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Misunderstanding of buying stew cup

April 28, 2022

When cooking delicious food, small kitchen appliances are essential. Stew pot is a common kitchen utensil in the kitchen. The stew pot is different from the electric rice cooker. It consumes less electricity. You can use them to stew. The stewed soup tastes good. A stew pot is a container used for boiling soup and steaming eggs in a stew or steamer. It is generally boiled in water, which can retain the original flavor and nutrients of food materials to the greatest extent.

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1. The larger the capacity, the better.

When many consumers choose stew cups, they like to choose ones with large capacity. They believe that if you want to stew more stews, you don't have to worry about insufficient capacity. In fact, you can choose a slightly larger one in actual use. If it is too big, it will not only be bulky in appearance, but also take up a lot of space, and the pot at home may not be able to fit.

2. Cheap is good.

Many people choose the stew cup with basically the same appearance, and choose the one with low price. In fact, although different products have the same appearance, there may be great differences in workmanship and technology., And there are likely to be toxic substances. Therefore, we should carefully check the quality of the pot instead of blindly paying attention to the price.

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