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ceramic tableware sets

You’re in the right place for ceramic tableware sets.By now you already know that, whatever you are looking for, you’re sure to find it on SANBO.we guarantee that it’s here on SANBO.
We aim to provide the highest quality ceramic tableware sets.for our long-term customers and we will actively cooperate with our customers to offer effective solutions and cost benefits.
Gold trim white ceramic dining plates
Gold trim white ceramic dining plates.Bone china and gold-painted ceramic home dining plate series, gold trim white plateshigh-temp, erature porcelain, the glaze does not fade. The splendid golden rim embellishment reveals a light and luxurious style, adding an elegant artistic color. Warm and moist glaze, smooth hand feeling, not easy to be stained with oil, easy to clean. The bottom ring is not glazed, with anti-slip function, stable placement. Square plates, round plates, rectangular plates, small plates and other types of utensils can be arbitrarily matched with a variety of dishes, easy to control and can be used in many different scenes. Exquisite and chic, simple and light luxury, fresh and elegant, delicious food, beautiful mood.
China Wholesale of ceramic tableware sets manufacturers
China Wholesale of ceramic tableware sets manufacturers.It has multiple production lines and a professional workshop management system. All this effectively improves the production efficiency and provides a strong guarantee for the high quality of .The kiln becomes glazed, the glaze is rich and soft, and has a three-dimensional effect, restoring the retro era. Feel the art of life and bring home the beauty of nature. The porcelain is delicate and comfortable, and the edge of the dish is round and does not hurt your hands. The bottom ring is not glazed, which can effectively play the role of anti-slip. Good utensils always have special abilities. While enjoying food, they also relax and experience high-quality life.The color changes in each place are slightly different, full of artistic beauty, making every home-cooked dish special.
Wholesale Pure White Ceramic Circular Grid Plate
Round ceramic fruit platter candy box with holder, creative dry fruit platter in living room, multi grid fruit platter, natural and simple, unique modern style design, focusing on creating high-quality ceramics. Unique shape, creative ceramic fruit tray, multi grid design, can place all kinds of dried fruit, snacks, candy, etc.. Bamboo tray is more convenient to use. Lead free mercury, health and environmental protection. We can guarantee your health and safety. White ceramics are simple and elegant, fired by underglaze color technology, with bright color and durable. Split design, more convenient to use, selected high-quality porcelain clay after high temperature firing, lead-free, cadmium free, no oil seal, porcelain fine, bright shape, soft whiteness, strong light transmittance, smooth surface, easy to clean.
Pure White Ceramic Tableware Restaurant Large Rice Bowl
Pure white ceramic tableware restaurant large rice bowl, pure white bone china, lead-free and cadmium free, safe and healthy, the taste of home is as warm as ever. High temperature furnace continuous calcination, refining impurities, so that the porcelain is more compact, warm as jade, transparent without impurities, wear-resistant and durable. Busy life, limited meal time, time with family. These are things that we should slow down and enjoy. Pure white simple fashion, white tableware, suitable for microwave oven, oven, dishwasher. Fashionable tableware, fashionable life, make your home colorful, exquisite and unique, clear and elegant picture! It's not easy to think about one porridge and one meal. A happy life is now! Simple light luxury, fresh and elegant, delicious, beautiful mood! There is a kind of simplicity, that is to carry on the simplicity to the end!
Large Capacity Cold Kettle Teacup Household Set
The glass water set is made of high borosilicate material, which can withstand high temperatures and low temperatures, will not burst, is healthy and environmentally friendly, and is practical, safe and secure. The designer carefully matched the combination and that is beautiful and generous to placed them in home. The cup body is crystal clear and pleasing to the eye. The emerald curved handle is comfortable to hold and not easy to scald. The edge curvature of the glass kettle is natural and smooth, elegant and light, delicate and transparent, beautiful and durable. Enjoying the casual afternoon tea time!
