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How to transport glass products?

April 30, 2022

Glass manufacturers produce a variety of glass materials with superior performance and high quality. They can be used as decorations, but they are also very durable and widely used. Glass partitions and windows are generally made of glass. Smooth, pure and bright, needed by all walks of life. Glass is a popular decorative material, which is used for indoor decoration and outdoor glass curtain wall. Now let the glass manufacturer show you how bulk glass transportation is and what needs to be paid attention to in glass transportation?

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1. When handling large glass, the glass product manufacturer recommends the use of vacuum glass suction cups or glass slings. Vacuum sucker, also known as vacuum sucker, is one of the actuators of vacuum equipment. Generally speaking, it is a cheaper way to grab products with vacuum suction cups. The vacuum suction cup will not damage the workpiece and will not cause scratches on the glass, which is convenient to use.

2. Glass sling is a very safe tool used by glass manufacturers to lift glass during production and transportation. If glass is packed with wooden cases and steel wire ropes, a lot of packaging wood and resources will be wasted. In addition, wooden cases and steel wire ropes are used, which need to be manufactured and unpacked. There are many intermediate links, cumbersome work and low efficiency. The special glass sling provides reusable bare packaging, which reduces the cost of glass manufacturers and improves the efficiency of glass hoisting.

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