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What is the difference between Bone China and ceramics?

July 03, 2022

Bone china is delicate and transparent, with beautiful and generous shape, moist color and colorful flower surface. Today, Bone China has been recognized and used by more and more people. They are no longer just people who eat and utensils for soup, but as a kind of fashion and artistic enjoyment, as the embodiment of catering civilization, they gradually penetrate into our daily life.

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1. From the perspective of health, the grade gap between Bone China and ceramics is determined by the differences in materials and processes. Bone china is mainly animal bones, with a content of more than 40%.

2. At the technical level, the flower surface of Bone China is integrated with the glaze, and does not contain lead and cadmium harmful to human body. It can be called a real "green porcelain", and long-term use is beneficial to human health. Only Britain, China, Japan, Germany, Russia and Thailand produce bone china.. Bone china is light, delicate and hard (twice that of daily porcelain), and is not easy to wear and crack. It will not crack after water heat exchange at 180 and 20 ℃, and the water absorption is less than 0.003%.

3. In terms of heat preservation effect, Bone China has better heat preservation performance than traditional porcelain, and tastes better when drinking coffee or tea.

4. In terms of durability, Bone China is more durable than ordinary ceramics: because the composition of Bone China is different from ordinary ceramics, it can be thinner, tougher, more wear-resistant, and not easy to wear and crack. The hardness of Bone China is more than twice that of ceramics, and it will not crack after heat exchange in water at 180 ℃ and 20 ℃. However, do not deliberately cool frequently during use. Porcelain products are easy to burst due to heat expansion and cold contraction.

5. In terms of product grade, the grade of Bone China is much higher than that of ordinary ceramics. Bone China has long been a kind of porcelain specially used by British nobles and nobles. It is recognized as a kind of high-end porcelain, with dual value of use and art.

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