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Cartoon dinnerware sets

You’re in the right place for Cartoon dinnerware sets.By now you already know that, whatever you are looking for, you’re sure to find it on SANBO.we guarantee that it’s here on SANBO.
We aim to provide the highest quality Cartoon dinnerware sets.for our long-term customers and we will actively cooperate with our customers to offer effective solutions and cost benefits.
Cartoon style Cute bear dinnerware sets ceramic wholesale
The hand-painted pattern design is very charming, and there are also moments of fairy tale in the ordinary life. The ingenious work reveals the retro style one stroke at a time. The use of underglaze color technology, no heavy metals, food and lacquer isolation, environmental protection and health, can be used with confidence. Interesting creative design, beautiful colors, add color to the food, and create an atmosphere on the table. A variety of shape types are available to meet the needs of daily eating, serving and baking. The double-ear handle design is convenient to handle, non-slip and anti-scald, and safe to use.
Personalized Flower planting ceramics
Personalized Flower planting ceramics.This garment posses classic and current fashion trends desired by consumers. And its appearance fulfills the wearer’s emotional needs, such as wanting to impress or be accepted by others. Nordic simplicity, retro and simple flower pots, ingenuity, and beauty in style. The style is simple and generous, classic and versatile, suitable for bedroom, living room, company, desk, balcony and other scene decorations, adding a touch of greenery to life.A variety of specifications are available, and the styles are complete. Hand-made, full of artistic flavor. When ceramics are fired at a high temperature, some black spots may appear on the porcelain surface, and the surface is uneven, but the flower pot is a functional product, which is mainly planted and does not affect the use.
Blue duckling Tableware set Ceramic wholesale
Blue duckling Tableware set Ceramic wholesale.This product can have an effect on the subconscious mind. It convinces people to read the content on it with an appealing appearance. Sanbo ceramics focuses on the production of ceramics and the guarantee of quality and price,We have our own factory,The company has a history of more than ten years, integrating design, R & D,production and sales,Wholesale sales of high-quality ceramics,It has many years of mature production technology of daily-use ceramics. Its products mainly include white ceramics, colored glaze ceramics, medium temperature ceramics, high-temperature ceramics and low-temperature ceramics,Welcome to consult.
Creative Fruit-Shaped Ceramic Rice Bowl Snack Plates
Personalized Net Red Plate Shaped Suit Combination Household Ceramic Garden Style Flowers. seizes market opportunities in the new era of healthy consumption. Sanbo ceramics focuses on the production of ceramics and the guarantee of quality and price.s,Wholesale sales of high-quality ceramics,Welcome to consult.
Wooden Tray Ceramic Snack Plate
Grid plate combination, this is a multi-functional grid plate combination, ceramic and bamboo combination, creative fashion, free combination, powerful, practical and beautiful. The ceramic bowl can also be used alone to hold dipping materials, which is both beautiful and practical.Multi functional snack dish with wooden tray and ceramic grid. The porcelain is delicate, transparent, smooth and easy to clean. It is made of high temperature. It is made of food grade material and underglaze color technology. It is healthy, safe and environmentally friendly.
9 Pieces of Creative Ceramic Bowls and Plates
Orange pony series tableware, a variety of utensils to meet the needs of the whole family. The plates are suitable for serving steaks and soup dishes. Different types of utensils can be used together to meet the daily needs of life. Using underglaze technology, it is free of heavy metals such as lead and cadmium, does not fade, does not react with food, is healthy and environmentally friendly, and can be used with confidence. High-temperature firing ceramics can be heated as you like, can be used for microwave ovens or ovens, heating is convenient and more practical, and you can enjoy food quickly. Nano-glazed surface, the surface has a silky feel, and it is very convenient to clean. It can be cleaned with one rinse and one wipe. The gospel of lazy people. The INS style is stylish and elegant, and the food is very beautiful when you match it, and it is full of happiness.
