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Color matching technology of sterilized tableware

April 28, 2022

Sterilized tableware refers to tableware sterilized by special methods to kill pathogenic microorganisms. With the development of economy, sterilized tableware is used more and more, but many people don't know the color matching of sterilized tableware. Today, let's introduce the color changes in the color matching process. So, what is its color matching technology?

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1. When disinfecting tableware, first pay attention to the color light of the colorant. In addition to its natural color, each colorant also has its own hue, that is, the secondary pigment compared with the determined standard color, which is called hue.

2. For example, we often use phthalocyanine green with yellow light, medium chrome yellow with red light, etc. If medium chrome yellow matches phthalocyanine green, due to the intervention of medium chrome yellow red light, the matching of red, yellow and blue needs to be avoided to make the matching color deeper.

3. Therefore, in order to obtain bright colors, attention should be paid to the interference of conflicting colors when the two colorants are combined. For example, in the actual preparation of pure red, the coloring combination of lysol red and light resistant red can be used to offset the yellow, blue (purple) and other colors. At the same time, white colorant can be added to improve its brightness.

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