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How to remove tea stains on sterilized tableware?

May 02, 2022

Tea has a good medical effect, and its taste is also loved by many people. After drinking tea with sterilized tableware, a headache comes, that is, the tea stains on it are difficult to remove. We can remove the tea stains with daily necessities. So, what daily necessities can we eliminate?

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1. Toothpaste: squeeze some toothpaste on the cleaning cloth, dip it in some water, and then wipe it directly on the tea stain, which is easy to remove. If the tea stain is thick, you can wipe it twice more.

2. Edible salt: using edible salt to remove the tea scale of magnesium reinforced porcelain is the same as using toothpaste, and the effect is also very good, and will not leave the fragrance of toothpaste.

3. Vinegar: if the tea stain on the tableware is black, soak it in vinegar and then clean it.

4. Egg shell: repeatedly scrub with broken egg shell. Pay attention to dropping a little water when scrubbing.

5. Potatoes: cut potatoes into pieces, put them into sterilized tableware and soak them in hot water. The water should be higher than the tea scale. After the water is cooled, the tableware can be washed directly.

6. Lemon: after the lemon is cut, wipe the tea stains directly to remove the tea stains.

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