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household glass tea cup and teapot

You’re in the right place for household glass tea cup and teapot.By now you already know that, whatever you are looking for, you’re sure to find it on SANBO.we guarantee that it’s here on SANBO.
We aim to provide the highest quality household glass tea cup and teapot.for our long-term customers and we will actively cooperate with our customers to offer effective solutions and cost benefits.
Household anti-crack glass jug teacup sets
Household anti-crack glass jug teacup sets.The high-value cold water jug has a new and transparent texture and an elegant amber color. Under the penetration of light, it presents an intoxicating gradual beauty. The tea set placed in the corner is an art exhibit. It is made of high borosilicate glass, which can withstand instantaneous temperature differences, is resistant to cold and heat, and is safe and practical. V-shaped water outlet, 90 degree pouring water will not fall, the water is smooth, not easy to drip, simple and hygienic. The mouth of the jug is wide-mouth design, and the water pouring speed is fast. The mouth of the jug is smooth and does not hurt your hands, and it is easy to clean. The handle is wide and comfortable to hold, and it is easy to pour water to prevent burns. A pot of four cups with a wrought iron tray, charming appearance. Dress up the modern home life to satisfy the family's daily drinking water.
Western Food Plate With Wooden Handle Baking Plate Flat Plate
Creative ceramic plate with wooden handle, large size Western food plate, dish plate, baking plate, flat plate, meat plate, dish plate, breakfast plate, simple Nordic round ceramic plate, multi-color, versatile color, high temperature ceramic, healthy and environmental protection, easy to clean.Creative ceramic plate with wooden handle, large size Western food plate, dish plate, baking plate, flat plate, meat plate, dish plate, breakfast plate, simple Nordic round ceramic plate, multi-color, versatile color, high temperature ceramic, healthy and environmental protection, easy to clean. High quality ceramic firing, the temperature of three meals a day is defined by you, delicious without waiting. Smooth and easy to clean, smooth glaze, delicate touch, silky hand feel, cleaning more convenient, clean water a wash a wipe, oil to no trace. Bright texture glaze, feel better, anti slip design. It fits the curve of fingers and is comfortable to hold. Stack storage, clean and tidy kitchen. Anti slip design at the bottom makes it easier to handle. Let the small things in life also add beauty. Good products make a better life easier.
Blue and white gradient tableware set
Blue and white gradient tableware set.The fresh and natural hand-painted gradients, like the texture and beauty permeated with hazy mist and rain, and the lines spread out like mist, giving people a yearning and ethereal feeling. Irregular patterns highlight the natural and spiritual atmosphere and set off the beauty of food. Exquisite hand-stroke, natural and simple color matching makes the utensils exquisite and beautiful. The bottom is not glazed and has been carefully polished to effectively prevent slippage.
Yellow Honey Ceramic Cutlery Sets
Porcelain is warm and delicate, easy to clean, no matter how oily it is, it can be cleaned. Kameng elements, full of fun. Healthy colorful glaze craftsmanship creates a sense of fashionable color, and it collides with wonderful food, fresh and beautiful. If you want to live a somewhat interesting life, you need the blessing of beautiful things, and add a little kameng elements to the table, so that the food is tasteful enough. The unique shape design satisfies a variety of uses, feels comfortable, and is convenient to handle, so it can be used with confidence. The stroke design is matched with fresh cartoon patterns, the glaze is bright, fresh and refined, beautiful and not easy to fade. In consideration of anti-slip, the bottom edge is not glazed, which does not affect the appearance and use.
Cartoon cute parent-child tableware set for a family of four
Parent-child tableware and tableware, colorful and full, cute and fresh to add color to the food, turning every ordinary day into a poem. Using the underglaze color process, the pattern is kept on the bowl for a long time and is not easy to be scratched and faded. The porcelain is exquisite, fired at high temperature, and the pattern is clearer and more vivid. Nano self-joining glaze is healthy and environmentally friendly, durable, easy to clean, and adds a joy to life. The bottom of the bowl is not glazed, and the non-slip design is better, so children can eat well by themselves. The ceramic bowls and chopsticks that mark the identity make the meal more ritual.
