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Causes and Countermeasures of glass burst

May 03, 2022

Glasses are very popular with the public. Compared with other glasses, the glass does not contain organic chemicals, is beautiful and generous, and will not produce peculiar smell. It is the first choice for people to drink safely. However, many people have had this experience. After the high-value glass was filled with hot water, it suddenly burst without warning, and the glass fragments splashed on the skin, causing harm to us and taking many people by surprise. So what caused the glass to burst?

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1. Purchase or use unqualified glasses.

2. Replace the water cup with a glass containing other substances. For example: a cup of canned fruit.

3. People are easily injured due to uneven expansion of glass.

4. Improper method of pouring hot water into glass

B. Countermeasures:

1. The material of the cup should be pure: the material of the glass and wine set should be free of obvious lines, bubbles and sand holes, and the surface should be smooth.

2. The thickness should be consistent: the glass material should be evenly distributed in all parts of the ready to drink utensils. When choosing, pay attention to the light of wine utensils. If the light sense is the same everywhere, it means the thickness is the same.

3. When purchasing glasses, protective and thermal insulation measures should be taken, with handle or double-layer glasses, which is safer and more convenient to use.

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