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Performance test of ceramic mug

April 27, 2022

In daily life, ceramic cups with handles are generally called mugs. But mugs are not entirely ceramic cups. In addition to ceramics, cups are made of glass, plastic, stainless steel and other materials. Mug is a kind of mug, which refers to mug. Because mug is called mug in English, it is translated into mug. Mug is a kind of household mug, which is generally used to hold hot drinks such as milk, coffee and tea. So, what is the performance test of ceramic cup?

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1. Pressure test: use a needle to continuously increase the weight of the needle to see how much pressure it can penetrate;

2. Drop test: the cup is packaged (filled) and will not be damaged when falling;

3. Vibration test: the cup vibrates on six sides after packaging (loading) to check whether the product can cope with poor railway, road and air transportation;

4. Test data: scenario method, equivalence classification method, cause and effect diagram method, error inference method, boundary value method, etc.

5. Portability: whether the cup can be used normally in different places, temperatures and other environments;

6. Compatibility: whether the cup can hold fruit juice, white water, alcohol, gasoline, etc. Ease of use: whether the cup is hot, whether there are anti-skid measures and whether it is convenient to drink;

7. User documentation: does the user manual describe the usage, restrictions and conditions of the cup in detail?

8. Fatigue test:

(1) Fill the cup with water and place it for 24 hours to check the time and condition of water leakage;

(2) Fill up the gasoline for 24 hours and check the leakage time and condition.

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