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How long is the service life of magnesium reinforced porcelain tableware?

May 04, 2022

With the improvement of people's living standards, many catering enterprises and families are using magnesium reinforced porcelain. This kind of tableware often appears on our table. In many cases, people will directly open the package for use. Few people check the disinfection date of tableware. In fact, tableware also has a shelf life, so how long is the shelf life?

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1. Magnesium reinforced porcelain does not mean that tableware should be disinfected. After disinfection, the bacteria will not be 100% eliminated. Even if the tableware is sealed, after a period of time, due to the continuous reproduction of bacteria, the tableware still does not meet the hygienic standard. The shelf life is about 7 days, which needs to change according to the environment and temperature. In addition, if the packaged food is polluted by air leakage and water mist, consumers should be able to observe whether the magnesium reinforced porcelain is qualified through the sealing film before use.

2. If there are obvious cracks and cracks on the surface of tableware, or there are stains and watermarks on the surface, and there is fog on the sealing film, it indicates that tableware is another product. Be sure to check the shelf life. The name, detailed address, telephone number, disinfection date and shelf life of the disinfection conveyor belt shall be marked on the packaging film of qualified tableware. Consumers should check the shelf life before use. If it is not marked or expired, it is not a qualified product.

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