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What is the material of the thermos cup?

May 02, 2022

Nowadays, many people like to use thermos cups, and most of them are young people. One is that today's young people like to drink hot water, so they like thermos cups. On the other hand, many young people are valuable parents, so thermos cups are essential. At present, in the cup and pot market, the inner liner of the thermos cup is mainly made of glass, magnetization, stainless steel, ceramics and other materials, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. In terms of material types, we need to know which material is the best for the thermos cup.

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1. Ceramic thermos cup

Compared with plastic cups, ceramic cups bring less harmful substances. Ceramic cups are completely harmless and will not carry harmful metals for a long time like metal cups. When the temperature of molten iron increases, the heat loss decreases. The ceramic cup is made of materials with lower thermal performance than carbon brick. As an interlayer, it reduces the heat loss through the furnace bottom and furnace.

2. Stainless steel thermos cup

Stainless steel contains iron, which is also a trace element we need to eat every day. Stainless steel cup belongs to alloy metal products. These common metal elements cannot be provided to us by other cups. They can not only keep warm, but also keep out the cold= The disadvantage is that it is not suitable for making tea and coffee. Because the tea is soaked in the warm water of the thermos cup for a long time, a large number of tea polyphenols, tannins and other substances contained in the tea will be leached, that is to say, the tea has strong color and bitter taste.

3. Glass thermos cup

Glass thermos cup is safer because glass is sintered from inorganic silicate and is a very stable material, that is, the bad impurities contained in it will not leak out in the production process. Easy to clean, so it is safest to use glass, but glass tea has the disadvantage of being easy to break, so it is not convenient to carry with you.

4. Plastic thermos cup

Usually, the plastic thermos cup on the market can only keep warm for 2 to 3 hours at most. The lower the room temperature, the faster the heat loss. Plastic thermos cups can also be used for heat preservation, but the heat preservation time of plastic cups is far from that of stainless steel and ceramic thermos cups, so they are not suitable for use in autumn and winter.

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