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cold glass kettle

You’re in the right place for cold glass kettle.By now you already know that, whatever you are looking for, you’re sure to find it on SANBO.we guarantee that it’s here on SANBO.
We aim to provide the highest quality cold glass kettle.for our long-term customers and we will actively cooperate with our customers to offer effective solutions and cost benefits.
Professional Amber gradient green glass sets manufacturers
Amber gradient green glass sets.Amber gradient green glass sets, it is made of transparent lead-free glass, full of texture, elegant atmosphere, and feel the good life. Elegant contrasting color glass, smooth and round. It refracts a different kind of light in the sun. The high borosilicate glass material can withstand the fusion temperature difference. Improved round bead pot lid design, stainless steel material, durable, the pot mouth cuts water neatly, comfortable to use. With a round tray, it is practical and beautiful, and it is easy to match, suitable for various styles. Whether it is used as a summer jug or as a decorative ornament, it can meet the needs of daily life, and it is suitable for gifts and personal use.
Gradient color high borosilicate glass set
Gradient color high borosilicate glass set.Gradient color high borosilicate glass set, the gradient from amber to agate green, the color is as brilliant and transparent as a gem. The ion plating process is safe and does not fade, and the color does not fall off, so it can be used with confidence. High borosilicate glass material, can withstand high temperature instantaneous temperature difference, can be directly heated by electric ceramic furnace. The dust-proof cover comes with a sealing silicone ring, so that the cover and the jug body fit together and do not leak when pouring water. The design of the eagle mouth of the jug, the water flow is smooth, and the water is cut off and retracted freely. It is equipped with a golden stainless steel tray, which is easy to take and use. Combine and match, one set meets needs. Make a pot of scented tea and make an appointment with the sisters to enjoy the afternoon tea time.
Smoky gray glacier texture glass waterware set
Smoky gray glacier texture glass waterware set.Smoky gray glacier texture glass waterware set, glacier lines with golden handles, golden pot lid, looks elegant and fashionable, matching water cups of the same color, showing an intoxicating visual beauty. High borosilicate glass material, can be directly heated by electric ceramic furnace, high temperature resistance. The pot cover made of 304 stainless steel will not precipitate harmful substances when exposed to hot water, and will not rust and have no peculiar smell. The lid is equipped with a silicone ring, which is tightly integrated with the mouth of the pot, making it easier to pour water. There are two types of water outlets at the lid of the kettle, which are easy to filter and easy to use. It is good for drinking tea and juice, and it is also suitable for entertaining guests.
Our Team
Xiangbo company has a dynamic and passionate sales team, each salesperson has professional product knowledge and good personality charm. and strives to make every customer can cooperate with us happily and trust us.In this special year 2020,because of the corona virus,we have to do business online.our sales have to learn how to use the phone and the microphone,have to learn how to use the app to contact with customer.Good products are widely used in dishwasher safe, microwave safe and oven safe. At the same time, we will also provide customized services, you can send us your design, our experienced staff will discuss your requirements, to ensure full satisfaction to meet the needs of customers.
Three Piece Ceramic Fresh-Keeping Bowl With Cover and Sealed Ceramic Bowl
Special bowl set for microwave oven, ceramic bowl with cover, large bone china fresh-keeping bowl, three piece set for household heating and sealing bowl,Good helper at home, steaming egg soup, eating dessert, fruit bowl, dry goods storage. Easy to clean, no fear of oil stains, generally with warm water and soft cloth cleaning can, can not use detergent.It is not easy to leak when put upside down. The silicone seal and fresh-keeping cover are closely connected with the wall of the bowl. The soup is not easy to leak.
Relief Creative Pure White Tableware Breakfast Bowl Snack Bowl Small Bowl
The large soup bowl with creative relief is originated from the tradition with unique ingenuity,The designer makes inspiration from the beautiful elements in the nature, and applies the simple and smooth lines to the porcelain modeling. Through the display of porcelain, art will be integrated into people's daily life, feeling the beauty and quiet of life.
Tableware Wholesale Supplier Creative Cartoon Fish Plate Ceramic Bowl Set
Cartoon children's interesting fish ceramic tableware, delicious dishes express people's mind, choose a good tableware can wake up appetite, this cute interesting fish series tableware is very amazing at a glance, eye-catching color uniform bright and clean, very good-looking, irregular bowl edge more atmosphere, a pat can be full of appetite, a variety of types to choose from, can meet different preferences and needs Oh. Cute cartoon fish shape, adults and children like, using underglaze color technology, does not contain harmful substances, appetite up more at ease.
Cartoon Binaural Instant Noodle Bowl With Ceramic Lid
The cartoon binaural instant noodle bowl has a creative and cute shape, stylish and unique, with a lid design, which is convenient for dustproof, and the intimate binaural handle makes the hot soup not afraid of being hot, and it is convenient to handle. Large-capacity design, every bite is a big satisfaction, can be used for instant noodles, salads, dishes, etc. It can be heated in the oven or microwave, and it is not afraid to gather cold and heat. The lid can be used as a heat preservation lid to avoid the loss of umami taste, and can also be used as a small dish to enjoy a good meal.
China White ceramic tableware set manufacturers -
China White ceramic tableware set manufacturers -.White ceramic tableware set contains two shallow plates, two soup pot plates and two mugs. The pure white bowls and dishes are translucent and bright like jade, fired at high temperature, with high density and strong toughness. The whole is clean and simple, restoring the true colors of the ingredients, and the dishes are more delicious. Equipped with various sizes of tableware, it is more comfortable to use in complete sets to meet various styles. Every meal is accompanied by it, and the meal time is more sweet. Safe and healthy, suitable for microwave ovens, dishwashers, etc., adding vitality to the dining table.
Big size soup bowl for family
Handmade Gold strokeWhite glaze with gold stroke, elegant and temperament, elegant with light luxury, gold stroke can directly contact with food, can be used in microwave ovens, disinfection cabinets, etc., not easy to fade.High temperature resistant, easy to clean, double ear design, high temperature firing, can be used in microwave ovens, disinfection cabinets, etc.The double ear design is convenient to handle and comfortable to hold. It can prevent the glaze from being smooth and delicate, not easy to attach oil stains, and is convenient for cleaning, scalding and heat insulation.
Phnom Penh Ceramic Western Food Plate Dessert Cake Plate Steak Plate
Elegant and white plate, with simple atmosphere of Phnom Penh,It's made of ceramic. The surface is soft, white and transparent. It's heavy and firm.Shallow dish,It's quite suitable for Chinese / Western dishes,Leave space to add points to the appearance of the plate,Many people get together for a family dinner,Deal with slightly larger dishes.Hand painted Phnom Penh,Exquisite stroke, simple at the same time without losing atmosphere.Anti skid bottom,The bottom after manual polishing has good anti-skid effect,Fine manual, safe and stable.
Crockeri Floral Serving Platter With Wooden Handle
Irregular shape, delicate and natural, easy to use at home, light yellow flat background, retro charm, add warmth to the restaurant. The handle is made of high quality solid wood, with smooth surface, comfortable, convenient operation, anti-skid, anti-skid and humanization.The porcelain is hard, wear-resistant, non fading, can be fired at high temperature, free of heavy metals such as lead and chromium, healthy and environmentally friendly, and exquisite. There will be a gap of 1 mm between the wooden handle and the porcelain. The wooden handle has holes for easy storage. The bottom of the plate adopts high anti scalding design, which is smooth and flat, and will not scratch the table, so it is very stable.

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