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Glass tea set

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Large capacity breakfast glass cups
Large capacity breakfast glass cups.Large-capacity breakfast cup, classic shape, chubby style, comfortable touch, lead-free glass material. Crystal clear, pure and free of impurities. The bottom of the cup is thick and stable, and the center of gravity on the table is stable and not easy to topple. Simple and elegant, strong and durable, it can hold nutritious breakfast, milk oatmeal, yogurt and fruit, all kinds of health porridge, ice cream, etc., to satisfy your love of life. Drinking a cup of milk cereal every morning, full of a large cup, instantly full of happiness, replenish sufficient energy for the day, and start a beautiful day.
Gray round glass cold water kettle set
Gray round glass cold water kettle set.simple and steady smoky gray, crystal clear, low-key and not out of tune. Round cup body, thickened bottom, comfortable grip. Transparent and bright, cold and heat resistant. The design of the spout makes the water flow smoothly and easy to use. It can be used for coffee, vegetable juice, tea, etc. The log bottle stopper can prevent dust from falling into the bottle, which is beautiful and practical. The large capacity design can meet the drinking water needs of a family without occupying space. Cold and hot tea is suitable for all seasons.
Transparent glass kettle set
Transparent glass kettle set.Transparent and pure, the cup body is full and stable, making drinking water a fashion. Comfortable hand feel, more convenient holding, smooth edge grinding, smooth lines, fitting lip shape. Log ball plug design, easy to take, dust-proof, beautiful and practical. The bottom of the pot is thick and firm, stable and durable. Large capacity design, which can meet the daily drinking water demand. Lead free glass is selected to bring you a different drinking light luxury experience. Whether it's beauty or practicality, there is always someone who can win your heart, serve guests for their own use, and light up the ritual sense of life.
Turkish glass tea cup with golden saucer
Turkish glass tea cup with golden saucer.Turkish glass tea cup with golden saucer set, lead-free glass, transparent and bright, decorated with gold patterns, shining brightly under the light. Traditional Turkish craftsmanship, experience exotic romantic style. The mouth of the cup is smooth and delicate, and it is comfortable to drink. The slightly thickened design can bring a better taste experience. The waist of cup body  design conforms to the design concept of modern and simple style. With metal cups and saucers, high-end atmosphere. The spare time for work, make a cup of Turkish black tea and enjoy the afternoon tea time, making drinking water a pleasure.
​Transparent crystal glass cold water bottle set
Transparent crystal glass cold water bottle set.Transparent crystal glass cold water bottle set, simple and fresh, crystal clear. A pot of four cups set, beautiful and practical, can be used for daily filling of sparkling water, cold tea, etc., can also be used as a decanter. The transparent water cup has edges and corners, transparent and bright, and comfortable to hold. It can be used to hold juice, milk, coffee, etc. The solid spherical bottle stopper made of lotus wood is matched with the crystal glass body, which is more class and design. The crystal glass material is simple and fresh, creating a taste of home and improving the quality of life. The multi-faceted design has a strong sense of design, which brings surprises and vitality to life.
Amber round glass water set
Amber round glass water set.Amber round glass water set, elegant amber gradient light and shadow, from light to dark gradient, more luster. The round water bottle is smooth and easy to hold. It can be used for juice, milk, coffee, tea, etc. Slightly open the spout, it is not easy to spill water when pouring, and keep the table top clean. The novel spherical log bottle stopper prevents dust from falling into it. Large-capacity design, whether it is used as a cool kettle in summer or a pot of hot tea in winter, it can easily meet the drinking needs of a family.
Simple round glass cold kettle cup set
Simple round glass cold kettle cup set.Simple round glass cold kettle cup set, thin and translucent, with a rounded body, matched with the same type of glass, the appearance is high and more practical. The thickened bottom design enhances the hardness, wear resistance and impact resistance. The neck is retracted and lengthened, the arc is round and smooth, which fits the curve of the hand, and is comfortable to hold with one hand. The design of the dust-proof log ball bottle stopper is novel and unique, which is more high-grade, suitable for beauty and can prevent dust from falling into the bottle. With a small body and large capacity, it does not take up space. It can be used to hold juice, milk, coffee, tea, etc., to meet daily drinking water needs.
Gray diamond-shaped glass water set
Gray diamond-shaped glass water set.Gray diamond-shaped glass water set, one set meets daily needs. The large-capacity kettle body is not only suitable for daily household use, but also suitable for restaurants, hotels and other places. The original wooden ball cork, with a novel design, shows a sense of grade and design, and can prevent dust from falling into the bottle. Large spout design, 360-degree arc is just right, the water flow is smooth and natural, and the water breaks smoothly and retracts freely. One jug is multi-purpose, it can be used as a cool kettle, juice pot, decanter, or as a table decoration. It is simple and stylish. The high light transmission glass material enhances the mood of your life.
Colorful six-rhomboid glass water ware set
Colorful six-rhomboid glass water ware set.The colorful six-rhomboid glass water ware set, fashionable and creative shape, dazzling like a diamond, creates the beauty of the space and adds color to the home. Colorful water bottle, large-caliber design, smooth water flow without dripping. Made of high borosilicate glass, it is safe and durable without cracking alternately. The polygonal cup body design is full of artistic sense. Exquisite craftsmanship makes the whole cup body more crystal clear. Every corner is a landscape. Classic minimalism, stylish home life, and idyllic life attitude are a touch of sunshine in the busy life.
Six edges diamond glass jug cup set
Six edges diamond glass jug cup set.Six edges diamond glass jug cup set, creative diamond shape, geometric facets are sharply angular, breaking the traditional shape design, highlighting the design aesthetics and creating a sense of space beauty. The amber transparent crystal glass kettle is matched with four cups of the same style, suitable for multiple people to drink, and a good helper for family hospitality and company gatherings. Simple and stylish, it is also a display of art. The rounded edge of the bottle mouth makes the water flow smoothly and smoothly. The novel wooden ball bottle stopper design can effectively prevent dust from falling. The tray is equipped with a handle design, which is convenient to handle and tidy in storage.
Smoky gray diamond glass cold kettle cup
Smoky gray diamond glass cold kettle cup.Smoky gray diamond glass cold kettle cup set, high borosilicate glass, diamond design, transparent texture, real objects are more beautiful than photos. The jug body is resistant to high temperature and explosion-proof, and is suitable for heating in various ways. Upgraded lid design, double outlet design. The water comes out with a big mouth, and the small holes can filter the juice and tea leaves. Equipped with a tray, the water cups can be neatly stored and placed on the tabletop, which is neat and clean, comfortable and comfortable. Large-diameter and wide-mouth design, clean without dead ends, can be reached in and cleaned by hand, as clean as new. Multifunctional life purpose, home decoration accessories.
Smoky gray glacier texture glass waterware set
Smoky gray glacier texture glass waterware set.Smoky gray glacier texture glass waterware set, glacier lines with golden handles, golden pot lid, looks elegant and fashionable, matching water cups of the same color, showing an intoxicating visual beauty. High borosilicate glass material, can be directly heated by electric ceramic furnace, high temperature resistance. The pot cover made of 304 stainless steel will not precipitate harmful substances when exposed to hot water, and will not rust and have no peculiar smell. The lid is equipped with a silicone ring, which is tightly integrated with the mouth of the pot, making it easier to pour water. There are two types of water outlets at the lid of the kettle, which are easy to filter and easy to use. It is good for drinking tea and juice, and it is also suitable for entertaining guests.

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