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How to clean the stainless steel thermos?

May 03, 2022

Thermos bottles need to be cleaned regularly, especially stainless steel thermos bottles. However, due to the vacuum isolation layer of the thermos, the stainless steel thermos should be carefully cleaned and cleaned in an all-round way. Generally, it is not recommended to clean the stainless steel thermos pot with chemical cleaner. You can use natural cleaning tools, such as toothpaste, broken chicken eggshell, potato skin, etc. How is the stainless steel thermos cleaned?

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Stainless steel is not really stainless, but it has good corrosion resistance, so the cleaning of stainless steel thermos is very important. The thermos is different from other ordinary kettles because it has a vacuum isolation layer and is transparent. Be careful when washing to ensure hygiene and safety. But many people don't know that simply cleaning with water is enough. It's not enough. When cleaning the thermos, not only the inner tank, but also the body and bottom of the thermos can not be ignored. It needs all-round cleaning to ensure that it is clean and free of bacteria. It should also be noted that chemical cleaners should be avoided in the cleaning of stainless steel insulated pots, otherwise it is easy to hurt the pot body. If there are tea stains, tea stains or scale, you can brush back and forth in the inner tank with a toothbrush dipped in toothpaste, or gently brush with broken egg shells.

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