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Dessert table display rack food dessert tray cake tray rack high foot bread cover transparent glass cover

April 28, 2022

Ceramic cake plates, transparent, simple, unique or novel, try to make a delicate dessert by yourself and watch them stay lazily on the table. The afternoon sun shines through the crystal clear glass, and the light and shadow flow. They are beautiful and colorful, quietly enjoying afternoon tea.

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Round portable, humanized portable design, practical and easy to take. The glass cover is crystal clear and made of lead-free glass, which is easy to carry, isolated and dustproof, and more safe and assured. It is made of high-quality clay, fired at high temperature, integrated, stable and durable. Simple and smooth lines, exquisite porcelain plates and crystal clear glass are full of beauty. The surprise of simple life is that a small dessert can also open your eyes. From such regular lines, you can sort out complex and fragmented thoughts of life. Flexible operation brings you different baking fun and more convenient to use.

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