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Is the non stick pot coating toxic?

May 03, 2022

In the past, people always worried that the food stuck on the pot was difficult to clean. Now that there is a non stick pot, it is much more convenient to cook and wash the pot. The advent of non stick pot has brought a lot of convenience to people's life. People don't have to worry about burning the meat carelessly. When frying fish, the fillets stick to the wall of the pot. We all know that the surface of the non stick pot is mainly coated with a special coating, but what is the coating outside the non stick pot? Is the coating toxic?

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Non stick pot is a pot that will not stick to the bottom of the pot when cooking, because the bottom of the pot adopts non stick coating, the coating with the best non stick performance and ceramic coating. Advanced non stick coating with excellent non stick, temperature resistance, wear resistance and adhesion. Non stick coatings generally use water-based two-component coatings. The non stick pot products produced by Chinese enterprises that meet the national mandatory standards have guaranteed quality and safety, and consumers can rest assured to use them. As long as we pay more attention to the use of non stick pots and some foods that cannot be cooked, we can ensure that there will be no substances harmful to our health when using non stick pots.

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