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Purchase trap of stew cup

May 01, 2022

Stew cup can distribute the taste and nutrition of ingredients and seasonings into porridge and soup, with strong flavor. It is the choice of most people to use the stew cup in the pot of cooking, because it can better control the fire, and the stew cup is in a sealed environment. When we buy stew cups, we also need to know what traps there will be?

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1. Material trap

Because if the ceramic materials are not in place, there will be harmful substances such as lead, which many consumers are unaware of, so businesses often deceive everyone with some inferior products. Therefore, when buying, you must judge carefully, check the appearance, listen to the sound, identify the quality, and try to buy in regular shopping malls or stores.

2. Activity promotion

In order to give consumers a feeling that the price is low and worth buying, many businesses often raise the price and then sell it through promotional activities, or sell some products with relatively poor quality at a low price, so as to make profits. Therefore, when purchasing, we should carefully check and understand the price of products in advance to avoid being deceived.

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