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How to choose a glass storage tank?

May 02, 2022

Glass storage tank is a necessity in our daily life. It can hold all kinds of sundries and food materials that need to be dried and preserved. The choice of household products reflects a person's home taste. Before, the small storage tank was guided by the storage function, but now, the functions of many storage tanks are equally divided. Many of us like to choose glass storage tanks because they are well sealed. So, how should we choose them?

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1. Look at the size. The storage tank has different sizes, and the appropriate size should be selected according to the actual use. Glass bottles

Generally speaking, small storage tanks are suitable for storing all kinds of materials in restaurants and kitchens, and medium and large storage tanks are suitable for storing some large items in living rooms and storage rooms.

2. Check the tightness. Generally speaking, the storage of spices and food materials requires high sealing to avoid deterioration caused by moisture; however

The storage of some things does not require high sealing, such as candy and biscuits packaged separately. There are plastic caps, glass bottles, tin caps and stainless steel caps.

3. You should carefully check the quality of the water storage tank when purchasing. First of all, the water storage box should be complete without cracks and holes. There should be no peculiar smell in the jar; Then check whether the cover can be sealed.

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