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The difference between bone porcelain and shell porcelain and Pearl porcelain

May 02, 2022

Bone China, that is, more than 25% of herbivore bone powder is added to the raw materials of pottery; Shell porcelain is similar to bone porcelain in that shell powder is added to the raw materials; The firing of Pearl porcelain with the above bone porcelain is nothing more than using pearl ingredients instead of raw materials. Their raw materials are also different. What is the difference?

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1. Bone China does not contain harmful substances such as lead and cadmium. It is an environmental protection product. The unique firing, raw materials and manufacturing technology of bone make it have the characteristics of fine porcelain, high flatness, transparency, lightness and few defects. Natural bone powder is the best of bovine bone powder. Britons often use calf bone meal aged 2 to 4 because it has better whiteness and hardness. The lightness and transparency also depend on the reaction between calcium oxide, phosphorus and other substances in bone powder and green body. The higher the content of natural bone powder, the whiter the color of undecorated Bone China; On the contrary, it turns yellow. At present, the highest content of bone meal in the world is 51%.

2. Shell porcelain: made by adding shell powder, coral, etc. Turn it into raw material and burn it twice. As we know from the above, shell porcelain is quite rare, not to mention its rare material. Moreover, it is easy to burst when fired with shell powder and other ingredients, just like bone porcelain. Therefore, compared with bone porcelain and shell porcelain, it is difficult to mass produce, so it is not recognized as high-grade porcelain in the world.

3. Pearl porcelain: Pearl porcelain and the above bone porcelain are fired at one time, but the raw materials are replaced with pearl components, which greatly increases the cost and makes it impossible to carry out industrial production. Here, it is also the reason why although it is high-grade porcelain, it is not recognized by the world.

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