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Daily ceramic process flow

July 31, 2022

The technological process of daily ceramics is mainly divided into raw materials, molding, firing, color baking, packaging and other stages. Ceramic technology has a long history of more than 2000 years. In the long history, it shows the sacred foundation of ancient civilization, carries the precipitation of history and culture, and condenses human wisdom and rationality. The reason why ceramics has become a special art lies in its ingenious appearance design and magical glaze color. Of course, it is also related to its unique material. The design concept of ceramics is not new, but changes with human concepts and needs to meet people's pursuit of the beauty of artistic life.

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1. The first is the raw material stage. In the raw material stage, we need to select porcelain clay first, and then make glaze through asynchronous steps such as clay, iron removal, filtration, etc. The mud used for hand painting also needs to be practiced and piled to make porcelain mud, while the mud used for grouting is different from its steps and needs to be de cemented.

2. Secondly, the forming stage is to make the rough of porcelain. When grouting, the gypsum mold can be used to directly pour the slurry into the molding, and when the slurry is used, it can be pulled by hand, mud strip molding, etc.

3. After that, the combustion phase. Nowadays, the blank is usually fired to lay the foundation for subsequent painting and glazing. Plain glaze is not easy to collapse due to water absorption, and painting is easier to draw the body.

4. Then flower porcelain enters the color baking stage. If it is flower porcelain, it can be divided into glaze, glaze and glaze, and different painting production processes are also different.

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