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You’re in the right place for wholesale dinnerware sets.By now you already know that, whatever you are looking for, you’re sure to find it on SANBO.we guarantee that it’s here on SANBO.
We aim to provide the highest quality wholesale dinnerware sets.for our long-term customers and we will actively cooperate with our customers to offer effective solutions and cost benefits.
Best High Quality Ceramic Western Plate Bowl Tableware Factory Price -
Best High Quality Ceramic Western Plate Bowl Tableware Factory Price -Elegant and simple European style, gorgeous but not ostentatious. Ceramic tableware fired at high temperature, the flower table is integrated into the porcelain body, and the color will not fade. Smooth and transparent lead-free cadmium glaze, no oil stains, easy to clean. The bottom of the bowl is raised, the grip feels comfortable and puts you hot, and the easy-to-handle makes it more beautiful. High-quality bone china is more transparent under strong light, without any impurities; crafted by hand, full and uniform color, wear-resistant and scratch-resistant. Soup bowls, noodle bowls, deep dishes, fish dishes, shallow dishes and other series of tableware, a complete set to meet the needs of the table. Delicious and practical, the tableware not only warms a stomach, but also warms the whole home.
Tableware Wholesale Supplier Creative Cartoon Fish Plate Ceramic Bowl Set
Cartoon children's interesting fish ceramic tableware, delicious dishes express people's mind, choose a good tableware can wake up appetite, this cute interesting fish series tableware is very amazing at a glance, eye-catching color uniform bright and clean, very good-looking, irregular bowl edge more atmosphere, a pat can be full of appetite, a variety of types to choose from, can meet different preferences and needs Oh. Cute cartoon fish shape, adults and children like, using underglaze color technology, does not contain harmful substances, appetite up more at ease.
Double ears pumpkin ceramic soup pot baking bowl
Double ears pumpkin ceramic soup pot baking bowl, creative pumpkin ceramic baking bowl, using underglaze material, can touch the food. Double ear hollow out design, comfortable and convenient, comfortable and delicate feel. Creative pumpkin pot is both a lovely decoration and a practical handle for ease of use. Spice up your life by using one thing at a time. Great for baking snacks, desserts, serving on a plate, afternoon tea, and breakfast. Creative pumpkin shape, MOE table, bring taste and visual double enjoyment.
Saucer pure white ceramic saucer saucer
Creative saucer, pure white ceramic saucer, sauce saucer, hot pot Hotel, vinegar saucer, irregular snack, soy sauce saucer, snack saucer, white porcelain, simple but not simple, eternal theme, clean and transparent, beautiful porcelain and delicious food. All of a sudden, the color and fragrance are complete. Let you appetite, simple design, for your life to add a warm and color. Beautiful objects will become meaningful through sharing. Share them with an art like device.Mellow and pure white, simple and elegant. Many fashionable designs, white porcelain, clean and thorough, decorate the dining table, simple appearance shows extraordinary posture.
Nordic Tableware With Wooden Handle Ceramic Plate Steak Plate Western Food Plate Pasta Plate
Nordic tableware with wooden ceramic plate, steak plate, Western food plate, pasta plate, beautiful utensils on the table, is the style of taste, food with beautiful utensils, life is full of fun. Simple and pure, pure and elegant. Wooden handle, solid wood handle, feel comfortable, heat insulation durable, stacked without chuck. You can choose four colors to create your own color. Pure glaze color, pure color atmosphere, no loss of grade. High quality ceramics, simple shape, the whole round and smooth, solid wood hole, hanging hole intimate, convenient storage. Shallow mouth design, suitable for small food, dessert.
