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How to avoid oil contamination in kitchen seasoning tank?

April 30, 2022

Seasoning cans are common in every family kitchen. It is used to hold various condiments, which is convenient for people to use when cooking food. It puts the daily seasoning cans together, which is easy to get when using, and looks very neat and clean after using. But after all, the kitchen is heavily greasy, and the seasoning tank will be stained with oil after being put for a long time. So how to clean the seasoning tank? How to avoid?

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1. When washing dishes every day, wipe the seasoning tank conveniently with a rag or kitchen paper. Before putting the seasoning into the cabinet, we can divide it into common and uncommon, and then put it into the storage basket.

2. Here, you can also use the "group storage method" to put common combinations in the same storage basket. When cooking, just take out the storage basket and take out the required seasoning at one time. For example, the combination of "salt, sugar, salad oil" or "soy sauce, aged vinegar" used in daily cooking. In addition to the storage basket, stationery storage tools are also small experts active in the kitchen. Document rack, stationery layered rack, etc. It can make the bottles, cans, boxes and bags in the kitchen clean and tidy in an instant.

3. Some squeezed condiments, such as mustard sticks, ketchup, etc. Put it upside down to facilitate next use. Some spices need to be refrigerated after opening. We can hang them upside down on the refrigerator door with a sealing clip for easy storage. In addition, if there is not enough space, you can try to open up a new storage space on the side of the refrigerator with an iron absorption storage basket.

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