The Most Valuable Korean Ceramic Tableware
The Most Valuable Korean Ceramic Tableware.Using underglaze color technology, hand color, leaving exquisite brush effect, with the current popular macaroni color, full of girl style. The pigment is firmly locked under a layer of transparent glaze to prevent direct contact between pigment and food. It is lead-free, non-toxic, long-term use, safe and healthy. It is made of porcelain by firing at a high temperature above 1200 ℃. It can withstand high temperature and is suitable for microwave ovens, ovens and other electrical appliances. There are various types of utensils, including bowls, soup bowls, fish plates, vegetable plates and seasoning plates, with various sizes to meet the needs of daily families.There is a smooth transparent glaze on the surface of the appliance, which is not easy to absorb oil stains. It is convenient for daily use and cleaning, and keeps the appliance clean. The bottom of the high foot bowl is higher, which can effectively prevent scalding. The vertical design of the Korean bowl increases the capacity. The porcelain is hard and delicate. It is fired at high temperature to isolate the food layer and protect the dining safety. The edge is round, the mouth is fine and smooth, round and thick, comfortable and convenient to handle. The bottom anti-skid design follows the tradition of the old technology. The outer ring at the bottom is unglazed to increase friction and prevent water from slipping.
Vertical lines embossed Bohemian tableware
Vertical lines embossed Bohemian tableware.Vertical lines embossed Bohemian tableware, elegant pattern, simple fashion, underglaze color, carrying food more healthy. A leisurely mood, a comfortable life, inadvertently spreading~ The high-foot bowl bottom design, heat insulation and anti-scalding, and the vertical striped road shape gives people a bright feeling. The deliciousness of three meals a day is defined by you, easy to handle. The lattice pattern has clear layers, the three-dimensional beauty does not fade, and it will not react with food. It is healthy and environmentally friendly, and can be used with confidence. Pasta, sushi, pancakes, fruits, etc. can be in full bloom to meet your various needs.
Parrot Dishes Tableware Underglaze Ceramic Tableware Relief Bowl Set
Creative parrot bowl and dish tableware, underglaze ceramic tableware, relief bowl and plate set, made of high-quality and delicate ceramic raw materials and fired at high temperature for many times. Pure hand painted underglaze color technology, by experienced old craftsmen, hand color the picture, make each product pattern is different, classic and chic, the sense of quality.The use of a strong saturation of multi-color artificial stroke to gently depict, one more point is strong, one less point is light, just to make the flowers in the teacup vivid. This product is suitable for microwave oven, disinfection cabinet, oven, dishwasher.
Marbling Mug Lovely Ceramic Couple Coffee Cup With Lid
Marble bronzing mug, cup body capacity 400ml, simple bronzing handle, simple and generous, natural breath, different mood. It can be used in office, at home and other places.Mug girl's simple and lovely ceramic couple coffee cup with cover,It is made of ceramic materials and painted with gold. It is lively, playful, and has texture. It is beautiful and versatile.Smooth glaze, beautiful luster, diamond shaped cup body, comfortable feel. The cup mouth is painted with gold, with strong sense of design, beautiful and practical, and full of fashion sense.
Household embossed ceramic square plate
Household embossed ceramic square plate.The white porcelain clay is fired at high temperature, the material is tight and hard, and it is not easy to break. Safe material, pure white and bright glaze, pure and pure color highlights the beauty of dishes. Simple and versatile, widely used, a tableware that restaurants and hotels will choose. Baked rice, cheese rice, pasta, all kinds of afternoon tea delicacies can be used. It has a wide range of uses and meets a variety of cooking requirements. Beautiful utensils can be matched with a variety of delicacies, and dining creates an atmosphere. Tableware is not only the carrier of delicious food, but also the decoration of home life, which can sublimate dining to another level of crafts. Simple yet luxurious, exquisite beauty enhances the quality of dining.
Vintage carved glass coffee cup and saucer
Vintage carved glass coffee cup and saucer.Vintage carved glass coffee cup and saucer, with unique shapes and various colors, and a strong sense of fashion. Whether drinking coffee or milk, it becomes more interesting. Faint amber color, like the feeling of autumn sunlight coming in, soaking a cup of cappuccino, it is really beautiful~ The handle glass is made of lead-free glass, the cup wall is thick, and the sun flower embossed pattern exudes retro elegance. Make drinking water become refined. The electroplating process is colorful under the light, high-value and practical, and it is not easy to fade after long-term use.

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