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Buying skills of stew cup

April 27, 2022

The concept of health preservation is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Regardless of gender and age, soup and porridge have always been the most nutritious food, and good food is inseparable from good tools. In terms of cooking and stewing food, stewing cup plays a great role. Stew cup, a ceramic term, is one of the cookers. The utility model is characterized in that the body is like a cylinder, and the flat bottom is slightly protruding like a platform foot.

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1. Look at the appearance

When choosing stew cups, because they are made of ceramic and have glazed surface, the surface should be smooth and neat, and there should be no raised small particles, depressions and other problems. And the whole pot of stew should be full and round, without curling and unsmooth lines.

2. Listen to the sound

You can listen to the sound of the pot and tap the surface gently with something. The sound is crisp and bright, which is a high-quality porcelain product. If the knocking sound is dull, it is not recommended to buy.

3. Test quality

The thin pot with good heat transfer effect and uniform heating shall be thin and thick as a whole. You can touch it with your hand to see whether the cup wall of the pot is thin or thick. Then put the lid on the pot and press it gently with your hand to see if there are any bumps. Try turning the lid several times, but you can't judge from one side.

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