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Can I use the sterilized tableware with scratches?

April 27, 2022

Tableware disinfection refers to the disinfection of tableware by special methods of killing pathogenic microorganisms. Many people do not want to choose sterilized tableware with scratches because it is not beautiful. In fact, it is not only because the appearance is not good-looking, but also because the tableware contacts a lot of food. Eating in a restaurant, many people will come into contact with it. So do scratches affect the use of sterilized tableware?

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1. If you use scratched tableware to contain acidic and high-temperature food, it is likely to precipitate harmful substances such as heavy metals.

2. If inferior and unqualified disinfection tableware is used, harmful substances will precipitate out and enter the human body with food, which will cause chronic poisoning over time.

3. Because the lead compounds in the overglaze ceramics can be dissolved by acid, when the food comes into contact with tableware, the lead may be dissolved by the organic acid in the food.

4. Remind everyone that before using the new tableware, try to boil it in boiling water for 5 minutes for sterilization, and then soak it in vinegar at room temperature for 1 ~ 2 hours.

So don't use sterilized tableware with scratches. Before use, be sure to boil in boiling water for a period of time or in boiling water to prevent contact infection.

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