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How to buy ashtrays?

May 05, 2022

Ashtray is a tool for holding ash and cigarette butts, which was produced at the end of the 19th century. After the advent of cigarettes, cigarette ash and cigarette butts were thrown everywhere, which hindered hygiene, and ashtrays were also produced. At first, some people called ashtrays cigarette trays. Most of them were made of ceramics, but some were made of glass, plastic, jade or metal. Its shape and size are not fixed. How to buy ashtrays?

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1. Although it is a decorative ashtray, it still plays the role of an ashtray in essence, so it should be mainly practical when purchasing. Generally, the ashtray with deep cylinder belly and cylinder head can better store the ash, and the ash is not easy to fly around; The cigarette must be clamped firmly at the notch of the cigarette to avoid accidents caused by cigarette rolling. In addition, ashtrays should be easy to use and easy to clean.

2. Material selection. Glass and ceramic ashtrays are easy to clean, but collision should be avoided; Metal and plastic are not afraid of collision and falling, but cleaning is annoying. It is necessary to combine the use of space and personal habits to select appropriate materials.

3. Personal preferences. Compared with traditional ashtrays, the shape and design of decorative ashtrays integrate artistic elements and have more decorative functions, so you may as well choose one you like when you buy, which will make you feel better.


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