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What's the difference between a baking bowl and an ordinary bowl? What are the types?

May 05, 2022

Baking bowls and ordinary bowls have different high temperature resistance. The baking bowl is resistant to high temperature and can be used on open fire or electrical appliances. It is made of special materials and will not burst at high temperature. An ordinary bowl is a bowl used for eating at ordinary times. It is made of ordinary materials and is not resistant to high temperature. If you don't have a baking bowl at home, you can use a ceramic or metal bowl instead. Ceramic or metal bowls can withstand high temperatures and can be used in an oven.

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1. Black ceramic double ear baking tray: black baking tray is one of the most common tableware. With the design of both ears, it is more intimate when used. If you can't control the baking temperature, choosing a baking bowl with a bowl cover is Xiaobai's wisest choice in the kitchen. The design of the bowl cover can not only make the food heated more evenly, but also prevent the ingredients on it from being burnt during baking. The intimate double ear design can be served directly after baking.

2. Square two ear baking bowl: a variety of fresh color choices can meet your previous appetite and your girlish heart. A baker with a girl's heart, let the brightly colored baking plate become your Mr right. New bone china baking pan, oven and microwave lamp can be used. The integrated binaural design is not only beautiful, but also increases the comfort and convenience of use.

3. Round single handle baking bowl: the simple single handle design not only makes baking life easier, but also has no pressure on posture. This is a popular baking bowl for baking rice. The design of the handle is based on usage habits and hand holding posture. The kitchen is white, convenient and not easy to burn. High quality ceramic material can stand the test of high temperature, and the capacity is just suitable for one or two people.

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