the product shall be polished and smoothed manuallyNo injury to the desktop, no hand injury and anti slip effect.
Pure White Big Soup Bowl With Cover Soup Pot
Suitable for all kinds of home style, let your table fashion style, treat life enthusiasm, I have never only increased.Life needs simplicity, which makes people relaxed, lively and free; Simple tableware, simple life, so that you can enjoy food at the same time, you can also enjoy the tableware to bring you a visual feast.Large capacity design can enjoy delicious soup with family. The reverse design has the function of anti scalding and heat insulation, and the reverse design of pot mouth has the advantages of effective heat insulation and comfortable end grip.
Simple round glass cold kettle cup set
Simple round glass cold kettle cup set.Simple round glass cold kettle cup set, thin and translucent, with a rounded body, matched with the same type of glass, the appearance is high and more practical. The thickened bottom design enhances the hardness, wear resistance and impact resistance. The neck is retracted and lengthened, the arc is round and smooth, which fits the curve of the hand, and is comfortable to hold with one hand. The design of the dust-proof log ball bottle stopper is novel and unique, which is more high-grade, suitable for beauty and can prevent dust from falling into the bottle. With a small body and large capacity, it does not take up space. It can be used to hold juice, milk, coffee, tea, etc., to meet daily drinking water needs.
Creative glass salad bowl cherry blossom bowl
Creative glass salad bowl cherry blossom bowl,the material that uses crystal glass is qualitative, do not contain lead cadmium, healthy environmental protection, pervious to light performance is good, take light and shadow to reflect, take fairy gas below light and shadow, add elegant interest amorous feelings to desk corner, desk. Elegant vertical stripes are arranged in an orderly manner around the end, anti-slip, smooth and comfortable inner wall, easy to clean. Thickened bowl wall, texture stereoscopic. The glass edges are lined with golden strokes, shining in the shadow. Round and lovely petals, elegant and generous, vivid and intelligent, sending out charming elegant temperament, beautiful. The ordinary diet is extraordinary because of the delicate utensils.
Snack Bowl With Wooden Tray Christmas Tree
Ceramic bamboo snack tray with Christmas tree .The collocation of porcelain and bamboo, unique shape, let you add a bit of warmth after dinner~~ Lovely Christmas tree shaped plate, 3 ceramic plates and a wooden tray combination can be separated independently, can hold different types of desserts, fruits, snacks and so on, but also very photogenic.The three white porcelain fruit plates are detachable and each detail is carefully designed.Delicate and mellow ,delicate round shape, smooth lines, fresh and natural, you can like it at first sight.Bamboo Christmas tree tray snack plate snack fruit bowl plate breakfast salad plate, let your life is not monotonous.
Watermelon theme Dinnerware Sets Fruit plate
Watermelon theme Dinnerware Sets Fruit plate. features delicate colors, such as . Sanbo ceramics focuses on the production of ceramics and the guarantee of quality and price,We have our own factory,The company has a history of more than ten years, integrating design, R & D,production and sales,Wholesale sales of high-quality ceramics,It has many years of mature production technology of daily-use ceramics. Its products mainly include white ceramics, colored glaze ceramics, medium temperature ceramics, high-temperature ceramics and low-temperature ceramics,Welcome to consult.
Cartoon Binaural Instant Noodle Bowl With Ceramic Lid
The cartoon binaural instant noodle bowl has a creative and cute shape, stylish and unique, with a lid design, which is convenient for dustproof, and the intimate binaural handle makes the hot soup not afraid of being hot, and it is convenient to handle. Large-capacity design, every bite is a big satisfaction, can be used for instant noodles, salads, dishes, etc. It can be heated in the oven or microwave, and it is not afraid to gather cold and heat. The lid can be used as a heat preservation lid to avoid the loss of umami taste, and can also be used as a small dish to enjoy a good meal.
Dishware Set With Frosted Surface and Underglaze Color
Japanese style and wind tableware, food can enjoy delicious. Japanese simple style, add color to life, keep every sweet time. Frosted glaze use simple patterns to increase the humanistic atmosphere, not monotonous. Food and color are all available. Many kinds of utensils meet the needs of life. There are also colorful moments in plain life. You can choose from many kinds of utensils, such as daily eating, dish setting or baking.Dishware set with frosted surface and underglaze color, high temperature firing, suitable for microwave oven, oven, disinfection cabinet, dishwasher. The food and temperature of three meals a day are defined by you.

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