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Correct boiling procedure of new casserole

May 05, 2022

The new casserole can't be used directly, and the best casserole is easy to crack. Casserole needs to be cooked, but many friends don't know the correct cooking method of the new casserole. After boiling, the service life of the casserole can be prolonged, and the casserole after maintenance will not crack or stick to the casserole. How can we cook the new casserole correctly when it is used? What are the steps?

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1. There are some fine particles in the newly bought casserole. First, clean with clean water. Scrub the inside and outside of the casserole with a cleaning cloth. Do not scrub with a bristle brush or steel ball. Steel balls do great harm to casseroles. If you scratch the casserole, it's easy to paste in the back.

2. Because the newly bought casserole contains a small amount of lead, add two tablespoons of baking soda, add some vinegar and continue to scrub with a cleaning cloth. This step can effectively remove the lead in the casserole and scrub the inner, outer and cover of the casserole.

3. Then pour enough cold water into the pot. Because the casserole has water absorption, soak it for one night, let the casserole absorb water, and then put the casserole directly on the fire, turn it to a low heat and heat it slowly. After heating,

Turn to medium heat to prevent the casserole from cracking due to sudden uneven cold grip.

4. Because the casserole is made of clay, put a small piece of tea in the casserole and cook it, cover it, and then turn it to low heat for about 10 minutes. In this way, some fishy smell in the casserole can be removed. After cooking, turn off the fire, pour in tea and let the casserole cool naturally.

5. After the casserole is completely cool, continue to rinse with cold water. Remember not to scrub with steel balls. After cleaning the inside and outside of the casserole, continue to wipe the bottom and body of the casserole with a dry cloth. Remember to keep the casserole dry before using it every time.

6. Then brush a layer of oil into the pot and let it stand for one night.

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