Household Kitchen Ceramic Double-Layer Seasoning Box Set
Matte glazed ceramics and wrought iron racks instantly enhance the style of the kitchen. This seasoning set includes 3 seasoning pots, 3 ceramic seasoning pots, 4 oil bottles or soy sauce bottles. It can be used to hold various seasonings: salt, pepper, sugar, spices, corn starch, etc., store and organize All the spices and condiments you like, make your kitchen counter clean and space-saving. It adopts a double-layer design, with oil bottles and seasoning jars on the upper layer, and a drawer-type storage box on the lower layer. It has a variety of styles and is a good helper for kitchen storage. The wooden board on the iron frame is equipped with grooves and fixed grids, so you don't worry about bottles and cans dumping when you take them, which is practical and considerate. With it, kitchen life is no longer boring.
Nordic Tableware With Wooden Handle Ceramic Plate Steak Plate Western Food Plate Pasta Plate
Nordic tableware with wooden ceramic plate, steak plate, Western food plate, pasta plate, beautiful utensils on the table, is the style of taste, food with beautiful utensils, life is full of fun. Simple and pure, pure and elegant. Wooden handle, solid wood handle, feel comfortable, heat insulation durable, stacked without chuck. You can choose four colors to create your own color. Pure glaze color, pure color atmosphere, no loss of grade. High quality ceramics, simple shape, the whole round and smooth, solid wood hole, hanging hole intimate, convenient storage. Shallow mouth design, suitable for small food, dessert.
Kitchen Seasoning Jar Set 10pcs
This kitchen seasoning suit series adopts a double-layer design. The combination of glass seasoning bottle and bamboo wood makes it pleasing to use, simple and clear. All kinds of small spices at home can be stored to add color to life. The spout of the oil bottle adopts a push-type, one-handed operation, and opens at the touch of a button, preventing leakage and no oil. Each seasoning jar comes with a spoon, which can be used separately without odor. The bottom layer is a drawer design, which saves space and is easy to take. The same space can be doubled to save the messy countertops in the kitchen, and it is easy to store.The seasoning tank combination has different specification sets, which can be selected according to your actual needs.
Ceramic double-layer fruit plate cake stand
Ceramic double-layer fruit plate cake stand,white lid dessert, Nordic style, simple and beautiful. The transparent cover is bright, round and smooth, firm and durable. Cylindrical handle, with stability, comfortable grasp and convenient use. The double-layer division can put fruits, dried fruits, cakes, snacks, etc. for classification to prevent confusion. Transparent and natural, full of texture, transparent and fresh, elegant atmosphere, showing a delicate beauty in the sun and meeting a leisurely afternoon tea.
Six edges diamond glass jug cup set
Six edges diamond glass jug cup set.Six edges diamond glass jug cup set, creative diamond shape, geometric facets are sharply angular, breaking the traditional shape design, highlighting the design aesthetics and creating a sense of space beauty. The amber transparent crystal glass kettle is matched with four cups of the same style, suitable for multiple people to drink, and a good helper for family hospitality and company gatherings. Simple and stylish, it is also a display of art. The rounded edge of the bottle mouth makes the water flow smoothly and smoothly. The novel wooden ball bottle stopper design can effectively prevent dust from falling. The tray is equipped with a handle design, which is convenient to handle and tidy in storage.
Flower pattern restaurant ceramic baking dish
Hand painted underglaze colorElegant tableware, beautiful natural hand-painted, plus beautiful shape.Make the package artistic and let you experience the art life on the tableware.This Huafan series tableware adopts hand-painted underglaze color technology, which is not easy to wear and fade. It is safe, healthy and environmentally friendly. The overall gorgeous porcelain body of tableware with flower pattern is a beautiful collection of all seasons.
Cartoon fish pattern ceramic casserole soup pot
Cartoon fish pattern ceramic casserole soup pot.Cartoon pattern ceramic casserole, a ceramic soup pot that combines beauty and quality. The pink-blue bunny shape is cute and cute, which makes cooking fun, and also brings a pleasant dining mood, stimulates the taste buds, and brings the good together. The material is carefully selected, does not contain harmful substances, the porcelain is firm and thick, and the hand feels delicate and comfortable. The double-eared casserole with lid is more practical for dustproof and heat preservation, and has a moderate capacity. Multi-purpose in one pot, it is suitable for daily soup, porridge, instant noodles, stewed rice, etc. The bottom of the shaped pot is evenly heated, and the bottom is not glazed, making it more stable.

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