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How to remove the label from the glass?

April 29, 2022

Generally, qualified labels will be pasted on the main body or bottom of the glass before leaving the factory, but many users think it is difficult to remove it before use, and even glue will remain, which makes the glass sticky and has a certain impact on the appearance and use. So how to remove the clean label? So, what method can be removed?

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1. Hair dryer: adjust the hair dryer to the low temperature position, about 20cm away from the sticker. It's easy to remove the glue while scraping quietly with a ruler. If the paper is too tight, it can be reinforced with a hair dryer.

2. Hand Cream: apply some hand cream evenly with stickers, and then gently push it with unused cards.

3. Hot towel: if the sticker on the glass is not too long, you can wipe it off with a hot towel first. If the stickers are all wet,

4. Vinegar: apply satisfactory vinegar on the sticker. After the paste is soaked in paper, gently scrape the glass with a small shovel, which can be easily scraped off.

5. Alcohol: brush the non stick part of the glass with alcohol, and immediately see that the adhesive softens and dissolves slowly. Uncover it and the sticker is torn off cleanly.

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