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How to choose a thermos cup?

April 26, 2022

There are many kinds of thermos cups on the market, and the price of thermos cups varies greatly. Every penny is worth every penny. Many consumers often follow this concept when choosing thermos cups. However, some middle and low-grade thermos cups of unknown brands also have high prices, which mislead consumers' purchase psychology. To this end, some consumers began to complain and spent a lot of money to buy satisfactory products. What kind of heat preservation cup has better heat preservation effect?

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1. Appearance identification

Check whether the surface polishing of the lining and outer lining is uniform, and whether there are bumps and scratches; The depth of the inner tank of the thermos cup is basically consistent with the height of its shell, and the capacity is completely consistent with the nominal value. Some poor quality cups use sand or cement blocks to add missing weight. Therefore, do not think that a heavier thermos cup (pot) is a good cup. See whether the welding of the mouth is smooth and consistent, which is related to the comfort of drinking water together.

2. Sealing performance

Check whether the internal seal is tight, whether the plug fits the cup body, whether the cup cover and cup mouth can be screwed in and out freely, and whether there is water leakage. Fill a glass with water, pour warm water into the thermos cup, then tighten the cork and close the cover. When the cup is placed flat on the table, there is no water leakage. Turn the glass upside down for four or five minutes or drop it a few times to verify whether there are water drops exposed. If there are water drops, it is not suitable to buy.

3. Thermal insulation performance

Look at the insulation performance, which is the main technical index of the thermos cup. Generally, it is impossible to check according to the standard when purchasing, but you can check by hand after filling it with hot water. It will keep warm in the lower part of the cup for two minutes, but it will not be filled with hot water.

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