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What kind of ceramic cup is worth buying?

August 07, 2022

The main components of ceramic cups are kaolin, clay, porcelain stone, porcelain clay, colorants, blue and white materials, lime glaze, lime alkali glaze, etc. Jingdezhen ceramic cup is mainly composed of kaolin ceramics. Kaolin is a clay mainly composed of kaolinite. It was first discovered in Gaoling village in the northeast of Jingdezhen, Jiangxi Province, hence its name. Ceramic cup is a kind of cup commonly used in our life. People often use it to drink water or make tea. Some friends worry that ceramic cups are toxic. In fact, ceramic cups are non-toxic. The so-called toxicity mainly refers to the dissolution of lead and cadmium. Lead and chromium are heavy metal elements, which will cause harm to human body. So what kind of ceramic cup is worth buying?

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The simpler and safer the ceramic cup is. Due to the high content of heavy metals such as lead and chromium in the pigment, these harmful substances are easy to dissolve when adding high pH boiled water or beverages. When buying, you can touch the surface of the pattern. If it goes smoothly, it will be safer; If it is not flat, it will fall off with fingernails. It is best not to buy it. In addition, due to the influence of static electricity such as computers and chassis, the cup will absorb more dust, bacteria and germs, which will affect health over time. For this reason, experts suggest that it is best to cover the cup and keep away from computers and other household appliances. At ordinary times, keep the indoor air circulation, open the window for ventilation, and let the dust go with the wind.

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