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The factory produces a large number of ceramic bowls

After more than ten years of practice, sanbo ceramic factory has gradually formed the enterprise spirit of "integrity-based, service-oriented, pioneering and innovative, and pursuit of excellence". It is a ceramic brand development operator with a high-quality professional team. In the increasingly fierce competition, sanbo ceramic factory adheres to the spirit of reform and innovation, forge ahead, constantly change, actively promote the improvement of modern enterprise system, enhance the comprehensive strength of the enterprise, and achieve rapid development. Creating a new concept of excellent quality life also highlights the profound connotation of brand culture. We always remember: people-oriented, quality first, create a home model; Service first, integrity-based, create a better space.

The factory produces a large number of ceramic bowls
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Sanbo ceramic factory produces a large number of ceramic tableware every day, including bowls, plates and dishes. When workers produce bowls in large quantities, they also need a process, which is more complicated. The basic process is as follows:

(1) After press molding, there will be a gypsum mold similar to a bowl, and a section of plastic porcelain material will be put into the gypsum mold,

It is pressed out with a pressure head.

(2) Drying and demoulding.

(3) Blanking, namely deburring and edge trimming.

(4) Decal

(5) Apply glaze and evenly spray glaze slurry on the ceramic bowl.

(6) High temperature sintering

Ceramic production process is a low continuity flow production process. Ceramic raw materials are put into production from one end of the factory, then processed continuously, and finally become finished products. The whole process is relatively complex, and the continuity between processes is low. Although the tunnel kiln is a continuous production, its speed can not keep up with the assembly line of the forming process, and it needs a series of firing preparations such as billet storage, billet loading and kiln loading.

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