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What kind of casserole is good?

May 04, 2022

Casserole is a kind of cooker. Many people like to use it to make soup, stew and casserole. Strong heat preservation ability, which can release the taste of food to the greatest extent. However, if the casserole is not used properly, it is easy to be damaged. So what should we pay attention to when using it for the first time? Traditional casseroles are ceramic products made of refractory raw materials such as seasoning, feldspar and clay. High temperature firing has the characteristics of ventilation, adsorption, uniform heat transfer and slow heat dissipation.

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1. Casserole: traditional casserole, earthy yellow, is made of quartz, feldspar, clay and other materials and fired at high temperature. With the development of technology, it is rarely used one by one.

2. White casserole: add spodumene and other ingredients on the basis of traditional casserole. The sand is very fine, resistant to high temperature, good stability and high strength. It can be used for stewing, boiling, frying and frying of various fire sources, especially for the cooking of multi soup foods.

3. Purple clay pot: the material is clay siltstone containing iron, which is rich in various elements required by human body. It has health care function, good heat preservation performance, uniform temperature rise, does not damage food nutrition and maintains the original taste of food.

4. Stone pot: the pot made of stone has good thermal insulation and can be heated directly on an open fire. This material is rich in minerals and trace elements. During slow stewing, minerals and other nutrients permeate the food.

5. Red clay pot: it is a new type of casserole made of red clay, which can be used in the oven, increasing the scope of application of the casserole.

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