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Whether ceramic tableware is poisonous and safe mainly depends on ceramic raw materials and combustion temperature.

May 01, 2022

Ceramic tableware, from the coarsest pottery to the finest pottery and porcelain, belongs to its scope. Its main raw material is natural silicate minerals, so it belongs to the category of "silicate industry" together with glass, cement, enamel, refractory and other industries. The firing and application of ceramic tableware has a long history in China. It has various shapes, colorful colors, cool and smooth feeling, easy to wash, and is deeply loved by the Chinese people.

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1. Ceramic raw materials are mainly embryo clay, glaze and decorative painting masterbatch. Mud is mainly natural clay and minerals, such as kaolin. Basically no chemical raw materials are added, and there are no safety problems. Some are just differences in grade and quality. A small amount of casing is caused by high temperature, which is similar to that caused by chemical contact. Therefore, the main safety problem is that Zhu Zhong's painting materials contain some heavy metals such as lead. Due to the low cost of chemical pigments, post production technology is particularly important. The hazards of tableware and painting materials produced by general manufacturers can be basically eliminated, which involves the combustion temperature of ceramics.

2. Although the coating materials are prone to safety and toxicity problems, the combustion temperature is also a very important link. High temperature fired ceramics are better than medium and low temperature ceramics. The high temperature is 1260 ℃ to 1350 ℃, so that harmful substances disappear or transform under high temperature Satin burning. It has no toxicity and is also the safest ceramic tableware. If there is painting decoration, underglaze colored porcelain will be safer than underglaze colored porcelain in history. Generally speaking, regular manufacturers produce in strict accordance with the national safety production standards. They have safety and quality standards and have no toxicity problems. They can be used safely.

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