Cute Animal Cartoon Ceramic Dinner Plates Tableware
Cute cartoon dinner plates, small fresh ones on the table, and magical tableware. The glaze is round and smooth, and the underglaze is healthy. It adds a lovely touch to the dining table. It is suitable for gifts and personal use. High-temperature forged ceramics, matched with selected enamels, are resistant to high temperatures and easy to clean, and can be used for direct heating in microwaves, ovens, etc. The thickened chassis design is not easy to burn your hands; it has a delicate hand feel and is easy to hold. Care for your hands can also protect the desktop from being burnt. Can be stacked for storage, easy to use and save space in the kitchen. With its company for three meals a day, meals are more delicious.
Vintage carved glass coffee cup and saucer
Vintage carved glass coffee cup and saucer.Vintage carved glass coffee cup and saucer, with unique shapes and various colors, and a strong sense of fashion. Whether drinking coffee or milk, it becomes more interesting. Faint amber color, like the feeling of autumn sunlight coming in, soaking a cup of cappuccino, it is really beautiful~ The handle glass is made of lead-free glass, the cup wall is thick, and the sun flower embossed pattern exudes retro elegance. Make drinking water become refined. The electroplating process is colorful under the light, high-value and practical, and it is not easy to fade after long-term use.
Household embossed ceramic square plate
Household embossed ceramic square plate.The white porcelain clay is fired at high temperature, the material is tight and hard, and it is not easy to break. Safe material, pure white and bright glaze, pure and pure color highlights the beauty of dishes. Simple and versatile, widely used, a tableware that restaurants and hotels will choose. Baked rice, cheese rice, pasta, all kinds of afternoon tea delicacies can be used. It has a wide range of uses and meets a variety of cooking requirements. Beautiful utensils can be matched with a variety of delicacies, and dining creates an atmosphere. Tableware is not only the carrier of delicious food, but also the decoration of home life, which can sublimate dining to another level of crafts. Simple yet luxurious, exquisite beauty enhances the quality of dining.
Personalized Wooden Plate Creative Ceramic Western Plate  Steak Plate
Matte frosted glaze, I know that only food wins people's hearts, but I still want to set off its light. Warm glaze, 1280 degrees high temperature firing, fine porcelain, feel warm, smooth glaze more grade. Adhering to the people-oriented concept, the bottom of porcelain has been finely polished to effectively prevent slipping and scratching.
Japanese Phnom Penh hammer glass bowl salad bowl
Japanese Phnom Penh hammer glass bowl salad bowl,Japanese style glass bowl, crystal clear and clearly visible, made of lead-free crystal glass. Hammer texture, simple and elegant, textured and exquisite. It is clear and bright, and the ingredients are more delicious. Smooth edges, electroplating and bronzing, round bowl mouth, smooth lines. It can be used in coffee shops, wineries, restaurants, home life and other scenes. A good food utensil is you who know life, holding a trace of warmth, and finally leaving your tenderness with utensils.
White Phnom Penh simple ceramic tableware set
Light luxury Nordic styleWhite gold edge tableware set, metal stroke, simple Nordic, exquisite glaze.Brand new collocation, free choice. Deliver a kind of life experience and enhance the happiness of eating goods.Simple European style tableware, fashionable and characteristic, beautiful and comfortable, can make the food more delicious and attractive. People's appetite is greatly increased and life is like a poem.
Ceramic Mug Lovely Pillow-shaped Dish Travel Coffee Mugs
Ceramic Mug Lovely Pillow-shaped Dish Travel Coffee Mugs.Pillow bag coffee cup dish set afternoon tea cup dessert breakfast oatmeal cup, a very ceremonial cup, lovely macaroni, gentle and pure, soft color, delicate touch. You can drink coffee, afternoon tea, milk, etc.. Classic and durable colors make drinks more prominent and romantic. The base is also ceramic. In order not to make the cup and dish too heavy, the design of hollow inside is adopted.A coffee cup dish inspired by the pillow is very interesting. The cup is small and exquisite. The dish adopts the lovely pillow shape, which has a sense of design. The porcelain is exquisite, and the glaze is beautiful. In the morning and afternoon, a cup of coffee is accompanied by it.

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