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Purchase basis of stew cup

April 29, 2022

Stew pot is a kitchen utensil that can be stewed with water, that is, a special waterproof stew. Generally, it is a small stew. When in use, put the food into a small stew with 80% water, and then put the small stew into a large pot with water at the same time. The heat of steam in the big pot penetrates into the food in the small pot, which can prevent the loss of nutrients and maintain the original flavor of the stew.

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1. The design of stew cup is divided into: covered and uncovered, ear free and binaural design. The covered design can ensure that nutrients and fragrance are not lost, while the double ear design makes it more convenient to take it in daily life. In terms of capacity, it can be divided into: single person use, double person use, multi person use, etc. If you want to be more refined, you can choose a variety of capacities for single use, but the requirements for the pot are relatively high. The double one is more suitable for small couples, and the multi person one is more suitable for families.

2. The stew cup is mostly made of ceramic, and the temperature rises slowly when heated. When placed in water, they are evenly heated, but take a long time. Ceramic materials themselves are relatively safe, but the firing temperature of some products is not enough, or the glaze composition is unqualified, which will lead to harmful substances such as lead in the pot. Therefore, the safety of materials when purchasing is a factor we must consider.

3. The stew cup is usually stewed with water. Different pots can hold pots of different sizes. When purchasing, we should not only consider the size of the pot, but also consider our own actual needs. Generally, a single person chooses a capacity of about 300ml, a double person chooses a capacity of 500ml, and a 1L is suitable for 3-4 people.

4. Of course, the tightness of the stew cup is also very important. Good sealing performance and better thermal insulation performance. It can maintain the temperature to the greatest extent and ensure the nutrition and flavor of food, which mainly depends on the tightness of the design of cup mouth and cup cover.

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