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How to maintain the newly purchased glass?

May 04, 2022

Glass is an indispensable drinking tool in our daily life. As businesses or enterprises, gift cups or advertising cups are generally mass customized, and promotional cups are presented to consumers. As an individual, there is a general need to buy from the Internet or supermarket, but no matter which form, the newly bought glasses need to be cleaned and maintained before they can be used.

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1. Soak the newly bought glass in cold salt water and cook it over slow fire, which can strengthen the hardness of the glass and is not easy to crack. In addition, before pouring the boiled water into the glass, put the metal tableware into the glass, such as steel spoon or aluminum spoon, and then pour the boiled water into the glass. This kind of glass doesn't break easily.

2. It's best to wash the glass every day and then dry it. When cleaning the cup, you should not only clean the mouth of the cup, but also clean the inner wall of the glass. If not cleaned frequently, many bacteria and dirt will deposit in it. Glass manufacturers specially remind that it is far from enough to rinse the cup with clean water. It's best to brush with a cup brush. If the surface of the cup is too greasy, don't use detergent. Squeeze the toothpaste on the toothbrush and brush back and forth on the quilt to remove the dirt without touching the glass.

3. The used glass shall be kept away at any time to avoid collision and damage.

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