9 Pieces of Creative Ceramic Bowls and Plates
Orange pony series tableware, a variety of utensils to meet the needs of the whole family. The plates are suitable for serving steaks and soup dishes. Different types of utensils can be used together to meet the daily needs of life. Using underglaze technology, it is free of heavy metals such as lead and cadmium, does not fade, does not react with food, is healthy and environmentally friendly, and can be used with confidence. High-temperature firing ceramics can be heated as you like, can be used for microwave ovens or ovens, heating is convenient and more practical, and you can enjoy food quickly. Nano-glazed surface, the surface has a silky feel, and it is very convenient to clean. It can be cleaned with one rinse and one wipe. The gospel of lazy people. The INS style is stylish and elegant, and the food is very beautiful when you match it, and it is full of happiness.
Parrot Dishes Tableware Underglaze Ceramic Tableware Relief Bowl Set
Creative parrot bowl and dish tableware, underglaze ceramic tableware, relief bowl and plate set, made of high-quality and delicate ceramic raw materials and fired at high temperature for many times. Pure hand painted underglaze color technology, by experienced old craftsmen, hand color the picture, make each product pattern is different, classic and chic, the sense of quality.The use of a strong saturation of multi-color artificial stroke to gently depict, one more point is strong, one less point is light, just to make the flowers in the teacup vivid. This product is suitable for microwave oven, disinfection cabinet, oven, dishwasher.
Cat series plate
In the simplicity of tableware, into the playful patterns, interesting cartoon hand-painted style, with a variety of functions, so that dining no longer make do with.Love food and exquisite tableware match, love to build a sense of ritual life.Underglaze color cartoon tableware set, Nordic Light luxury style makes eating healthy, safe and enjoyable. A good cuisine depends not only on the ingredients, but also on the delicacy of the utensils. The utensils are indispensable to every household's daily life, carrying the 5000 year cultural heritage of China. Exquisite texture, easy to handle, without too much decoration, dining time can add more pleasure.
Refreshing rhombic ceramic tableware
Refreshing rhombic ceramic tableware.Refreshing rhombic ceramic tableware, with interlaced rhombic lines, can also be used as a canvas to set off food when placed on the table. Ceramic material, easy to clean, easy to take care of, comfortable and worry-free. You can choose the collocation freely. It can be used for three meals a day, and it can be used for one person or more than one person. The high-temperature firing process is suitable for brightly-colored ingredients, embellished with colors, and sparks deliciously, creating a unique table style. The oval plate can be used for placing fish or serving plates, and the rice bowl is suitable for holding rice and is effective in heat insulation. Delicious with food utensils, always make people appetite.
Simple Ceramic Rice Bowl Tableware Love Plate Irregular Combination Tableware
Let your daily life more art, Nordic simple style, simple lines make your life simple but not simple. Simple, simple design, beautiful and elegant, let people look comfortable, on the dining table is a landscape. Clear texture, color embellishment, beautiful and practical, to meet your needs.
Cute Simple Cartoon Animal Ceramic Cup Coffee Cup Milk Cup
Cute simple cartoon animal large capacity Ceramic Cup Mug Mug lovers cup coffee cup milk cup with spoon cover, made of new bone fine mud porcelain, high temperature firing, high thermal stability, not easy to crack, meet the daily needs of drinking.Environmental nano glaze texture, healthy and non-toxic, easy to use, cartoon creativity, vivid and interesting. High quality new bone fine clay porcelain, the surface is bright and white without impurities. Every detail represents the original intention and quality of the craftsman. There is always one handle that you like.
Amber gradient color silicone glass water set
The gradient blue gold water set is simple, fresh and crystal clear, making the drink clear and moving. Give life texture. The design and workmanship are very outstanding. The light luxury amber gold and mirror tray are a pair of high-value combination. The round kettle is equipped with a metal dust-proof cover, and the built-in silicone ring in the cover is stable and not easy to fall off. The round cup body has smooth curvature, comfortable hand feel, versatile and durable, transparent and smooth, and easy to clean. The base mirror tray is designed with two ears for easy handling and simple storage. The Nordic style design creates a high-value home taste. Make a pot of scented tea and make an appointment with the sisters to enjoy the afternoon tea time.

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