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Methods for testing the quality of magnesia reinforced porcelain

April 29, 2022

It is very common to use magnesium reinforced porcelain as disinfection tableware, because the tableware produced by this product has more advantages, so it is widely favored. However, with the increase of magnesium reinforced porcelain in the industry, its quality has also changed accordingly, and its quality needs to be tested. So, what method can we use to test the quality of magnesia reinforced porcelain?

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1. Open the magnesium reinforced porcelain and touch the tableware wall and glass wall with your hand to see if it can stick to your hand. If there are sticky hands and oil stains on the glass, it will fail.

2. In tableware disinfection, the name, address, disinfection date, shelf life and other information of the disinfection company shall also be indicated. The shelf life of ordinary magnesium reinforced porcelain is 7 days.

3. We can see whether there are obvious cracks in the sealing film through magnesium. Regular tableware can withstand repeated high-temperature disinfection. If there are cracks, the quality is not up to standard.

4. Check whether there are stains or water stains on the outside of the sterilized tableware. Because the sterilized tableware is sterilized and dried at high temperature, there will be no water. Once the sterilized tableware is damp and the sealing film fogs, it indicates that the disinfection is unqualified.

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